Inside Whitney Houston’s devastating final weekend, 10 years later

Two days before her death on February 11, 2012, Whitney Houston showed up for rehearsals for a glitzy night of music, planning to attend a glamorous music event where the Grammy awards were held, which was always known for having the hottest tickets in town at the Hilton Beverly Los Angeles hotel.

The lady who resembled his “little sister,” he promptly observed that something was distinct about Rickey Minor, Houston’s longstanding musical conductor, as he rigorously rehearsed the band for the occasion.

“I’ve been engaging in swimming. I’m reclaiming the strength of my respiratory organs. I’m regaining my physical fitness,” I expressed. “Furthermore, she appeared somewhat moist, as if water was dripping off her. Additionally, it’s unusual for me to encounter her at 10:30, as she prefers staying up late and cherishes her sleep. She’s not someone who is active in the early hours of the day, you know? For instance, she doesn’t rise until around 3 o’clock.” Minor informed The Post, “She unexpectedly joins us during the rehearsal session, and it’s already 10:30 in the morning, even though we hadn’t even begun yet.”

Whitney Houston performing at the American Music Awards in 2009.
Whitney Houston performing at the American Music Awards in 2009
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Whitney Houston and Clive Davis
Houston with producer Clive Davis at his pre-Grammy gala in 2011.
Los Angeles Times via Getty Imag
The Beverly Hilton hotel
Houston died on Feb. 11, 2012 at the Beverly Hilton hotel.
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She was downplaying it, but she was obviously deceiving Houston by stating that she was trying to improve her behavior, following the damages caused by drug addiction and smoking on her previously flawless vocal cords.

The cause of death was accidental drowning in the bathtub, which was influenced by long-term cocaine use and heart disease. She passed away just a few hours before the Davis party was scheduled to start, at the age of 48, in the drug-filled bathroom of her hotel room. Houston had aspirations for a comeback after finishing her upcoming movie “Sparkle,” a modern version of the 1976 musical drama. Unfortunately, her plans did not come to fruition. Indeed.

Following the passing of Houston, the Grammys proceeded the following day amidst a strange sense of sorrow. The music community, which had gathered to honor its most important night of the year, mourned together, transforming the Grammy weekend into a shared period of grieving due to the unexpected loss of the iconic pop singer who was once renowned for her exceptional and influential vocals.

Ken Ehrlich, the veteran producer of the Grammy Awards, informed The Post that he believed it would not have been appropriate to completely change the direction of the show. Instead, the challenge was to strike a balance between paying tribute to Whitney Houston’s legacy while still delivering a successful Grammy show. Initially, there was a strong inclination to discard the original plans and transform the entire show into a dedication for Whitney Houston.

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Gerrick Kennedy, the author of the new book “Didn’t We Almost Have It All: In Defense of Whitney Houston,” concurred, stating, “So it essentially felt similar to, what actions can one possibly take?”. He affirmed, “No action could have alleviated the dreadful atmosphere. No action could have improved the dire situation.”

Evidently, continuing to utilize

She recalled seeing Kennedy two days before her death at the Hilton in Beverly Hills. Monica and Brandy were rehearsing at the Davis party when she crashed the E! News interview. The star was in high spirits and lively. He said, “I know she’s having a good time, just like you, it was a good moment.” But now we obviously know that she was not sober. She was clearly not in a state to see her little babies there.

It was the night when Houston gave an impromptu performance of Kelly Price’s R&B hit “Love Me” at Tru, a nightclub in Hollywood, during the pre-Grammy event.

Whitney Houston leaving club Tru in Hollywood.
Whitney Houston leaving club Tru in Hollywood on Feb. 9.

The next day, photos of Houston surfaced showing Minor looking disheveled while leaving, since he had formed a close bond with her in 1982. He said, “I never talked to her again,” when he called her back, but she didn’t answer and didn’t leave a message. However, Minor received a call from Houston that day.

I had a strange dream where my body was experiencing something out of the ordinary. I couldn’t explain it to anyone because it was too bizarre. My head was spinning, and I was the only one allowed on the floor. They cleared the floor, and then someone said, “She’s unresponsive, she’s unconscious.” He informed us that we needed to go up to the floor and get elevator service. We made our way to the elevator and went up to the floor. As we arrived, he said, “Come with me.” Hilton Beverly’s security head informed me about the tragic news of Houston’s Minor’s death.

