Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury: How to watch the fight on ESPN+ PPV

On Sunday, February 26th, in Saudi Arabia, Tommy Fury will be competing against Jake Paul in a 10-round cruiserweight fight as he makes his return to the boxing ring.

Paul (6-0, 4 KOs), 26, of Cleveland, is coming off a unanimous decision victory over MMA legend Anderson Silva back in October.

In a sixth-round victory, Woodley stopped Paul in a scoring rematch. Woodley had previously been beaten by Paul in a unanimous decision four months earlier, but Woodley was replaced by Fury due to injury and was forced to step down. However, a match between Fury and Paul was scheduled for December 2021.

Paul was scheduled to face Fury again in August, but Fury faced issues with his visa and wasn’t able to travel from England to the United States. The fight was also canceled.

Daniel Bocianski emerged victorious in the undercard bout between Whyte-Dillian Fury and Tyson Fury, which took place at Wembley Stadium in April. Daniel Bocianski, who is the half-brother of heavyweight champion Fury (8-0, 4 KOs), secured the win through a decision.

Silva and Woodley, both former champions in Bellator, defeated Askren and Robinson, respectively, in their first-round TKO victories. Silva’s fight was in April, while Woodley’s fight took place before that. In his professional boxing debut in January 2020, Paul secured a first-round TKO victory over fellow YouTuber Gib.

Where can I view the fight card between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury on Sunday?

More information can be found here. The pay-per-view event can be purchased on PPV+ ESPN+. The full card fight between Fury Tommy and Paul-Tommy Jake will be broadcast in the U.S. On PPV ESPN+, starting at 2 p.M. ET.

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How can I watch the fight online?

You can watch the match in the United States by visiting the ESPN+ Pay-Per-View page.

The complete card:

  • Jake Paul will be facing Tommy Fury in an 8-round match featuring cruiserweights.

  • Championship bout: Ilunga Makabu vs. Badou Jack, lasting 12 rounds, for Makabu’s cruiserweight title in the WBC.

  • Ziyad Almaayouf against Ronnald Martinez, a match consisting of 4 rounds, featuring junior welterweights.

  • Muhsin Cason versus Taryel Jafarov, in a match consisting of 8 rounds, featuring fighters in the cruiserweight division.

  • Bader Samreen versus Viorel Simion, competing in an 8-round lightweight match.

  • Latest news headlines:

    Watch the real-time battle between Fury and Paul in Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 6, Episode 7, and Episode 8.

  • Timothy Bradley Jr. Analysis: Can Tommy Fury defeat Jake Paul?

  • Timothy Bradley Jr. Analysis: Can Jake Paul really engage in combat?

  • Jake Paul and Tommy Fury have confirmed their February match in Saudi Arabia.

  • Jake Paul defeats Anderson Silva and challenges Nate Diaz.

  • The fight involving Jake Paul was canceled due to a controversy over the weight of Hasim Rahman Jr.

  • Tommy Fury claims that he was refused the opportunity to travel to the United States for the Jake Paul press conference.

  • Jake Paul interview: Progressing from Tommy Fury, competing against Hasim Rahman Jr. On Aug. 6.

  • The bouts involving Jake Paul and Tommy Fury, as well as Amanda Serrano and Brenda Carabajal, have been officially scheduled for August 6th at Madison Square Garden.

  • Whether you approve or not, 2021 belonged to Jake Paul, and he deserved his success.

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  • The forthcoming stories that will have an impact on the realm of boxing in 2022: From Tyson Fury and Canelo Alvarez to … Unquestionably, Jake Paul.

  • Patrick Mahomes and Trae Young are among the celebrities responding to Jake Paul’s emphatic sixth-round knockout of Tyron Woodley.

  • Jake Paul defeats Tyron Woodley in the 6th round and challenges UFC celebrities.

  • Inside the eleventh-hour discussions to arrange Jake Paul-Tyron Woodley 2.

  • Jake Paul is scheduled to have a rematch with Tyron Woodley after Tommy Fury pulls out.

  • Tyron Woodley settles the debt, gets a ‘I adore Jake Paul’ tattoo on his middle finger.

  • Jake Paul defeats Tyron Woodley through split decision in the cruiserweight bout.

  • Jake Paul was let down by his inability to knock out Woodley.

  • Trash banter and narratives: How professional wrestling strategies aided in Jake Paul’s rise in boxing.

  • Is Jake Paul detrimental to the sport of boxing? Next inquiry.

  • Jake Paul: Everyone is at fault following the altercation during the press conference.

  • Woodley, the team of Paul engage in a heated altercation.

  • Ben Askren, an expert at eradicating buckthorn, holds no more than a distant memory of Jake Paul’s defeat, while harboring a strong dislike for groundhogs.

  • Social media influencer Jake Paul will compete against former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley in a boxing match.

  • Jake Paul: Individuals are eager to witness my defeat.

  • Stephen A. Remains unimpressed by Jake Paul’s bout against Tyron Woodley.

  • Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley place a wager on their boxing bout.

  • Boxer or show? Exploring the allure of Jake Paul, the YouTuber turned fighter.

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  • Snatched cap and your game plan: What the Paul siblings have acquired from Floyd Mayweather.

  • Max Kellerman: Jake Paul stands no chance of defeating Canelo.

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