Is ‘The Family Chantel’ Scripted or Fake? Find Out if Pedro and Chantel’s Divorce Drama Is Real

Do we need to keep scrolling to find out everything about the seemingly producer-created plotlines of the show? The storylines are indeed good, but The Family Chantel, a spinoff series documenting Chantel’s family’s distrust of her estranged foreign husband, Pedro Jimeno, and their divorce drama-filled couple, was born from the viewers’ captivation with the pair on 90 Day Fiancé.

Throughout the years, their families have provided the series with numerous noteworthy instances, ranging from the well-known altercation during dinner involving Pedro and Chantel’s brother River Everett to Chantel engaging in heated arguments with Pedro’s mother, Lidia Jimeno.

While fans on social media are convinced that most of the scripted scenes in “The Family Chantel” are bluntly created instances of seemingly storylines, there have been series of such instances.

Was Pedro Jimeno’s Family Drama Real on ‘The Family Chantel’?

While the show previously focused on the dynamics between Chantel’s and Pedro’s families, Season 3 is set to delve deeper into Pedro’s estrangement from his father, allowing viewers to learn more about it.

Sr. Pedro revealed that while he was married, he had another family and was living with someone else. Lidia and her son explained to her mother that they needed something if he came with a car loaded during the Spanish episode in November 2021. Meanwhile, she was walking home from school, and Sr. Pedro met his mother.

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Pedro never saw him again after he turned 10. Over the years, he would occasionally reappear and when he was a child, he left Jimeno, his younger sister Nicole, and Sr. Pedro behind.

He never met his father’s entire side of the family, including a brother with the same name, while his mother refused to answer his questions about his native Dominican Republic half-siblings.

Fans noticed and criticized the seemingly made-up plot of The Family Chantel. In a resurfaced social media photo from 2014, Pedro Jr. And Jonathan, his half-siblings, were seen smiling alongside Pedro, Chantel, and Nicole. True Crime Jankie, a blogger who covers reality TV, exposed the fact that Pedro had apparently already met his siblings years before the episode aired in December 2021, which was emotionally charged.

Winter Everett’s ‘90 Day Fiance’ Crossover Story Line

Because of their clashing ideologies, she ended the seven-year relationship, despite previously being engaged to her boyfriend Jah. Winter Everett, Chantel’s younger sister, has also experienced her fair share of romantic involvements on the show.

Winter, the older sister of Royal’s and Chantel, debuted a new romance on season 4. She was dating someone who genuinely believed they were not fans and lived outside the country.

I’ve never really talked to someone who is literally in Africa. It was kind of interesting and Masoma reached out to me. He is 25 years old and lives in Nigeria. I met this man named Masoma. She explained in a confessional in June 2022.

Winter terminated the relationship after Masoma made her “feel uneasy” by requesting for financial assistance.

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Is ‘The Family Chantel’ Stars Pedro and Chantel’s Divorce Drama Real?

Arguably, the spinoff of Season 4 brought the most drama ever seen in the native Georgia Atlanta divorce series, with Pedro asking for it to be leading onscreen.

Pedro, after one day of moving out of their shared home, tried to make a new apartment purchase for $256,000 using the joint bank account and Chantel’s money. However, in an August 2022 episode, Chantel dropped a bombshell by filing for divorce.

As per court records acquired by In Touch, Pedro initiated the process of divorcing Chantel on May 27 following six years of being married. In Touch has confirmed that he stated the reason for their separation as their marriage being “beyond repair.”

While the judge refused to hear the dispute, there will be a resolution. He claimed that Chantel allegedly transferred their joint funds into Winter’s and Chantel’s account. Pedro then asked the judge to force his ex to return this money back to the joint business account. Included in the filing was Pedro’s accusation that Chantel stole money from him out of spite.

The former couple also had mutual restraining orders issued at that time. These orders prevented either party from engaging in or attempting to engage in any actions that would harm, mistreat, defame, intimidate, molest, or harass the other party.

Just six weeks after Pedro filed for divorce, Chantel retaliated by making her own counterclaims, accusing her ex-husband of “cruel treatment” and “adultery,” asserting that their marriage is irretrievably broken and there is no hope for reconciliation.

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A lawyer for Chantel declined to comment when reached by In Touch regarding Pedro’s claims that she emptied their joint business account.

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