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When rehearsals were busy at the Grammy, Ehrlich spread the word of Houston’s death throughout the Staples Center. He said, “I had three or two people come up to me with long faces.” My first reaction was shock because those things are unthinkable to think about. I could see that they weren’t joking from their expressions.

I felt a very personal loss — deeply hurt by the moment that inspired many in the music industry, like Houston, who knew Ehrlich. The producer said, “You hurt me so deeply” at the 1986 Grammys, where Houston showcased her first singing performance of “Saving All My Love for You.” I felt like we had been there for her for a long time, working with Whitney through a lot of awful years. Honestly, I had watched her steady decline.

Whitney Houston
A portrait of the singer earlier in her career.
Getty Images

He was guided by the vibe that scenes behind the camera were needed, and he was remarkable. But you might have known that when you start a new venture, you want to hear the thing that you have been hit with, and he was really looking forward to being a part of it. Here, he is walking into a show that is suddenly a first-time experience for him, hosting the Grammys at the Staples Center, where J Cool LL and Ehrlich found comfort, but others may not have.

Ehrlich expressed, “However, fundamentally, those were his exact words.” “To be frank, I had some doubts about whether that was the correct action to take,” instead of delivering the planned monologue to commence the Grammys, LL’s suggestion was to pay tribute to Houston’s legacy through a heartfelt prayer. Actually.

The passing of Houston deeply impacted her, but evidently, she reluctantly agreed to participate. Eventually, we managed to contact her while she was preparing for Clive’s gathering. Ehrlich immediately considered Jennifer Hudson as a suitable candidate to pay homage to Houston through music and contacted her. In the meantime.

Houston’s body was still upstairs while they wondered if it still should be there — including Alicia Keys and special honoree Diana Ross — other scheduled artists to perform at the Beverly Hilton ballroom for Davis’ party. Meanwhile, in another room before the party, Hudson worked on a stripped-down performance of Houston’s classic “I Will Always Love You.”

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Minor expressed, “I was struggling with deciding what course of action to take.” “My suggestion was that everyone would experience sorrow and lamentation. Therefore, we can commemorate her life either individually or collectively — and we are present. And if the creators are willing to partake in it, I believe it can be a therapeutic experience.”

Kennedy expressed, “I believed it was utterly repulsive.” Kennedy holds the opinion that the Davis party should not have proceeded as planned. “It’s horrifying to me. It felt like a peculiar Shakespearean calamity unfolding, where it’s as if this woman, who was given very little respect during her life, cannot even pass away with dignity.” She is on the upper floor, and the coroner is ready to ascend and retrieve her. “I have never been able to move past the fact that this party took place.”


At the Davis party and other pre-Grammy events around Los Angeles that Saturday night, Kennedy describes the mood as “like the apocalypse.”.

Later in the day, Hudson arrived early in the morning of the Grammys to practice alone, with renowned artists like Bruce Springsteen, Adele, Taylor Swift, and Paul McCartney scheduled to perform. According to Ehrlich, “By rehearsing before anyone else arrived, it would reduce the amount of pressure on Jennifer.” “And it was a wise decision because she struggled to complete it. She broke down at least two times during our rehearsal.”

Jennifer Hudson performs at a taping of We Will Always Love You: A GRAMMY Salute To Whitney Houston on October 11, 2012 in Los Angeles.
Jennifer Hudson performs at a taping of We Will Always Love You: A GRAMMY Salute To Whitney Houston on October 11, 2012 in Los Angeles.
Getty Images

Ehrlich expressed, “She successfully managed to overcome it, but every single one of us was shedding tears.” However, there wasn’t a single person in the Staples Center who didn’t have tears in their eyes. In the end, Hudson, accompanied solely by a piano, delivered a captivating interpretation of “I Will Always Love You.”

Kennedy stated, “That is a chamber brimming with individuals, a significant number of whom have traversed entrances that she unlocked,” was associated with Houston, the grandest evening of music. Despite the fact that Adele emerged as the ultimate victor with six Grammys on that particular night.

After Houston’s passing, the Grammy after-parties took on a noticeably melancholic tone. Ehrlich expressed, “That’s when the realization truly sank in, and we fully grasped the profound impact she had made – as well as the challenges she endured.” Furthermore,

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