How Much Is 45 Billion Won in U.S. Dollars? ‘Squid Game’s’ Prize Money Explained

A mysterious and sinister organization preys on vulnerable individuals, rounding up a group of 456 desperate people in order to fight to the death and win a vast sum of 45.6 billion South Korean money.

In the final round of Squid Game, two players are forced to battle it out in a strategically minded, tug-of-war-like war. The tasks range from physical challenges to games based on traditional children’s games. In order to get their hands on the cash prize, the contestants who signed a contract at the beginning must successfully complete all the set games.

Here’s the recipient of the funds in Squid Game, and the equivalent value in U.S. Currency.

**CAUTION: Significant spoilers in advance**.

Although it is still undoubtedly a substantial amount of money, it is not quite as significant a sum in USD.

According to the most recent currency exchange rates (valid at the time of writing this article), 1 South Korean won is equal to 0.00084 USD.

This implies that the overall prize amount is approximately $38,393,239.20 and the worth of each participant was $84,195.70.

Who Emerged as the Winner of the Cash Prize in Netflix’s Squid Game?

Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae), Kang Sae-byeok (HoYeon Jung), and Cho Sang-woo (Park Hae-soo) emerged as the last three participants, as the initial number of contestants gradually decreased through a series of brutal eliminations.

After the elaborate dinner, where they had a steak, Gi-hun and his childhood friend Sang-woo returned to their dorm for the night. Gi-hun feels anger towards his old friend for killing an innocent man in the previous round, and he cannot rid himself of it.

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Sae-byeok, realizing that she is bleeding from a wound inflicted by a shattered glass in the last game, promises her brother to look after him without discussing the strategy. She makes the promise to him before offering to do the same for her sick mother, if she doesn’t make it out.

In a surprising turn of events, Gi-hun realizes that Sang-woo, carrying a large pink bow on top, is the only one left alive after Sae-byeok’s life was brutally ended and her throat was slit. Finally, when they open the steel doors, Gi-hun goes to seek help from the guards, who are surprised by the sight of Sae-byeok’s wound.

Sang-woo ends up on the floor after a very graphic and bloody fight scene. Enraged by Sae-byeok’s death, Sang-woo swipes at Gi-hun in the last round of the Squid Game match.

At the last moment, Gi-hun remembers the third clause of the contract that allows players to quit the game as long as the majority agrees. Sang-woo decides to take matters into his own hands and suggests that both he and Gi-hun walk away, relinquishing the prize money. Gi-hun decides to kill himself and leave with the money.

How Did Gi-hun Utilize the Money?

After being dropped off in a limousine by the Man Front, Gi-hun made his way back to his old neighborhood where he bumped into Sang-Cho, his mother Woo’s processing the events of the last game as he struggled to interact with her, tears fought back.

Upon his arrival back home, he discovered that his mother had tragically passed away while he was on the island.

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After dyeing his hair a vibrant red and getting a stylish new haircut, he left the young boy and took him to the shelter where Sae-byeok’s brother was, with a suitcase filled with his winnings and the support of Sang-woo’s mother.

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Netflix will probably renew the show for another season, considering its immense success on the streaming platform. There is certainly space for another installment, although most loose ends were resolved. Moreover, it would be intriguing to uncover the reasons behind the Front Man’s decision to eliminate his sibling, and gaining further insight into the enigmatic laborers on the island would be beneficial.

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