How to Wash Barefoot Dreams Blanket without DAMAGE

Do you like any other articles of clothing? Do you like any other articles of clothing, other than debris and dirt? Eventually, dust will gather and blanket your barefoot dreams. Is it really easy to keep your barefoot dreams clean and wash them? Don’t stress. How do you wash your blanket dreams barefoot? It will eventually get dirty, but you will totally love it if you have bought a blanket dream barefoot.

Some individuals think that they never need to wash blankets because they never get dirty, so they don’t want to bother with the hassle of drying and washing such a sizable piece of fabric.

It’s important to remember that blankets can get dirty if they are not frequently cleaned, so it’s crucial to address unpleasant things like dust mites and mildew.

Additionally, cleaning your blanket rapidly and easily requires just a few minutes.

Barefoot Dreams blankets, similar to any other blanket, attract airborne particles such as dirt and dust.

To avoid the buildup of grime, debris, and irritants, it is vital to regularly wash your blanket.

If you own animals at home, your blanket is prone to accumulate animal fur, requiring more frequent washing.

Cleaning your blanket can remove pet fur, dander, and other substances that trigger asthma and allergies.

Moreover, cleaning your blanket will help to preserve its visual appeal and feel, prolonging its durability.

image of how to wash a barefoot dreams blanket

How do you wash a blanket from Barefoot Dreams?

Your quilt can be easily laundered, and the process of laundering it is not challenging.

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As stated on the official Barefoot Dreams website, the blanket can be cleaned in a washing machine.

Therefore, feel free to regularly wash the blanket in your washing machine.

Afterwards, ensure to examine the instructions on how to maintain them and never wash them in high-temperature water. Always employ cool water.

If you frequently launder your blanket in high temperatures, it will eventually degrade.

Having said that, let’s briefly review the proper way to wash your Barefoot Dreams blanket.

How to Wash Barefoot Dreams Blanket

1. Give it a thorough shake.

Gently shake the blanket to eliminate any loose soil and particles.

2. Remove any stains by spot cleaning.

Apply a small amount of stain remover or soap to the cloth and gently blot the stain until it is completely removed.

3. Use a washing machine for cleaning.

Load the detergent compartment with GENTLE detergent, and then select the washer to operate on the sensitive cycle, reduced spin, and chilly water configurations.

Steer clear of using fabric conditioners.

4. Drying.

If possible, refrain from utilizing the dryer to dry the blanket. Instead, allow it to naturally dry and take out the blanket from the washing machine once the washing cycle is completed.

When using dryer sheets, you can also determine if you should use delicate settings and slowest spin speed to ensure that your clothes are dried without any damage.

5. Air Fluff.

After the blanket has dried, shake it vigorously to restore its softness.

image of barefoot dreams blanket washing instructions

Care Advice for the Barefoot Dreams Blanket

Due to their fragility, barefoot blankets require some extra attention.

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Here are some suggestions for preserving the quality of your blanket.

  • Utilize a mild soap.

  • Refrain from using heated water.

  • Try refraining from using the dryer, air drying is the optimal choice.

  • Avoid using bleach.

  • Avoid ironing.

  • The quilt should not be laundered in warm water as the fibers may get harmed.

  • If you are laundering the blanket in the washing machine, ensure to utilize the delicate cycle.

  • Gentle heat to dehydrate them.

  • Avoid excessive drying or over-drying them in the dryer as this can decrease their softness.

  • Avoid overwashing them.

  • To eliminate accumulated pet fur, utilize a lint roller.

  • What is a barefoot dreams blanket?

    Blankets made by barefoot dreams, crafted from 100% polyester microfiber, are commonly utilized as lap blankets, throw blankets, or bed blankets.

    It is famous for being cozy, durable, and gentle.

    The Barefoot Dreams blankets do not contract or tear because they consist of polyester microfiber.

    While the fabric feels marvelous and is gentle to the touch, the cost is slightly on the expensive side.

    Why does Barefoot Dreams cost so much?

    Because of the high-quality materials utilized in their production, barefoot dreams blankets are expensive.

    The blankets are a worthwhile investment due to their sophisticated look, opulent texture, and extended lifespan.

    The fact that they are so popular further contributes to their elevated cost.

    Simply put, you are essentially paying a steep cost for the blanket’s sophisticated look, lavish texture, and durability.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I wash my Barefoot Dreams blanket?

    Make sure to read the instructions on the label before washing. You can safely wash your barefoot dreams blanket in the washing machine. Absolutely.

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    Can I use fabric softener on my Barefoot Dreams blanket?

    No, it is not recommended to utilize any fabric conditioner on the blanket as it will ultimately damage the fibers.

    How often should I wash my Barefoot Dreams Blanket?

    If you accidentally spill your coffee on the blanket and have a mishap, you can easily put it in the washing machine. Your barefoot dreams blanket can be washed once every month.

    How durable are Barefoot Dreams blankets?

    To ensure the longevity of your blanket, it is important to adhere closely to the care instructions provided on the label. Barefoot Dreams blankets exhibit remarkable durability and, when properly maintained, can endure for numerous years.

    Final Thoughts

    Your Barefoot Dreams throw can be laundered in a washing machine and is very easy to do.

    Just make sure to follow the care label instructions carefully to prevent any harm to the blanket.

    To prolong the lifespan of your blanket, refrain from using high temperatures and a dryer whenever feasible.

    Finally, do not ever use fabric softener with the expectation of making the blanket more comfortable.

    Over time, this will actually damage the fibers, causing the blanket to become less smooth.

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