I Was Running Through the Six With My Woes – Meaning, Origin and Usage

Are you looking for a way to express the origin and meaning of this post, which unpacks the stressed feeling that I was running through with my woes, in a way that someone could tell that you have a lot on your mind?

I was running through the Six, meaning the neighborhood that you were talking about walking through while thinking about your problems. Woes, which is adopted by Drake fans, has two meanings.

Walking through my six woes means that you’re dealing with depression, which could be temporary or permanent. It may refer to current events in your life that are causing you stress, or it could bring up past events that trigger bad memories.

Consider what fans are not saying, but rather the true underlying meaning. In an interview, Drake mentioned that his “Woes” were his street gang. This indicates that he walked through his neighborhood with his friends, specifically referring to the Six where I encountered my own troubles.

Example Usage

I was going through tough times, constantly thinking about all the challenges and difficulties I’ve encountered in my life.

Today, I’m feeling down as I try to run through my six woes, attempting to figure out this level of anxiety before it reaches another high.

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I have got a lot on my mind. I’m running through the six with my woes, trying to figure out what to do and get my head straight.

I’m not just in a great headspace today. I was running through my six woes. I’m sorry I’m late for dinner. “Today, I’m not just feeling great mentally. I was going through my six troubles. I apologize for being late for dinner.”

“If you’re wondering where I was, I was running through the six with my woes, trying to figure out my problems all night.”


The phrase “I was sprinting through the six with my Woes” originated from a song by Drake that was released in 2015. The track “Know Yourself” included this statement in its catchy chorus. It is widely regarded as one of the most popular tracks by the Canadian rapper and serves as the standout single from the album. The saying “I was running through the six with my Woes” was introduced by Drake in a track that came out in 2015.

Running through the 6 with my problems became a trend on TikTok, with many users singing or lip-syncing the lyrics to the short videos, subjecting the users to terms of coming with things they did in the past or experiencing while realizing the camera.

Ironically, he hangs around with the street gang when he’s not recording. Instead of referring to the “problems” as “woes,” he is running through the original meaning of the phrase with the six of them.

Phrases Similar to I was Running through the Six with My Woes

  • I bear the weight of the world.
  • I’m feeling stressed
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    Phrases Opposite to I was Running through the Six with My Woes

  • Carefree.
  • Don’t fret, be joyful
  • What is the Correct Saying?

  • I was running through the city with my friends.
  • Ways People May Say I was Running through the Six with My Woes Incorrectly

    Some individuals may employ the expression to indicate their admiration for Drake. Although this phrase serves as the title of a Drake song and its source, it does not currently signify the same thing. The term “Woes” in this context refers to personal troubles, rather than individuals associated with gangs. The present meaning of this expression differs from its origin and does not pertain to a Drake track that certain individuals may use to declare their fandom.

    Acceptable Ways to Phrase I was Running through the Six with My Woes

    While walking through his neighborhood with his gang, he was referring to the current meaning of the phrase, not the song by Drake. When discussing your problems, thinking about your life or talking about walking through your neighborhood, you can use the phrase “running through the six with my woes” to express your struggles.

    You can use the phrase “it’s a way of telling people” when talking to young people in social situations, which is almost exclusively used by individuals aged 37 and under in Generation Z and Millennials.

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