How To Use Sling TV To Stream Super Bowl LVII For Less

Did you know that with Sling TV, you can stream the Super Bowl for just a fraction of the cost of your cable bill during the first month and save 50%? And on top of that, you can even get a cold soda while enjoying the game all day for only $40.00 per month!

It’s a win-win situation! Are you interested in a great deal? You can become a Blue Sling subscriber for just $40.00 per month and watch the Super Bowl on Fox 57. Hurry up and take advantage of this offer!

You can use it to watch a lot of the regular season and half of the playoffs, plus the NFL championship game itself. It’s also a great all-around cable replacement for almost all of your favorite channels, but Sling TV’s Blue plan just isn’t a super cost-effective way to watch the Super Bowl.

Get a 50% discount on Sling TV today.

The scoreboard at Levi
The Super Bowl: A National Institution / photo by Steve Jurvetson under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Rihanna is making her first public appearance in five years at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Chris Stapleton, the country music sensation, will sing the national anthem here, maybe only here, and possibly make his first appearance of the year. The Super Bowl is practically an American holiday, even if you hate football.

The Super Bowl 2023 will be played at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona on Sunday, February 12th. It will be televised live on Fox Sports and FS1. Kickoff is scheduled for Eastern Time.

Sun Feb 12 : Super Bowl LVII — Kansas City Chiefs vs Philadelphia Eagles (Fox/FS1)

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Get a 50% discount on Sling TV today.

How to Stream Super Bowl 2023 on Fox Using Sling TV

In the current year, Sling Blue offers FS1, which is everything required to view the Super Bowl. During the regular season, Sling Orange provides ESPN, which is necessary for Monday Night Football. Each Sling Orange and Sling Blue cost $40.00 per month individually or $55.00 per month for both, as Sling TV presents two fundamental packages.

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You can stream Super Bowl LVII on Fox, Fox Sports 1, or Fox Deportes on Sling TV.

Viewing Additional NFL Content on Sling TV

In our guide to watching the NFL on Sling TV, we thoroughly cover all your options, but it’s a little trickier here with the short version. However, it is still certainly doable, especially leading up to the Super Bowl and the NFL playoffs, as well as during the Regular season.

  • In addition to needing cable to subscribe to any live TV service, you can now watch Thursday Night Football on Amazon’s Prime Video.
  • You can use the antenna below to select Blue Sling in the markets where it is available, which airs Football Night on NBC on Sundays.
  • ESPN airs on Monday Night Football, which is available on Sling Orange. Isn’t that disappointing? However, for only $55.00 per month, you can subscribe to Sling Orange + Blue, which is still more affordable than a cable package.
  • Why is football so popular among fanatics? CBS does not carry Sling, but NBC and Fox are available in select markets. AFC games are broadcasted on CBS, while NFC games are divided between CBS and Fox on Sunday afternoons.
  • Get a 50% discount on Sling TV today.

    Sling TV NFL
    Sling TV allows you to watch live NFL games and much more.

    Don’t worry, armchair quarterbacks: you do have a few choices.

    Sling’s range of network options is an ideal addition to Paramount+ Premium, priced at just $9.99 per month. CBS live streams are available on Paramount Global’s streaming platform, to begin with.

    Likewise, you can view NBC matches on Peacock, NBCUniversal’s streaming service.

    ESPN3 streaming allows you to watch a variety of games, including some that are not broadcasted on ABC.

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    Get a 50% discount on Sling TV today.

    Sling TV Using High-Definition Antenna

    You can get a decent HD antenna from anywhere to get more than a dozen local crystal-clear channels. Even if you’re below a certain age where we’re talking about what we know, it’s understandable if you thought they don’t even make them anymore. There’s always a good old-fashioned antenna. It even covers more bases.

    Did we forget to mention that if you prepay for just two months of Sling TV, we’ll give you a 100% free HD antenna? It’s around $50, in case you were wondering.

    You can check out our local TV review channels on Sling, and for those willing to prepay for a few months, TV Sling offers more deals on devices that work with antennas.

    National Football League RedZone

    The NFL RedZone is a special channel provided by the NFL that airs games on Sunday afternoons during the regular season for a duration of seven hours. It showcases all the most interesting parts from every game, without any breaks or commercials, and its motto is “every touchdown from every game.”

    Without subscribing to Sling Blue Sports Extra, specifically the add-on that costs $11/mo ($15/mo if you have both Sling Orange and Sling Blue), it is not possible to access NFL RedZone.

    Get a 50% discount on Sling TV today.

    Alternative Live TV Streaming Platforms

    Sling TV, the most affordable service offering a cable TV alternative, is not the only option available for accessing the Super Bowl (and much more).

  • FuboTV offers the best service for sporting events, with a comprehensive selection of 4K sports channels. Additionally, it provides the most extensive range of sports channels, allowing you to enjoy a complete NFL watching experience for only $74.99 per month.
  • $74.99 per month for additional local teams, enjoy regional sports networks as well as the necessary NFL channels on DIRECTV STREAM. Take a look at our detailed DIRECTV STREAM review for further information.
  • Read more about TV Live + Hulu review. With Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu, you can watch all your favorite shows, including the NFL, in one place. For just $69.99, you also get access to other channels.
  • TV YouTube is NFL-ready and priced comparatively lower than other big services, such as TV Sling Full Box, for comparison.
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    All of these features come with the capability to stream on unlimited household devices and included DVR storage.

    Get a 50% discount on Sling TV today.

    Postgame victory confetti at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome after the Baltimore Ravens won Super Bowl XLVII - February 3, 2013
    And the crowd goes wild! / photo by Austin Kirk under CC BY 2.0 via Flickr

    Devices for Streaming the Super Bowl on Sling TV

    As one of the most ancient and widely recognized streaming platforms, Sling TV also provides comprehensive assistance for a diverse array of streaming gadgets.

    You can also utilize your Sling TV login information on the Fox Sports application and website.

    Get a 50% discount on Sling TV today.

    Important Information About Super Bowl 57

    The Cincinnati Bengals reminded everyone of the last five years when they routed the Kansas City Chiefs, who have been the AFC Champs for the past four out of five years. This matchup is guaranteed to be an amazing game, potentially one for the ages, with Patrick Mahomes leading the way.

    The Eagles’ offensive line has consistently been ranked as the best since the preseason. They were widely regarded as the top-ranked team leading up to the NFC Championship, where they defeated the San Francisco 49ers with a score of 31-7. They continued their dominance in the first game against the New York Giants, winning with a score of 38-7. Compared to their conference rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles completely outplayed them, leaving no doubt that Jalen Hurts and his team were superior.

    Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl LII ring from 2018 Championship
    The Eagles really want to add another ring to their collection / photo by Cards84664 under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

    The outcome is still highly uncertain, and it is widely agreed upon that the two best teams in the NFL at the moment are the Eagles. However, they are considered the favorites to win.

    Get a 50% discount on Sling TV today.


    If it’s available in your area, tune into Fox or FS1 on February 12th for the big game, and simply sign up for Blue Sling for just $40.00/mo. Sling TV is like a slice of cake for streaming the Super Bowl this year.

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