I tried shaving my face for smoother skin — here’s why I wouldn’t recommend it

  • I trimmed my facial hair to aid in the even application of makeup and achieve a smoother complexion.
  • Shaving helped make my skin lively and exfoliated.
  • However, it also caused rash-like bumps around my mouth that have not disappeared.
  • If you have sensitive skin, I would advise against shaving your face.
  • Plenty of celebrities and beauty gurus are taking razors to their face for smooth, exfoliated skin that allows for easier makeup application.

    Nevertheless, this trend is not recent. Despite not revealing names, numerous notable individuals who seek facial treatments are experiencing the advantages of facial shaving, as stated by Kate Sommerville, the renowned celebrity facialist and expert in skincare.

    I’m always trying to achieve the holy grail of better skin by experimenting with makeup. Thanks to mainstream trends and the influence of iconic beauties like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor, the practice of women shaving their faces goes back as far as the days of Cleopatra in beauty folklore.

    My facial hair never really bothered me until very recently.

    I became self-aware and definitely noticed that they were there, of course I would consider what the hairs on my jawline and cheeks would look like even if they weren’t dark. Recently, I started to notice longer and thicker hairs around the lower parts of my jawline and cheeks.

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    Eliminating a portion of the flakes might be a milder approach to shaving. I believed that facial exfoliators are overly delicate for areas of dry, peeling skin that I also tend to possess.

    I decided to go through this process with a blank slate and an open mind, without looking up any videos or techniques for tricks and tips. I used my normal razor from Harry’s, but before using it, I rinsed the blades and replaced the head. I decided to use a combination of lotion and shaving cream to give my skin some protection. I made sure to clean any unseen residue beforehand.

    I didn’t want to risk slipping the razor on my forehead, and I’m extremely protective of my eyebrows. I chose to deal only with my upper lip and jawline, chin, and cheeks. Later, I would severely regret whether or not this decision after internal debate and several minutes of close inspection of my facial hair.

    I was careful around my acne.

    I lathered up with the shaving cream lotion concoction and tackled my cheeks first since they are the flattest part of my face.

    After gaining confidence, I did not dare to cut or peel off half of my skin, finishing the rest of my face. It took a slow and gentle approach, as I was cautious due to having another acne scar on my face and suffering from severe adult cystic acne. I was particularly wary of the large bumps on my cheeks, which are a result of my bad adult cystic acne.

    Maybe the shaving cream lotion mixture made it look worse or maybe I was in denial about how much facial hair and dead skin I had, but the amount that came off was astounding.

    I was surprised to find that the amount of facial hair was so bad, as I had never thought before. It was also a little uncomfortable near my lower ear and on my cheeks.

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    I felt content, so I wasn’t entirely a tomato, but I experienced some discomfort, particularly around my acne. I observed the smoothness and radiance of my skin while applying. I applied extra moisturizer to the areas I had recently shaved and washed my face with warm water, as per my usual routine.

    After shaving, I noticed that my makeup didn’t stay on as evenly.

    I noticed that my makeup didn’t stay on as well after shaving.

    Typically, I finished my usual regimen. To adhere to, the lack of small strands or lifeless epidermis was the sole discernible distinction. With a circular movement, my brush was gliding, just like I typically do, I applied my foundation.

    It was frustrating before, because I didn’t want to stay on my face, my makeup seemed patchy after shaving. My makeup began to fade after a few hours and started to melt or fade. Normally, my makeup holds up well and doesn’t start to melt or fade until later in the evening or day.

    After taking my makeup off, I noticed bumps around my mouth and chin.

    I was worried, so I was startled to notice that I had small rash-like eruptions around my mouth and chin; after arriving home, I cleansed my face. Particularly around my mouth, I typically don’t experience skin irritations on my face.

    After doing a bit of panicked research, I found Ashley Brye, a blogger who had a bad experience with facial shaving. She showed me a photo of her skin, which looked similar to mine. I didn’t understand why I was experiencing bumps after shaving, so I suggested and hoped that Ashley, like me, had applied hydrocortisone. I was now showing her why her skin didn’t get better after shaving, even though it looked worse than mine.

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    The bumps around my mouth and chin.

    The bumps are still there, but my fiance — without taking his eyes off his video game — promises me that you can’t even see them.

    We will find out what the skin specialist advises.

    I’ll get a facial peel next time to smooth out my skin. The fact that my makeup was enough to say goodbye to shaving and the bumps is wonderful. Although the smoothness of my skin is great, I probably won’t do this again in the end.

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