How to use Tech Mesh to craft Tech Armor in Sons of the Forest

Dealing with cannibals and mutants, game characters can find it quite challenging to survive in the Forest of Sons games as they have to scavenge for armor craft and materials early on in the game. This adds a life-like element to the game.

It is possibly the most tedious task to build Armor Tech, especially in the forest. Of course, various types of armor like Armor Bone and Armor Golden can be crafted in the game. Thus, it is wise to learn about the early materials and different types of armor in the game.

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In Sons of the Forest, a guide is provided to assist in locating Tech Mesh and other raw materials for crafting a Tech Armor.

Necessary materials

Material needed to craft Tech Armor in Sons of the Forest (Image via WoW Quests/ YouTube)

Tech Mesh is not readily available in the forest, as it serves as a key component for creating Tech Armor. Nevertheless, the initial objective entails the creation of Tech Mesh, which demands both time and a certain level of expertise since players are unable to craft Tech Armor during the early stages of the game.

The materials needed for Tech Armor are:

  • Tech Mesh – 1.
  • Circuit Board – 1.
  • Wires – 1.
  • Batteries – 1.
  • Duct Tape – 1.
  • You can search for most of these resin units, each of which has 250 uses, to be printed out by the 3D printer of Mesh Tech. However, the Forest Map of Sons has the largest collection of them.

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    Locating a 3D printer

    Location of an underground bunker in Sons of the Forest (Image via WoW Quests/ YouTube)

    You can find a 3D printer on the western side of the map, along the river, in an underground bunker. The entrance to the cave can be difficult to spot, but your mini-map should help highlight the points of interest.

    Adjacent to a resin container, additional ones can be located inside a cartridge containing a specific quantity of preloaded printing ink for the 3D printer. The storage area serves as a valuable source for collecting raw materials used to create a multitude of items offered by Sons of the Forest.

    By scavenging camping and crash sites, you can discover the remaining materials such as circuit boards and wires.

    Creating Technological Armor

    Once you have collected the necessary resources in your storage, you can construct Tech Armor. Here are the instructions:

    1) Press “I” to access the inventory.

    2) Select the items you need to construct the armor and place them on the crafting mat located in the center.

    When you add each crafting item to the mat, the cog icon will start indicating that it is ready to fill up and combine them.

    When you hover over the cog icon, you will also see the quantity of items that can be made from each material on the crafting mat in the inventory.

    5) Press “Combine” to create Tech Armor.

    The printer cartridge utilizes Resin to produce objects such as masks, grapple heads, and arrows. The 3D printer is capable of printing various other objects as well. Some crafting materials, like batteries and circuit boards, are scarce, which often makes it impractical. Tech Armor will offer significant protection and improved sensory functions.

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    It is recommended to print them accordingly and sort them out as needed. A simple tip would be to use real-life availabilities based on their resources. High-tech resources can be found in limited forest campsites and underground bunkers.

    Craft the Tech Armor and save it for hostile situations, while using a Bone Armor for easy finding and crafting, to be used later and to dismantle the crafted items.

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