I-24 West Closed Following Fatal Crash Involving Children

The West I-24 at exit 49 on Hwy is closed due to a fatal two-vehicle accident involving a rollover and a 23-mile marker. The crash in Robertson County, Tennessee, resulted in the tragic loss of life, including children. This news was reported by Smokey Barn News.

The collision was initially documented at 2:08 AM on Sunday morning. Summoned to the location were the Tennessee Highway Patrol, the Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department, the Robertson County Emergency Management Agency, and Robertson County EMS. As of 9 am, I-24 continues to be inaccessible. An approximation of when the interstate will resume operation is still unavailable.

There was a third male in a second vehicle who did not sustain serious injuries. The other adult male was transported by ground while one adult female was flown to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville. Two adults were harmed. Officials stated that a tragic total of six children died in the accident. All of them were ejected and were females belonging to the same vehicle. Their ages ranged from 1 to 18 years old. Authorities at the scene informed Smokey Barn News that the fatalities primarily involved children.

As per the Robertson County Emergency Management Agency, travelers should anticipate a prolonged closure of I-24.

One person was not seriously injured in a separate vehicle, while another person was apprehended. Currently, we are unable to verify this information. Out of the nine individuals involved in the accident, two were transported and six tragically lost their lives.

If feasible, postpone your journey or look for different paths. Be attentive for emergency personnel on the road and proceed carefully if you are traveling in that vicinity.

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The crash investigation conducted by the Tennessee Highway Patrol will take a significant amount of time as their investigators analyze the scene and unravel the intricate details of the collision. Once they are ready to disclose their findings, we will promptly deliver the information to you.

Our team leadership will closely work with everyone involved in the coming days to ensure that those who are interested and have established access to resources have the necessary support. Additionally, coordination with the county’s emergency medical services and officials, as per Robertson County, will involve professional mental health counseling and services.

UPDATE:. The Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department was the first response unit to arrive and provided a situation report. Cheatham County EMS also responded to provide EMS with mutual aid. A total of four Advanced Life Support ambulances responded and one helicopter/air ambulance.

The primary vehicle was found with extensive damage. Upon arrival, the initial units quickly worked to search and assess a total of 9 patients involved, in order to triage them.

Six children, ranging in age from 1 to 18 years old, were found outside of the vehicle, which had been ejected. All six of them were female. Additionally, six other individuals were pronounced deceased at the scene. It is believed that the female adult found outside of the critically injured car had been ejected from the vehicle.

The Office of the Medical Examiner’s State sent a team to provide transportation for the decedents. The Medical Examiner’s Office in Tennessee gathered the necessary details and documentation for the Medical Investigation of Death operations through the County Medical Examiner’s Office in Robertson County, with the assistance of EMS supervisors at the scene.

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To ensure safety and manage the flow of vehicles, TDOT (pictured) collaborated with the Tennessee Department of Transportation. This incident significantly improved teamwork among the Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department, as acknowledged by Robertson County EMS.

Respective interdepartmental “CISM” teams (Critical Incident Stress Management) have already been deployed, with initial debriefings provided. Additionally, there has been further coordination to engage professional mental health and counseling services for responders.

In order to guarantee their access to CISM resources, the leadership team of Robertson County EMS will collaborate closely with the first responders engaged in the upcoming days.

——- UPDATE:. Monday, March 27: Names of adult victims released.

UPDATE:. As the Tennessee Highway Patrol makes its way through the investigation they are releasing some information following the deadly crash early Sunday.

The preliminary report from the Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) states that all of the girls, aged 12, 5, 3, and 1, lost their lives in the crash. None of them were wearing any safety restraints. The THP is still withholding information.

Tania Rodriquez, a 21-year-old from Kentucky (the Driver of vehicle 2, the Toyota Camry), and Rina Reyes, aged 35 (also in the Camry), lost their lives in the accident. Once again, no safety restraints were employed.

Saira Reyes, a 34-year-old woman who was driving the Camry, miraculously survived the crash. Moreover, she was not wearing any seat belts.

“The Tennessee Highway Patrol declares an ongoing investigation to determine if there are any potential charges. 23-year-old Matthew Flint, who was driving a BMW 750LI, remained unharmed while wearing safety restraints.”

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Anthony Gellardo, an 18-year-old from Kentucky, who was a passenger in the Camry, sustained injuries. He was properly using safety restraints.

“As far as the mechanics of the crash are concerned, the Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) is still in the middle of their investigation, but both vehicles that were traveling west on Interstate 24 near mile marker 23 experienced a collision.”

After the investigation is finished, the Tennessee Highway Patrol indicates that they will disclose additional details.

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