Is Richard Madden gay? A closer look at very private love life of ‘Citadel’ star

Richard Madden, widely known for his role as Rob Stark in Game of Thrones, has played various characters including David Budd in the 2018 BBC movie ‘Bodyguard’ and Prince Kit in Disney’s 2015 version of ‘Cinderella’. He has been part of many movies and has successfully kept his personal life hidden from the public, which is commendable. The actor is not only charming and handsome but has also won the hearts of many. He even starred as Ikaris in the MCU’s ‘Eternals’.

Madden has kept his sexual orientation hidden, but many people are curious about his love life. Since playing various gay characters in ‘Rocketman’ and John Reid, Madden has been rumored to be gay. There have been many rumors about his sexuality, and being an open actor in the public eye adds fuel to the fire. He earned a Golden Globe award for Best Actor in the movie BBC, for his role.


‘Game of Thrones’ actor Richard Madden is in negotiations for a part in Marvel’s ‘The Eternals’.

Why did Richard Madden end his relationship with ’13 Reasons Why’ actor Brandon Flynn and choose to live with Froy Gutierrez?

Flynn nor Madden neither confirmed this ever. Maybe it was rumored that there were more than just two friends. Previously, he was linked with his friend Brandon Flynn. Madden is known to keep his private life out of the media. The actor’s all indications do not definitely suggest that he is gay.

During an interview, Madden was asked about playing gay characters but also about being a firm believer in representing diversity and focusing more on it. Although he has never spoken about his sexuality, it is clear that he has been linked with various actresses, making it a clear indication of his sexual orientation.

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Richard Madden’s relationship history

Madden’s growing intimacy with ‘Cinderella’ co-star Lily James was the cause of their separation. There were speculations about them being in a romantic relationship for three years. Previously, he was associated with Jenna Coleman, who portrayed Victoria in ‘Doctor Who’. The ‘Game of Thrones’ actor has a extensive past of dating women.

Richard Madden and Jenna Coleman
Richard Madden and Jenna Coleman (Barry King/Getty Images)

In the absence of her, he made an appearance at the 2019 Golden Globe Awards. The pair ended their relationship in 2019 when Madden was subsequently associated with English actress Ellie Bamber in 2017. He also had a romantic involvement with Caroline Flack, who is known for being a reality star on ‘Love Island’. Furthermore, he had brief affairs with English model Suki Waterhouse and an Irish model named Laura Whitmore.

It is difficult for someone who is dating or single to fill the void in his personal life, due to his tight-lipped nature. He has experienced fair share of speculation around his sexual orientation, just like other celebrities. The Scottish actor is both attractive and well-known.

The series ‘Citadel’, created by David Weil, an independent global spy agency, primarily focuses on events that happened eighty years ago. Priyanka Chopra Jonas will star opposite him. The actor will be seen in the action-packed sci-fi series ‘Citadel’ on Amazon Prime Video soon.

The elite agents of Citadel’s “fall agency” – Sinh Nadia and Kane Mason – narrowly escaped with their lives as they were stopped from dominating the world. However, they managed to evade capture by hiding out, but their memories were wiped clean.

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‘Citadel’ is scheduled to debut on Amazon Prime Video on April 28, 2023.

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