Invicta Watches Review – Are They Any Good?

An In Depth Invicta Watches Review

You still haven’t found a settled haven. You will know what you can do and question if Invicta watches are “good?” You will find posts from a forum back in 2006, and now, this ongoing online discussion has been happening for many years.

However, in 1991, a United States-based investment company acquired them, transforming Invicta Watch Group into an American Company. The brand of Invicta watches was originally established by Raphael Picard in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, way back in 1837.

Invicta, unlike certain larger watch brands, opts for popular Swiss or Japanese movements that are renowned for their reliability and precision instead of manufacturing their own in-house movements.

Invicta truly excels in this domain, boasting a rather large following for these considerably larger cult watches. Additionally, they are renowned for their extensive range of bulky and oversized timepieces. In fact, Invicta produces a vast selection of their most popular collections, including the Russian Diver, Subaqua, and Speedway Diver Pro watches.

I wanted to review Invicta watches properly, that’s why it seems like Invicta has something to offer for everyone. If some people are still unsure about Invicta, that’s why Invicta watches offer something for everyone – quality quartz timepieces and automatic watches.

At the end of the day, when checking out our best watches under £500, it is advisable to consider a different brand. I would likely recommend switching to a different brand if the price is over £300. I am quite interested in seeing people’s opinions on Invicta watches, as I am thoroughly intrigued by the perception of this brand. It seems that many people are inclined to change their opinion on Invicta watches when the price drops.

Many of these watches have made it into our popular list today due to the relatively good value for money they offer. It’s fair to say that Invicta watches, specifically those under £100, are the best lot from their range of Invicta watches.

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Invicta could be a perfect choice if you are seeking a stylish timepiece that provides good value for your money. However, I would recommend exploring alternative brands, as I previously mentioned, I personally wouldn’t spend more than £300 on a watch. In my view, Invicta watches are of high quality.

8 Best Invicta watches most popular best-selling timepieces

1. Invicta Pro Diver Men’s Automatic

invicta 8926OB review

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This is one of my favorite Invicta watches, where you can see the inner workings of the automatic movement through a fantastic looking exhibition caseback. It is based on the popular submariner design style and has been a popular choice. It is an affordable self-winding automatic watch with a water resistance rating of 200m. This is definitely one of the best Invicta watches available.

You can find my complete review of the Invicta 8926OB here. Alternatively, take a look at the current price on Amazon.

2. Invicta Pro Diver Swiss Automatic

Invicta 9937OB review

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From my standpoint, this is one of the finest Invicta timepiece qualities when it boils down to it. You can generally anticipate paying twice the amount for it considering all that accompanies the additional expense. This particular design also features a display back. It possesses a Swiss self-winding mechanism, 200m water resistance, and a robust flame-fusion crystal. This represents the more upscale variant of the preceding watch, does it not appear identical to the previous model? That is correct, they are both rather similar in appearance, but the distinctions lie in the specifications of these two.

You can read my complete Invicta 9937OB review here. Alternatively, take a look at the current price on Amazon.

3. Invicta

Invicta 0072 review

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If you’re looking for a bold timepiece, I would definitely consider this watch. It has an oversized and chunky design, with a thickness of 18mm and a casing diameter of 48mm. I highly recommend checking out the range of Invicta watches, especially if you like big watches. Having watched many Invicta reviews in the past, I can assure you that there are plenty to choose from. If you want something that will stand out on your wrist, then this is worth considering.

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You can discover the price on Amazon. Once I have it prepared, I will include a comprehensive Invicta 0072 evaluation, but I do not possess it presently.

4. Invicta Pro Diver 8928OB

Invicta 8928 review

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This model has a Japanese automatic movement and a water resistance of 200m, which you can expect from the Diver Pro Series. It’s a fairly large watch, measuring 40mm, but it can be classified as a unisex watch. The two-tone finish on the watch is done pretty well, I must say, and it really stands out. The blue dial on this watch is what makes it truly stunning. I think this is one of my preferred models.

You can check out my complete Invicta 8928OB review here. Alternatively, you can discover the cost on Amazon.

5. Invicta 9204 Japanese Quartz Professional D

Invicta 9204 review

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This could possibly be one of the cheapest Invicta watches featured in today’s list. I really like the stunning blue dial design of this model. It also comes with a water resistance of 200m and has a reliable and accurate Japanese Quartz movement.

You can check out my complete review of the Invicta 9204 here. Alternatively, discover the cost on Amazon.

6. Invicta 9212 Speedway Chronograph Quartz

Invicta 9212 reviewView details

The resistance of the water is impressive, as it can still function up to 200m. The stopwatch feature, along with luminescent hour markers and hands, is powered by a Japanese Quartz movement. The two-tone finish on this watch is really well done, and I think it makes the watch look a lot more expensive than other watches. The textured design dial really stands out on this watch, making it a popular choice among the Diver Pro series watches from Invicta. It’s actually quite affordable, which is another reason why this watch from Invicta looks luxurious.

You can find my complete review of the Invicta 9212 here. Alternatively, discover the cost on Amazon.

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7. Invicta Pro Diver 6986 Swiss

Invicta 6986 Review

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This is another model with a Swiss Quartz movement and water resistance up to 100m. As components, it is designed with a display date that is semi-exposed, which is a feature that I particularly liked about this design. Some people love the brand Invicta for their bigger and chunky watches, and once again, this one is pretty huge. It has a thickness of 17mm and a casing diameter of 48mm. This is another popular oversized watch from Invicta.

You can check out my complete review of the Invicta 6986 here. Alternatively, discover the cost on Amazon.

8. Invicta 3644 Speedway Men’s Japanese

Invicta 3644 reviewView details

This is another popular watch in the Speedway series, which is very similar to the Invicta 9212 but uses different colors. It features a water resistance rating of 200m, so you don’t have to worry about getting it wet. The watch also includes a tachymeter and a date display, as well as other functions such as a 24-hour display and 60-minute and 60-second subdials on the chronograph. It uses the precise Japanese quartz movement of the VD53 Caliber Hattori.

I have not yet received a comprehensive review of the Invicta 3644, but once I do, I will update this page to include it. You can verify the current price of this watch on Amazon.

Conclusion, are Invicta watches good?

Here is the reversed rendition of the given paragraph: In terms of affordability, all the prices for staying within this range are reasonable. Honestly, I would say that Invicta watches are of good quality, and based on the numerous reviews I have read in the past, I strongly believe so. If you are not a fan of the watches listed in our featured collection, you can explore the complete range of Invicta watches to find something suitable for everyone.

Please let me know what you think about my Invicta watch reviews in the section below. If you have been helped by this article, I hope you can check out some of my thoughts on Invicta watches. If you’re wondering how good Invicta watches are, perhaps this article can help you.

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