Is the Celsius Drink Good or Bad for You?

I stopped consuming a Celsius beverage on a daily basis. Why? Allow me to clarify…

I consumed it when I didn’t have an appetite because occasionally, on most days, I consumed it for about two weeks. It felt like a delightful treat and provided me with an invigorating surge of energy. Initially, it made me feel good and I developed a fondness for the taste, so I brought home a Celsius drink for myself when my husband introduced it to me.

It seemed too good to be true when Drinks Fitness claimed that Celsius was really as healthy as it claimed. I wondered if I should start asking questions when a habit becomes something.

I have stopped drinking Celsius due to its potential health risks.

Celsius boasts benefits such as:

  • Packed with vital energy and nutrients.
  • Boosting metabolism, and.
  • Burning excess body fat.
  • After consuming them, I experienced and took notice of how I began conducting investigations on the assertions. Perhaps this is the subsequent factor that could lead to cancer in the future, similar to cigarettes and carbonated beverages, my spouse playfully remarked.

    My experience drinking Celsius & why I stopped

    The stimulant was embraced, but on days when I require an early morning jog, Celsius does contain a substantial amount of stimulant indeed. Prompt online searches cautioned customers about the stimulant.

    I explained why I started experiencing sleeping difficulties and an eye twitch, as well as heart palpitations and a jittery feeling. Additionally, I mentioned that the ingredients in this product, along with the potentially harmful effects, include a significant amount of caffeine.

    I want to inform consumers that there is a craze happening in America called Celsius. As a teacher, I see kids and fellow moms everywhere buying smoothies from the grocery store because they have learned about Celsius. I wanted to share what I have learned and dive deeper into it.

    Stephens claims that athletes have the ability to utilize it to enhance their performance in significant competitions. On the other hand, Robinson and Block strongly advise against consuming Celsius, especially for teenagers and children. In addition to my own investigation, I contacted registered sports nutritionists Megan Robinson and Amy Stephens, as well as former supplement research analyst and Previnex founder David Block, to obtain their perspective on the matter.

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    In this article, I delve into:

  • What is the temperature in Celsius?
  • Is Celsius beneficial for your well-being? An examination of the health assertions, such as does Celsius aid in fat burning?
  • Can you consume a Celsius beverage daily?
  • What are possible adverse effects of consuming an excessive amount of Celsius?
  • What were the reasons for the lawsuit against Celsius? And what led to the prohibition of Celsius?
  • What is the caffeine content of Celsius? And is it excessive? Save these insights about Celsius drinks for future reference!
  • And, important Celsius lessons.
  • Therefore, let’s proceed!

    What is the Celsius drink?

    Celsius fitness drinks are low-calorie thermogenic energy drinks that contain ingredients which may help burn fat by raising the body’s temperature by half a degree, both during exercise and at rest.

    Celsius contains a variety of flavors and tastes in its flavored carbonated water. It also includes natural sweeteners like sucralose and minerals, vitamins. Additionally, Celsius is formulated with stimulants aimed at accelerating metabolism and increasing energy, including caffeine.

    Heat Celsius is intended to be a pre-workout beverage. There are various versions of Celsius marketed for different purposes, such as Heat Celsius, which contains 300 mg of caffeine.

    What is in Celsius?

    Celsius contains a variety of active ingredients, including proprietary “MetaPlus,” which is designed to enhance the energy-boosting effects of the company’s blend. Additionally, Celsius is fortified with vitamins and minerals.

    Celsius has a proprietary blend of stimulants.
    Celsius has a proprietary blend of stimulants.

    When the dosage of stimulants is high, it can have a positive impact on health by increasing the amount of minerals and vitamins.

    Specifically, here is what’s in Celsius, and why some of these ingredients should not be something we put into our bodies, according to Block:


  • Celsius, a stimulant for the central nervous system, has a caffeine concentration of 200 mg, which is equivalent to the amount of caffeine found in two cups of coffee.
  • Taurine:.

  • Taurine is not recommended for consumption by children and teenagers. The combination of caffeine and taurine can pose risks to developing brains, as indicated by medical research. While it may provide an energy boost, there is no scientific evidence supporting its stimulating effects on the brain, considering it is an amino acid.
  • Glucuronolactone:.

  • Insulin receptiveness and alterations in blood pressure can trigger it when combined with caffeine, according to research. Nevertheless, there is no concrete proof endorsing this claim, although it is said to enhance energy, a substance that occurs naturally.
  • Pin these Celsius drink insights for later!


  • One study discovered that when paired with caffeine, guarana offered an extra boost of stimulation compared to caffeine alone. The precise quantity of guarana present in Celsius is not specified. However, large doses of guarana can potentially be detrimental. Guarana, a plant native to the Amazon, acts as both a stimulant and a source of caffeine.
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    Extract of green tea leaves:

  • This ingredient is not listed on Celsius, again the amount of this ingredient is not mentioned. Also, this ingredient is linked to liver injury when taken in high doses. It has potential benefits for fat burning and fighting cancer. It is also a plant that can act as a stimulant.
  • Ginger extract:.

  • Another botanical specimen demonstrated to enhance vitality. However, the required amount to achieve this effect is greater than that measured in Celsius.
  • Sucralose:.

  • An artificial sweetener that Block recommends avoiding. A medical review found that it is associated with high blood pressure and insulin sensitivity.
  • Citric acid:.

  • Citric acid, derived from citrus fruit, is frequently utilized as a preservative. It is associated with inflammation throughout the entire body.
  • Natural flavors:.

