How to Check Dicks Sporting Goods Gift Card Balance (2023)

If you have a gift card for Dick’s Sporting Goods, it is important to know the balance in the card, especially during the holidays.

Whether you have received it as a gift or you have had it sitting in your wallet for months, you want to make sure there’s enough left for those new running shoes you’ve been eyeing to come in right place.

You’ll know precisely how much you need to spend at Dick’s in just a few simple steps.

Let’s begin and retrieve that gift card from your disorganized hallway table or unearth it from the depths of your wallet at this moment.

Dick’s Gift Cards can be used for purchases at any retail store of DICK’S, Public Lands, and Golf Galaxy, as well as online on their respective websites.

In order to accomplish this, there are multiple straightforward approaches to verify the amount of funds available on a Dick’s Sporting Goods gift card.

1. Using Their Website

Sign in to their website to verify your Dick’s Sporting Goods gift card balance. Visiting Dick’s website is the most convenient method to check your balance.

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Here’s how:.

Sign In

Please enter your email address associated with your Dick’s account. Click on ‘Sign In’ at the top right of the page and visit dicks.Com.

If you do not have an account, you will also have to create one. The process simply takes a minute and does not entail any fees.

Go to the Gift Card Section

The Gift Card Balance page will bring you to the ‘Check Balance’ link at the top of the page once logged in.

Here, you’ll enter the 16-digit number of your gift card, also known as the card verification value or CVV, located on the back of your card.

Check Balance

You can show how much money you can spend at any Dick’s Sporting Goods location or online. Click ‘Check Balance’ to display your current gift card balance.

If the balance on your card is zero, you may want to reload it again at the shop where you set up all your funds.

2. Mobile Apps

If you possess the application of Dick’s Sporting Goods, open it and touch the menu symbol, then touch “Verify Gift Card Balance.”.

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3. By Phone

Sometimes, technology may cause issues preventing you from experiencing the online balance of your gift card when checking it on Dick’s Sporting Goods app or website.

The easiest way to check your balance is to contact the customer service of Dick’s at 1-877-846-9997.

Let them know that you want to check the balance on your Dick’s gift card by providing them with your 16-digit card number.

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4. Visit Your Local Dick’s Store

Verify the remaining amount on your gift card by requesting a store employee to scan your card at any Dick’s Sporting Goods store. The current balance on your gift card will be displayed on a printed receipt.

These are a few factors to take into account:

  • Your gift card balance might not show recent purchases for a maximum of 24 hours as transactions are being processed.
  • Gift vouchers never expire, and you have the flexibility to redeem them at any time.
  • In order to avoid any unauthorized usage, it is important to report any instances of lost or stolen gift cards promptly. Dick’s will then proceed to cancel the card and transfer the remaining balance to a new gift card issued specifically for you.
  • 5. Mail-In Your Gift Card

    If you are unable to call or visit a store, you can send your Dick’s gift card below the provided address, along with a self-addressed envelope that has been stamped.

    Inquiry about the balance of the Gift Card at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

    345 Street Court.

    Coraopolis, Pennsylvania 15108.

    They will verify the remaining amount on your gift card and reimburse you within a period of 3 to 5 working days.

    Although not the most expedient approach, sending your card via mail can still furnish you with the essential details.

    Just make sure to include correct postage and your return envelope to ensure that your card is sent back to you.


    Where Can I Buy Dick’s Gift Card?

    You can also purchase gift cards from our online stores. You can get gift cards from DICK’S Sporting Goods at any of our stores, including Lands Public or Galaxy Golf.

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    What Is the Maximum Amount I Can Load Onto My Dicks’ Gift Card?

    You have the option to load any amount between $5 and $500 per card onto a Gift Card.

    Can I Reload or Add Value to a Gift Card?

    Absolutely. You have the option to visit any physical store locations of Dick’s to reload or add value to your Gift Card.

    Can I Get a New Gift Card if I Misplaced My Own?

    Regrettably, misplaced or stolen Gift Cards cannot be substituted.

    Does Dicks’s Gift Card Have an Expiration Date?

    No, Dicks’ Gift Card does not have a validity period.

    How Can I Cancel an Online Purchase of Dicks Gift Card?

    To cancel an online purchase using Dick’s Gift Card, you need to get in touch with Customer Support.

    To obtain precise guidance and aid, it is advisable to reach out to Customer Support with regards to cancellations, taking into account that there might be certain restrictions or stipulations. In case the Gift Card has not been dispatched yet, they will help you in the process of canceling it.

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    To ensure that you make the most of your gift, you have a helpful guide to balance your Dick’s Sporting Goods gift card in your checking account.

    Regularly keeping track of your Dick’s Sporting Goods gift card balance will guarantee that you are aware of the precise amount that can be utilized for your upcoming visit to the store or on dicks.Com.

    With one of the convenient price check scanners, you can easily verify your balance online, via telephone, or even in physical stores by following a few straightforward steps.

    No more guessing how much is left or worrying you’ll get to the checkout and not have enough to cover your purchases.

    Consider this as your beneficial handbook for optimizing your voucher and guaranteeing a trouble-free encounter the next occasion you purchase at Dick’s.

    Now go out, verify that balance, and use your gift card with confidence, knowing precisely how much you need to spend.

    Happy shopping!

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