How to craft and use a Drying Rack in Sons of the Forest

In the Forest of Sons, a harsh and dangerous wilderness populated by aggressive animals and cannibals, you can find meat while rack drying. However, it is not safe to eat all food items raw. To stay alive, you must collect and drink water, cook and consume food.

The Drying Rack located in the Storage category of the manual can be created by accessing the guidebook with the B button on your keyboard and gathering 13 Sticks in your inventory.

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In Forest of Sons, a survival horror game that takes place on a remote island, you will need a Drying Rack to safely craft and even cook food. This is a crucial part of the process known as food Gathering, which requires you to guard against the dangers of the island.

Collecting thirteen sticks involves constructing a Rack Drying Building. They are not easy to find, but this guide will make it easier. Feel free to refer to this guide, which also covers finding sticks that can be used to make a basic fire in the game.

You can then utilize the subsequent procedures to create the Drying Rack:.

  • Press the B key on your keyboard to display the guidebook or the crafting menu.
  • Press and hold the X button to switch mode or change section of the book and then navigate to the Storage section.
  • On the right side, you will discover a diagram of the Drying Rack, accompanied by the necessary conditions.
  • Feel free to select the Drying Rack and place it anywhere on the ground (or at your desired location), it will display a white outline to show you where.
  • Now engage with the outline by pressing the E (default interaction) button to position the 13 Sticks onto it.
  • Navigate to the Storage section of the guidebook to craft Drying Rack (Image via Endnight Games)

    Functions of a Drying Rack in Sons of the Forest

    In order to prevent their quality from declining, fish can be suspended on the Drying Rack after being caught. In the game, you also have the option to search for fish. The Drying Rack is utilized for the purpose of drying and preserving the meat while offering additional storage capacity for food.

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    To dry the fish/meat, press button E on the Drying Rack and walk towards it. The process will take some time, but it is ideal to do something else while it gets completed.

    The Dehydrating Stand will ensure he is well-nourished and Kelvin may also experience hunger. In addition to the set of 13 Twigs needed to construct the Dehydrating Stand, Sons of the Forest also includes an AI partner like Kelvin who can aid you in multiple endeavors.

    You can perform tasks assigned by Kelvin, while gathering Sticks or searching for other essential resources. The game can be played solo or with friends in cooperative and multiplayer modes.

    Additional Information on Sons of the Forest

    The Forest, which was launched in 2014, is a well-liked game in the survival horror genre that Sons of the Forest serves as a continuation of. The predecessor of this sequel features a smaller map compared to its successor. Through activities such as gathering resources, constructing buildings, engaging in combat with adversaries, and more, one can become fully engrossed for extended periods of time.

    In order to confront your adversaries, the game provides you with a diverse array of weapons and equipment such as handguns, shotguns, a hatchet, Molotov cocktails, and additional items. It is crucial to collect the essential supplies to ensure your survival during periods when you are not occupied with vanquishing them. Sons of the Forest showcases an expansive realm encompassing caverns, enemy encampments, and various other discoverable locations.

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