How to Remove Skin from Salmon

We will list here some simple steps on how to effectively remove skin from highlight and salmon. Don’t worry! However, when looking at the seafood counter, you will only see options with the skin on.

If you really hate the idea of removing salmon skin, you can ask the person working behind the seafood counter to do it for you. Some grocery stores will do this free of charge, so you don’t have to follow these easy steps along with it.

Step 1: Pat fish dry

Overview of hands patting salmon dry prior to removing skin on a cutting board on top of a damp towel on the countertopTMB Studio

Take the salmon out of its packaging and gently dry it with paper towels.

Step 2: Prep on a cutting board

Prep sliced salmon on cutting board with one meat side up and the other skinside up while cutting board rests on a damp towel on the countertopTMB Studio

To ensure a safe cutting area, it is recommended to place a slip-resistant cutting board on top of your kitchen counter and put a damp dish towel under the cutting board to prevent it from moving around. This will help keep your cutting board clean while you prepare the salmon.

Step 3: Check for pin bones

Check for and Remove large pin bones from salmon meat to ensure not to ingest themTMB Studio

You should be able to see little protruding bones if you run your finger along the fillet. In case you missed any, just take a peek for some tiny opaque bones. Normally, the bones will be removed at the fish market or grocery store where you purchased them. This is an additional precautionary step.

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We utilized pristine tweezers for this process, but you can also utilize pristine needle-nose pliers.

Step 4: Take the skin off the salmon

Take the skin off the salmon with one hand cutting the skin with a kitchen knife and the other keeping the skin taught for easier slicingTMB Studio

Remove the skin by sliding the knife along it and using leverage to grip the discarded skin. Turn the knife parallel to the cutting board so that you can make a cut about an inch deep. Slide the knife between the flesh and the skin, and slowly slide the knife along the skin, angling it downward. Place a sharp knife between the flesh and the skin, at the corner of the salmon fillet. This will help keep as much of the intact fish as possible. You shouldn’t see much of the meat coming off with the skin.

When filleting a whole salmon, it is advisable to use a chef’s knife, as it works well for cutting individual portions of salmon with the skin on. Alternatively, you can also use a fillet knife or a steak knife, depending on your comfort and the size of the knife. This tip is recommended by the editor.

You can also try this handy hack from Rose Reisman, the creator of TikTok and a chef. You won’t even need a knife. You’ll need a baking dish, a baking rack, and boiling water, along with the salmon fillet positioned on the baking rack with the skin facing up. You’ll need to pour hot water gently onto the skin, and after around a minute, the skin can be easily pulled away. The skin will “shrivel up” and be removed effectively and simply.

Step 5: Portion out the salmon

Cut and Portion Out Salmon into single serve portions with a kitchen knife, cover and refrigerate until useTMB Studio

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Here are a few tips for cooking frozen salmon. If you choose to marinate, refrigerate and cover the fish until it is ready to cook. Cut the 6 or 4 oz fillets into smaller portions once the skin has been fully removed to make it easier to slice the salmon. If you have purchased a large fillet of salmon and want to portion it out, you can cut it into single-serve portions.

Salmon, similar to traditional green beans or seasoned baked spinach, complement any of these accompaniments for salmon. Serve the salmon promptly after it is prepared.

FAQs About Cooking Salmon

Can you eat salmon skin?

Yes, salmon skin is edible. If you prefer a crispy texture in your seafood dishes, you can keep the skin on your salmon. It is perfectly acceptable.

Once you remove the scales, the skin of the salmon is one of the healthiest parts, as it is rich in essential Omega-3s. However, if you’re left with the skin without scales, it means that you have removed the outer protective covering of the fish where the scales grow. So, if you’re not eating the scales, it is advisable to remove them before the salmon is sold at grocery stores.

Is skin-off salmon better than skin-on salmon?

There is no right or wrong answer here, when you’re cooking salmon by grilling or pan-searing it, it makes the fish easier to cook by leaving the skin on. If you’re not a fan of handling raw fish, you can absolutely cook your salmon while keeping the skin on.

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To effortlessly peel off the skin, adhere to Step 4 mentioned earlier. Once the salmon is thoroughly cooked, transfer the fillets onto a plate or a sanitized cutting board. During the remaining cooking period, gently turn the fish over using tongs, which will facilitate easy retrieval of the crisp skin. When you are prepared to cook the fillets, apply oil to your pan and position the fish with the skin facing downwards. If desired, marinate or season your salmon fillets in the usual manner.

To learn how to bake salmon in foil, you can use butter or oil to prevent a weird, gummy texture that can result from baking the fish with its skin on. It’s best to take the skin off the salmon before cooking it, whether you’re baking or poaching it.

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