How to play Bingo Bango Bongo, the golf gambling game for rule followers

Participating in the correct sequence is the utmost crucial aspect of this week’s golf game, Bingo Bango Bongo, tailored for individuals who adhere strictly to the regulations and decorum of golf. However, this does not imply that it is unsuitable for you; it requires considerable effort for me to acknowledge that this week’s golf betting game is not suitable for me. That is precisely the reason.

I am ready to advocate for a more efficient round of golf if it means better playing can be achieved at the expense of taking two shots out of turn. However, dear reader, I must call it a stroke of insanity.

Here’s how to play. Those willing to follow the rules of this awesome game are awaited, but Bongo Bango Bingo requires a proper insistence on etiquette. I must admit it’s for a good reason. This week’s golf game allows none of such tomfoolery.

The Big Picture

Each golfer earns a point for completing each activity, and at the end of the round, the points are added up and converted into cash. Bongo Bango Bingo is a game in which points are awarded for each hole completed.


Bingo: The “bingo” award is given to the initial golfer in the group who successfully lands their ball on the putting surface.

Bango: After all the balls are on the green, the golfer with the ball nearest to the pin earns the “bango” point.

Bongo: The “bongo” point is given to the player whose ball lands in the cup initially.

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Why Etiquette Matters

In a game where points are largely awarded based on being the first golfer to achieve either a bongo or bingo on the hole, the player who goes out first and achieves the second point is awarded. The etiquette in Bongo Bango Bingo dictates that everything depends on this achievement.

When playing par-3s, it is becoming increasingly important for golfers to have good etiquette, as both “bongo” and “bingo” can potentially score points for players who tee off before them.

Why You Should Try It

This game, Bongo Bango Bingo, is a fantastic game for golfers of varying skill levels. It adds intrigue to every hole, as a player could theoretically beat a par and shoot a triple-bogey, which adds a level of intrigue to the performance. The point values of a player’s score on a given hole are not reflective of the values of the points.

If you’re willing to wait a few extra seconds to ensure that everyone in the group is playing in the proper order, this could be the perfect golf game for your next round.

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