How Sherra Wright Orchestrated the Murder of Her Ex-Husband, NBA Star Lorenzen Wright

Afterwards, a report was published four months later, detailing the autopsy of Wright’s forearm, which was shot twice near his heart and twice in his head. Wright, a local basketball icon who played for the Memphis Grizzlies in the National Basketball Association for a decade, spent five years in his hometown.

He had been deceased for nine days when police cadaver dogs discovered Wright’s severely decomposed corpse.

Sherra Wright’s ex-wife told investigators that she left her home in Collierville, Tennessee, to possibly conduct a drug deal and saw an unspecified amount of money carrying news reports. This occurred during the initial investigation of Wright’s homicide, shortly after midnight on the night of July 19, 2010. Several 911 calls were made from Wright’s phone.

The murder of Lorenzen Wright was the topic of an episode of A&E’s Killer Cases on October 22, 2022. [Watch the episode instantly in the A&E app.]

More than ten years later, Marion and Darren Goods, the lead investigator in Wright’s murder case, reveal to A&E True Crime that Sherra, driven by greed and jealousy, used the $1 million insurance money her children received to fabricate a false narrative about her ex-husband in order to conceal her significant involvement in his killing.

The pair had been in a relationship for 13 years when Wright divorced Sherra, five months before his remains were discovered.

Marion states, “She couldn’t tolerate it.” She was aware that he had truly finished with her and was progressing in his life. She was the sole individual who gained from his demise. I informed the authorities from the very beginning that she was engaged.

Sherra Goods, a 35-year veteran of the Memphis Police Department who retired in 2021, says that she was interested in Wright’s body from the moment it was found but it took several years to build a case against her.

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“She is an unfeeling, manipulative murderer,” Goods states. “I have no doubt that she is callous and scheming.”

Sherra was arrested at her home in Riverside, California, in December 2017, where she was charged with conspiracy to commit first-degree attempted murder and premeditated first-degree murder. She was later extradited to Memphis.

Turner was given a life sentence along with an additional 41 years in prison in July of that very year. In March 2022, Turner was found guilty of first-degree murder by a jury. In the same year, Turner faced charges of first-degree murder in the killing of Wright. Prosecutors from Tennessee claimed that Sherra enlisted her cousin Jimmie Martin and her landscaper, Billy Ray Turner, with whom she had a sexual affair, to carry out the assassination of Wright.

The weapon used in the murder, Martin’s girlfriend, who was sentenced to 20 years, acted as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Wright case because she gave sworn statements against Sherra and Turner and directed investigators to a crucial piece of evidence: Martin, who was convicted in 2012 for killing him.

In November 2017, the Memphis Police retrieved the gun utilized to murder Wright from a lake in Walnut, Mississippi.

According to the Memphis Commercial Appeal, Martin additionally stated that he participated in a prior endeavor to eliminate the former NBA player in Atlanta, which was also orchestrated by Sherra. Martin informed investigators that he was in the company of Turner when they got rid of the firearm in the lake, and he was present during a gathering where he, Sherra, and Turner devised the plan to murder Wright in Memphis.

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In July 2019, Sherra pleaded guilty to facilitation of attempted first-degree murder in connection with Wright’s murder and denied any involvement in the murder during a phone interview with ESPN two years later. She was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

“Regrettably, that was not the situation,” Goods remarks. “Naturally, we hoped to witness her receiving a life sentence,” Sherra initiated by proposing the plea agreement.

Marion states, “That is the manner in which she has resided throughout her entire existence.” Marion claims, “She believes no one will harm her.” Marion declares, “She is still behaving as if she played no part in it,” Marion asserts, “Her former daughter-in-law persists in withholding the truth.”

How Sherra Wright Tempted Her Former Spouse to His Demise

Goods claims that Sherra was purportedly at the scene of Wright’s murder, according to Martin’s statement and additional proof, such as telephone records. The location where the pair engaged in sexual activities was formerly a wooded region, which is where his body was discovered.

Good states, “There exists a multitude of sexually explicit text messages exchanged between the two individuals that confirms she was enticing him to return to that place.” For [Wright], it was a common occurrence and would not have caused any concerns for him. It was their romantic spot; it was their escape.

Goods asserts that apart from Jimmie Martin’s statements and the circumstantial evidence placing her at the scene, including her phone records, there is no concrete and definitive proof that she was one of the shooters. Goods explains that this is the reason why they returned to search for the weapon and collect any shell casings. According to Goods, if Sherra had stood trial, Martin would have testified that she confessed to him about her and Turner shooting Wright, and that she discarded the murder weapon.

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Marion asserts that Sherra was aware of how to manipulate the criminal justice system in order to evade a lifetime behind bars.

Marion expresses her dissatisfaction with the plea deal, stating, “We were dissatisfied with the outcome.” “All evidence implicated her as the one who orchestrated the murder and physically carried out the act, so how is it fair that she only receives a 30-year sentence?” In contrast, her accomplice Turner was sentenced to life in prison, with an additional 41 years, for his involvement in the crime.

What Is Sherra Wright’s Current Location?

Sherra is presently residing at the Debra K. Johnson Rehabilitation Center in Nashville.

As reported by the Memphis Commercial Appeal, Sherra, filled with tears, presented herself to the Tennessee Board of Parole on May 11, 2022, in an effort to obtain an early release. She expressed remorse for the unfortunate events involving her former spouse and emphasized her desire to prevent harm to anyone.

If she serves her full sentence, she will be released in 2027. Sherra’s request for parole was later denied, and her next parole hearing won’t take place until a couple of weeks later.

While she is still alive, Marion states that she intends to participate in each and every one of Sherra’s parole hearings.

Marion says, “I am going to make sure she serves those 30 years, until she comes with her real truth, as the blood in my body stays warm there every time.”

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