How much does it cost to hire a personal chef?

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The prices for a personal chef to cook six main courses on the menu range from $100 to $400, depending on your preferences. If you opt for pricey ingredients or additional extras like wine pairings, the cost of hiring a private chef can increase to $100 or more per individual. On average, hosting a dinner party with a private chef will amount to approximately $45 per person. The typical rate for hiring a personal chef is around $30 to $40 per hour.

Personal chef cost chart
Personal chef cost chart
National Average Cost $250
Minimum Cost $180
Maximum Cost $750
Average Range $100 to $400

It is often possible to have a cheaper menu depending on your neighborhood. The cost of a personal chef, who primarily works for one full-time client, is about the same as the price of dining out in your area. A private chef has a fixed annual salary because they primarily work for one client, while personal chefs are generally more affordable as they mainly prepare meals in advance to cater to several clients’ needs.

Personal Chef Cost Per Hour

When it comes to preparing food and shopping, planning a meal usually incurs these costs. The cost of a personal chef can vary considerably based on your location, but on average, it is around $30-40 per hour. Some chefs prefer to charge by the hour rather than by the plate.

If you ask them, they might charge an additional fixed fee per mile instead of calculating the total costs for your travel time. Similarly, if they have to drive outside their usual service area to cook for you, some personal chefs may impose an extra charge.

Cost Of Private Chef For Dinner Party

If you are willing to spend around $100 per person, you can easily use specialty ingredients. However, for a personal chef to prepare a three-course meal for approximately 10 people at your party dinner, the estimated average cost is about $45 per person.

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Based on the information provided, you can give them an estimate of the price and select a proposed meal plan from your chef. You can also decide how many people you want to serve, how many courses you want, and how many courses you want.

table of food prepared by chef
table of food prepared by chef

How Much Does A Private Chef Cost Per Week?

The expense will have a substantial impact on the seasoned cooks and increased food expenses in major metropolitan areas, naturally. The typical rate for a chef is approximately $200. The average cost of employing one to prepare approximately six diverse entrees for a small family can range from $100 to $400 when comparing personal chef services across the United States.

Personal Chef Cost Per Year

When it comes to preparing dinner for an entire year, the price range for hiring a personal chef for a family of four is typically between $12,775 and $25,550, with an average cost of $35 per meal. On a monthly basis, the expense of employing a private chef amounts to $1,065 to $2,129.

What Does A Personal Chef Do?

Here’s how it works: In some cases, you can reduce your expenses and have more free time by hiring a personal chef who supplies you with tastier and healthier food, making your diet even more enjoyable.

Personal Chef Menu Planning

Exclusively for you, a personalized menu will be crafted by your very own chef. You have the opportunity to discuss your preferences and dietary requirements during an initial consultation, which is typically provided by most personal chefs. Individuals following a dairy-free, gluten-free, Paleolithic, or ketogenic diet can be effortlessly accommodated by a skilled chef.

You can look forward to creating delicious meals without the stress of preparing food. If you prefer Kosher or vegetarian, vegan meals, or if you need low-sugar diets for diabetics, a personal chef is helpful if you have food allergies.

Personal Food Shopping

While during the shopping process, they will not exceed their budget because they genuinely help you save money. They possess the exact knowledge of the required quantity of ingredients to purchase for preparing the meals you require. Engaging a personal chef to handle your shopping has numerous advantages. Additionally, your chef fulfills the role of being your dedicated food buyer.

The chef has excellent connections with local farmers’ markets and the best food vendors in the area. Also, by selecting the freshest and most nutritious ingredients, your meals will taste far better than highly processed fast food. That means they’ll pick it for you to save an extra trip to the supermarket, if you run out of basic kitchen staples like milk. Plus, with a personal chef doing all the cooking, you may never need to go grocery shopping again.

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Cooking and Meal Prep

Elderly individuals who reside by themselves, particularly those who enjoy cooking, can find comfort in a delightful visit where they can engage in conversation with cheerful chefs. If a family is responsible for preparing up to five meals, a personal chef can be hired for approximately 4 to 5 hours to assist in the process. Afterwards, the chef may have a policy of delivering the meals to the family’s home from their company headquarters. In order to efficiently prepare all the meals in your kitchen, the majority of personal chefs begin their work at your home and then pick up your groceries for you.

Healthy meal prep packed for storage
Healthy meal prep packed for storage

Package Your Meals

Freshly baked chips and granola-like snacks can also be requested by you to make salads. You can go to have all the food ready and heat it up. Store it in your freezer or refrigerator and package the food nicely. Next.

Clean The Kitchen

Make sure to discuss this detail with the chef personally before you hire them to ensure there are no miscommunications. You can take pride in leaving a clean kitchen with many personal chefs, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after them. Most chefs will also clean your kitchen after they go.

Meal Plan For The Next Week

If needed, modify and review them in order to send your meal plans via email. Some chefs may choose to communicate with you about meal plans over the phone, while others may opt for face-to-face discussions. Prior to the next meal delivery or the upcoming week of meals, a personal chef might inquire about your preferences.

Given your most hectic weekends, you have the flexibility to arrange your culinary expert in a manner that ensures meal coverage. On a weekly basis, their cook visits your place and gets most of the meals ready for the entire week. You have the liberty to schedule your own private chef at a time that suits your schedule the most.

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Get your meals ready by dedicating additional time, or strategize your meal based on the cost of a set menu prepared by your own chef. Ultimately, cut down on grocery expenses by consuming a larger quantity of seasonal, locally sourced foods. Anticipate slightly higher costs if you desire numerous meals featuring unique ingredients. Dining out proves to be much more affordable compared to having a personal chef handle your shopping, as many individuals discover. Clearly establish your budget for groceries.

Additional Personal Chef Rates

Particularly when organizing a private event, these are the additional expenses you should anticipate when employing a private chef.

Wine pairings

If you do not have a liquor license, you cannot legally resell any alcoholic beverages, including the wine that you need to purchase for yourself. However, if your personal chef has extensive knowledge of wines, they can purchase the best wines for you. You can then invite them to build a menu that perfectly pairs with your favorite wine flavors. Just like a sommelier, if your personal chef has extensive knowledge of wines, they will gladly recommend ideal wine pairings for your meal upon request.

Wine pairing with cheese and charcuterie
Wine pairing with cheese and charcuterie

Extra staff

It’s common for parties larger in need of catering to bring in an additional chef, a sous chef, and a server at a cost of $250 per server to cater to around 14 people. It’s always important to clearly communicate to your chef how many total guests you’ve invited.


For a small charge, a private chef might even provide a collection of their own elegant porcelain to your meal or borrow their tableware from nearby event companies. Glassware, tableware, and utensils are perfect to possess a beautiful set of in order to create the most favorable impact on your attendees during a special dinner. The appropriate dinnerware finishes the entire display of your meal, and nothing else.

Kitchen setup

It is very common for personal chefs to bring along their own cooking equipment, so you generally don’t have to worry about whether you have all the right tools in your kitchen, especially if you have a larger kitchen with lots of cooking tools.

Prep time

When a personal chef is providing catering services, the process of crafting a three-course meal for an event can consume approximately five hours. Additionally, the preparation of four home-cooked dinners can require a time frame of four to five hours.


Prior to commencing, it is advisable to consistently verify this to ensure that all of your anticipations are transparent prior to employing your chef. Otherwise, they might quote you a lower price assuming that you were responsible for the post-meal cleaning. It is a prevalent practice in the industry for most personal chefs to tidy up your kitchen once they have completed the meal preparation.

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