I Realized Only After Losing Her Spoiler (Complete)

While hearing their statements, Ellie unexpectedly discovered the undisclosed secrets of three individuals, which piqued her curiosity. She was a young woman with restricted abilities in verbal communication and written expression.

They were not successful as they were unaware of her personal narrative. She started searching for her story and confided in three men – Labrador, Lennon, and Haiden. Ellie disappeared without a trace, days later. Labrador had a secret fetish, Lennon enjoyed playing riddle games, and Haiden confessed to having a crush on a man.

“Silent Ellie” is silent no more.

After undergoing a life-altering transformation, I regained my capacity to communicate and was graciously given the title of “Earl” by someone who holds a special place in my heart.

I currently speak as “Lady Phever.”

The Ellie they were familiar with had disappeared. However, their reaction upon reuniting with the three individuals from my previous life was one of astonishment as they witnessed the profound change within me.

With confidence, I proclaimed, “You have mistaken the individual.” My words resonated strongly and distinctly.

Characters Spoilers


Labrador x MC

His absent mother, a near resemblance to MC’s hands, believes Labrador, with brown hair, to have a fascination with hands.

The Labrador is the most sincere of the three men, bringing joy to his life as MC sees him and his master, who is devoted to her.

MC often visits home to prepare breakfast while working at a disciplined bar, where he met Hills.

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Lennon is a man with black hair who enjoys playing peculiar games. He met the MC at a pub and they shared how he used to be similar to her. He would be questioned and MC together would play the Guessing Game, like the ones he enjoys.

Lennon brought MC to the Hills’ residence. MC speculated that Hayden had emotions for Lennon, who happens to be Hayden’s stepbrother.

Inside the mansion, MC uncovers that Lennon is connected with Hayden’s mother as a form of retaliation against his father.

Following her escape, he had planned to rendezvous with her. He accompanied MC as his companion to a gathering. Unbeknownst to her father, he bestowed upon MC a gown and an extra stipend. Lennon exemplifies the utmost generosity among the trio of gentlemen.


Hana, her brother Hardwin’s cousin, would not be the one to inherit the title, even though her death was approaching and she needed a doppelganger. While Hana was running away from her father, Ellie encountered her and noticed a remarkable resemblance to a noble, Ellie.


Ellie resembles Hana, the esteemed elder sister, and Hardwin, the latest character introduced in the narrative, possesses hair of a silver-gray hue.

My Thoughts on “I Only Realized After Losing Her” Spoilers

I am delighted that Hardwin is the primary romantic attraction.

After the second or third instance, she believed she wouldn’t be capable of repeating it. However, it’s not significantly distinct from informal connections, there was a great deal of dispute about MC smooching other males.

It’s better for real-life teens to care about losing their virginity at fifteen. It was typical for her to go all the way and experiment like most teenagers.

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I wouldn’t consider them the same as my brother, as they have a completely different personality and even look like someone else if you compare them to my brother. MC knew that Hardwin wasn’t his sister.

Hardwin stood out among the others, and I was grateful because I found the remaining three machine learning experts bothersome. He was my initial and crucial selection.

A man who kisses his stepmother is not significantly distinct from seducing her, even if it’s not love.

Revenge through hurting or killing them or taking their power is not sane, even though I’ve read similar plots in American books.

Is it believable that I don’t find it sometimes romantic to read about step-siblings in (Boy’s Love) BL, even though I like it? A guy who loves his brother.

It is important to have mutual feelings. It is not right to have one-sided feelings for a relative. I wouldn’t look at my cousin in that way.

The father of MC is tired of all of them, but regrettably, there are others similar to him.

I don’t think it’s a significant issue for the machine learning (ML) to develop feelings for someone who “resembles their sibling.”


Please let us know if you enjoyed our article, as I only realized after losing her that the spoilers have come to an end.

I Realized Only After Losing Her Spoilers

The protagonist, Hardwin, interacts with four men: Lennon with dark hair, Hayden with golden hair, Labrador with red hair, and Hardwin with gray hair.

Hayden, Lennon’s half-brother, later reveals that he has feelings for him. After confessing his gay identity, Hayden asks for a kiss.

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Lennon, the second man MC encounters, is involved in a romantic relationship with his mother-in-law.

After sharing a kiss with MC, he admits that in order to harm someone, it is necessary to deprive them of what they cherish. He intends to inflict pain on his father as a consequence of murdering his mother.

MC’s hand appears identical to that of his mother. Labrador, the third individual MC encounters, possesses a fascination with hands, particularly those of his deceased mother. Furthermore, Lennon also bestows a kiss upon MC.

In order to gain a deeper understanding of him, she looks for assistance in order to have a glimpse into his emotions through his eyes. During her search, she comes across Hardwin, who urges her to escape from her father.

The main character comes across a lady of high social status who looks very similar to her, particularly resembling Hardwin’s sister. This lady accompanies the main character to their home where they eventually gather together.

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Important Spoilers

  • The blonde-haired man and the black-haired man kissed MC once and twice respectively. She blushed when kissed by the latter.
  • She lacks comprehension of affection.
  • The man with blonde hair is homosexual.
  • The man with black hair’s father is an informant.
  • The man with blonde hair’s stepmother is married to the father of MC and has dark hair.
  • The man with black hair might be having an affair with or kissing the stepmother who has blonde hair.
  • The man with brown hair behaves like a canine.
  • In chapter 20, the main character comes across her own identical twin but is unaware of her true identity.
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