  • These seem harmless enough, but these chemical flavorings could potentially present concerns related to toxicity.
  • Essential nutrients:

  • Competitors like Red Bull or Monster are likely to use gimmick marketing to gain an edge. According to Block, these marketing tactics may not have substantial benefits for consumers, but they do appear beneficial. Essentially, minerals and vitamins like biotin and chromium are similar to putting lipstick on a pig.
  • Plus, here I will detail the benefits of minerals and vitamins, if we don’t know whether their ingredients are contaminated or pure and if they are sourced directly.

    Is drinking Celsius good for you? A look at its health claims

  • Celsius can also enhance running performance by linking it. Celsius stimulants, as well as caffeine with a dosage of 200mg, can provide an energy boost. Yes, Celsius does provide an energy boost.
  • Does Celsius boost metabolism? It claims that drinking Celsius before exercising can accelerate metabolism and burn an extra 100 calories a day. However, there is no evidence that Celsius has been studied for its long-term effects. The metabolic rate may change after prolonged use.
  • Does burning fat require Celsius? There is conflicting evidence that exercising before drinking Celsius can burn fat. There is also evidence that habitual consumption of energy drinks like Celsius is linked to poor body image and unhealthy attempts at weight loss.
  • Why was Celsius sued?

    I love the taste of Celsius but it made my jittery, have heart palpitations, and have a tough time sleeping.

    The legal dispute regarding citric acid was referred to as the Celsius lawsuit. In November 2022, the Celsius energy drink brand faced a lawsuit for incorporating citric acid in its product. It is important to highlight that citric acid is commonly utilized as a preservative, although Celsius asserts on their packaging that it contains “no preservatives”. Celsius contended that citric acid was used for flavor enhancement, but ultimately chose to resolve the lawsuit.

    Why is Celsius not FDA approved?

    The FDA has not approved guarana for use in Celsius. Guarana can contain more than 200 mg of caffeine per Celsius, which is why the FDA has not approved its use. Drinking more Celsius could potentially lead to positive drug tests due to the inclusion of certain amino acids that mimic certain drugs.

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    Are Celsius drinks getting banned?

    These stimulating ingredients, ginseng, guarana, and taurine, are banned by the NCAA and other athletic organizations. Not only the NCAA, but also the National Olympic Committee and the World Anti-Doping Agency consider these ingredients to be banned.

    Does Celsius have a lot of caffeine?

    Certainly, Celsius contains a substantial quantity of caffeine, exceeding its rivals in the energy beverage industry like Monster energy drink and Red Bull.

    The FDA also warns against drinking highly concentrated caffeinated beverages. The CDC cautions that regularly drinking high-caffeine beverages, such as those with Celsius-like temperatures, can lead to heart complications and other health issues.

    Therefore, it is not advisable to consume Celsius on a daily basis.

    Here are the caffeine amounts in popular caffeinated beverages:

  • Temperature: 200 mg.
  • Red Bull: 111 milligrams.
  • Creature: 86 milligrams.
  • CocaCola: 34 milligrams.
  • Coffee: 80 milligrams.
  • Baya: 150 milligrams.
  • Dosage: 300 mg.
  • Is Celsius OK to drink every day?

    This combination of stimulants has not been adequately studied for long-term use. You should not drink Celsius every day, as the effects of its high caffeine content and blend of stimulants are unknown.

    If you consume Celsius, it is preferable to consume it instead of your regular caffeinated beverage like coffee.

    The potential side effects of drinking too much Celsius include:

  • Insomnia or difficulty breathing

    Tips if you drink celsius
    If you drink Celsius, be smart about how much and how often.
  • Elevated blood pressure.
  • Rapid heart rate, irregular heartbeats, and cardiac issues.
  • Nervousness or uneasiness.
  • Disturbed stomach or queasiness.
  • Headache.
  • Liver injury.
  • Inflammation.
  • Insulin sensitivity.
  • According to research, the brains of teenagers may experience negative effects.
  • Is Celsius a pre-workout or energy drink?

    Celsius, a pre-exercise supplement drink, may enhance calorie and fat burning during exercise and improve fatigue resistance. This is attributed to its stimulating components such as green tea, guarana, and ginseng.

    Should I drink Celsius before I run?

    According to Stephens, the improvement ceases beyond a dosage of 6 mg of caffeine per 1 kg of bodyweight. Nevertheless, Celsius can provide a performance enhancement. However, I do not recommend doing this regularly. Nonetheless, you can consume Celsius before going for a run.

    If you choose to drink Celsius before you run:

  • You should not have more than 200-400 mg of caffeine a day. Pay attention to how much caffeine you are having throughout the day.
  • Practice and utilize it for your crucial training sessions (such as long runs in a marathon with miles at a marathon pace).
  • It is crucial to observe that an overabundance of caffeine intake could lead to digestive unease and disruptions in sleep, which may impact your training progress and recovery.
  • Stephens suggests a “cleanse” period where you abstain from caffeine prior to its consumption in order to optimize advantages.
  • The long-term impacts of Celsius components have not been researched.
  • The combination of Celsius components and their impacts have not been researched.
  • Substitute Celsius for your usual caffeinated drink, such as coffee.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol on a daily basis or nearly every day.
  • Pregnant, nursing mothers, and individuals below 18 should AVOID consuming Celsius.
  • If you appreciate Celsius, attempt consuming only half of it.
  • Celsius is most effective when consumed in moderation as a pre-workout beverage.
  • Avoid consuming more than 200-400 mg of caffeine per day.
  • The performance improvement of caffeine does not go beyond 6 mg/1 kg of body weight.
  • The possible hazards surpass the potential advantages. On most occasions or each day, I would definitely refrain from consuming it, but in moderation, it is not detrimental. However, occasionally, as a midday energy boost or prior to a significant jog, I indulge in a Celsius beverage.

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