Is Addison Rae’s Mom Pregnant with Yung Gravy’s Baby?

The red carpet premiere on social media occurred one month after the duo was seen together as more than just friends. This was undoubtedly a significant event, but fans were unable to believe it. Their social media accounts were inundated with flirtatious posts, and the couple displayed their affection publicly. At the 2022 MTV Music Video Awards, Sheri surprised the world when she generated headlines by revealing her new relationship with Yung Gravy, also known as Matthew Raymon Hauri. Sheri Nicole, also known as Sheri Easterling, is the mother of the well-known social media influencer Addison Rae, for those who are unfamiliar. Currently, news of Addison Rae’s mother’s pregnancy dominates TikTok and other social media platforms.

Is Addison Rae's Mom Pregnant with Yung Gravy's Baby
Is Addison Rae’s Mom Pregnant with Yung Gravy’s Baby

For many fans, it came as a surprise, and while they were still digesting the news, rumors about Addison Rae’s mother’s pregnancy began circulating on the web. The online realm can be quite chaotic, leading many to question the authenticity of the news. Therefore, in order to provide precise information regarding the report, we conducted thorough research to address any uncertainties. We conducted thorough research to address any uncertainties, as many doubt the credibility of the news. The internet, being a wild place, saw the circulation of rumors about Addison Rae’s mother’s pregnancy, which further shocked numerous fans.

TikTok is a popular platform where fake news trends, such as the hoax death of Lois Griffin, are created solely to fabricate unnecessary hoaxes. Sheri, also known as Gravy Yung, is a pregnant rap artist who recently went viral with a short video that received over 400k+ likes and 9.5 million views in just a short period of time. After uploading the video on TikTok, a user with the username “justjayyy888” displayed a screenshot of the video, claiming that Sheri is the latest victim of fake news. However, this news is fake as Sheri is not pregnant and does not have any children, as confirmed by Rae Addison, a TikTok artist.

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Confirmed their relationship, Yung Gravy and Sheri have previously acknowledged. Fan-created narrative, however the pregnancy rumors are simply unfounded. Trusting the news, the fans garnered the brief video. Attention of the mainstream media, the declaration also captured. Addison Rae’s mother’s alleged pregnancy story updates, there is no veracity to it later clarified.

Why Did Sheri Easterling Break Up With Monty Lopez?

Monty’s well-known daughter, who was of a similar age to all the other ladies, was intriguingly involved in multiple affairs, along with the rest of the women. Reports of Monty’s unfaithfulness started to circulate. Consequently, in July 2022, the family experienced a significant amount of instability, leading them to relocate. Although they remarried in 2017, Sheri and Monty initially legally separated when Addison was very young. Together, Sheri and Monty are the proud parents of three wonderful children: Addison Rae, Enzo Lopez, and Lucas Lopez.

Ash Renee was one of Monty’s secret affairs. She knew about Monty’s relationship with Sheri when their fling started, but she broke up with him when she realized the truth. Even she revealed that Monty was having a relationship with other women simultaneously.

The former couple was separated, and Addison Rae was heartbroken when she discovered this. She wasn’t very comfortable upon learning the news about her father. Addison only heard that Sheri was dating Yung Gravy, which made her somewhat happy. Although the relationship wasn’t very long, Addison Rae’s mom’s pregnancy news still went viral.

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Prior to the speculation surrounding Addison Rae’s mother’s pregnancy, this was extremely inappropriate. Additionally, he made a vulgar comment on Instagram regarding Yung being involved with Sheri after she started dating Yung. In contrast, Monty dares Gravy to engage in a confrontation inside the boxing ring.

Is Sheri Nicole and Yung Gravy Still Together?

They went on two more dates before calling it off. He approached Sheri, who had been busy since they hit it off. He decided to share his original plan of taking Martha Stewart on a date that night. Gravy said he didn’t expect the fans’ reaction to be this crazy. The 26-year-old rapper revealed that they are still in touch with each other but there is nothing between them while speaking to Billboard. Yung and Sheri have broken up.

Gravy is still on her back, but the former duo may have gone their separate ways. They are just friends and there is nothing more than that. Additionally, Gravy addressed rumors about Rae’s Addison’s pregnancy, clarifying that she was not pregnant.

Please verify any news before believing it! Sheri, the mom star, is now enjoying her life and looking forward to positive energy. She is ignoring all the gossip about pregnant mom Rae’s Addison and is currently single.

Feel at liberty to peruse additional news of this nature!

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