How Much Does a 3-Carat Lab Diamond Cost? (Updated 2023)

The cost of a diamond can vary widely depending on its grade and place of purchase. For instance, a 3-carat diamond can range in price from $2000 to $16000, depending on its 4Cs and rarity. In comparison, a lab-grown diamond is typically 80% less expensive than a mined diamond. On the other hand, a popular round brilliant-cut lab-grown diamond of the same size usually costs about $2000-3000.

We source lab-created diamonds from at least 6 of the least expensive places. In this guide, we compare prices for both fancy-shaped lab-created diamonds and round brilliant lab-created diamonds, both weighing 3 carats.

The cheapest places to buy a 3-carat lab-grown diamond

When it comes to buying a diamond, it is crucial to understand how to choose the best stone and get the most bang for your buck. Tutorials help us as readers to put together a variety of information, as purchasing a diamond is a significant investment.

  • Tips for Purchasing a Lab-Created Diamond – Key Suggestions for Saving Money and Acquiring a Superior Diamond!
  • How to Purchase an Online Lab-Created Diamond Engagement Ring.
  • 10 Ways to Economize on a Lab-Cultivated Diamond Engagement Ring.
  • Why choose a 3-carat lab-grown diamond?

    The obvious reason for choosing a lab-grown diamond is that it can cost up to 80% less than mined diamonds, with the same 4C ratings. Retailers usually offer discounts on lab-grown diamonds to attract new customers and keep a close eye on the market. By taking advantage of promotions or deals, you may even be able to save more money on lab-grown diamonds.

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    If you want to learn more about the benefits of reading articles, our recommendation is that you explore the positive impact they have on society and how they contribute to being more environmentally friendly. In addition to being cheaper than mined diamonds, they also have other important advantages.

  • Why opt for laboratory-created diamonds for their sustainability and ethical benefits.
  • Factors to take into account prior to buying a lab-created diamond.
  • Pandora is a brand of jewelry that not only focuses on sustainability, but also rates Lower Brilliance. Additionally, when comparing Earth Brilliant and Vrai (see our Earth Brilliant review), we found that Earth Brilliant is a superior choice for sustainable diamonds. Another possibility to consider is Vrai, which offers lab-grown diamonds that are zero-emission and sustainable for those looking to make a purchase.

    Where to buy lab-grown diamonds and jewelry

    Our goal at LabGrownCarats.Com is to help you find the perfect lab-grown diamonds and jewelry by evaluating various lab diamond sellers. We also compare the top retailers for lab diamond jewelry.

    We have compiled a list of recommended retailers for purchasing lab-grown diamonds, considering factors such as overall shopping experience, sustainability, quality, inventory, and pricing.

    Our recommended places to buy a 3-carat lab-grown diamond

    Ritani review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Ritani is one of the best places to buy a lab-grown 3-carat diamond due to their transparency, wide range of customization options, largest inventory of lab-grown diamonds, partnership with jewelry stores, and competitive market-leading prices.

    Ritani is one of the best places to buy a 3-carat lab-grown diamond.
    Clean Origin review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Clean Origin

    Another one of our favorite places to buy a 3-carat lab-grown diamond is Origin Clean, which offers a vast selection of excellent quality jewelry and diamonds at unbeatable prices, plus the added benefit of 100-day risk-free returns.

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    Brilliant Earth review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Brilliant Earth

    Earth Brilliant is the leading sustainable lab-grown diamond jeweler, with a deep commitment to sustainability, including being the only seller to grade all their 3-carat lab-grown diamonds as sustainable.

    Brilliant Earth is one of the best places to buy a 3-carat lab-grown diamond.
    James Allen is one of the best places to buy a 3-carat lab-created diamond.
    James Allen review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    James Allen

    Allen James is one of the best places to buy overall premium lab-grown diamonds, offering superb craftsmanship and quality, low prices, and top-notch service. They specialize in the best 3-carat lab-grown diamonds.

    Three 3-carat lab diamond jewelry examples

    Often, other types of jewelry, such as a lab diamond anniversary ring or a pendant, are more suitable for a large diamond that is unfit. Choosing a lab-grown diamond engagement ring is a great choice for either a lab diamond anniversary ring or a pendant. The collection of rings displayed below features modern engagement ring designs that range from traditional to options with a 3-carat lab diamond. When looking for a wide variety of available styles, there is a jewelry set that contains a 3-carat lab-created diamond.

    French-set diamond band engagement ring with radiant 3-carat lab diamond from Ritani
    Jolie halo ring featuring 58 diamonds with a round shape 3-carat lab diamond
    18K yellow gold Sienna 3-carat lab diamond engagement ring

    Cost of 3-carat fancy-shaped lab diamonds

    The circular brilliant-cut diamond, despite being the most popular and desired, can be found in different dimensions and forms as lab-grown diamonds. Non-round brilliant shapes, known as fancy cuts or fancy shapes, possess their own unique attractiveness, advantages, and disadvantages, as detailed in our lab diamond shapes guide.

    We would never suggest excellent for a round brilliant cut, particularly because the cut rating includes excellent. We have modified the ranges given below as fancy-shaped diamonds are assessed somewhat differently and cut grading is not as stringent as it is for round brilliants.

  • Weight of the carat: 3.0 (approximately).
  • Cut quality: Very Good, Excellent, or Ideal (typically not evaluated separately).
  • Color rating: I-J.
  • Clarity rating: VS1-VS2.
  • Shape: Fancy-shapes.
  • Origin: Lab-grown.
  • Every laboratory-created diamond retailer anticipates providing you with a notion of the price ranges. However, the prices will increase depending on the specific diamond’s quality, and our listed prices begin below that.

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    Note that Allen James and Earth Brilliant offer higher-quality diamonds since their minimum quality is higher than the range reference prices.

    You can find the best-rated places to buy lab-grown diamonds, where you’ll find the cheapest prices and the best quality diamonds. We have found these places to be the best for buying lab-grown diamonds above 3 carats.

    The average cost for a 3-carat brilliant-cut lab diamond

    We have compiled the prices for 3-carat lab-grown diamonds from our top-rated jewelers specializing in lab-grown diamond engagement rings and lab-grown diamonds. We are confident that these jewelers offer the highest quality lab-created diamonds.

    In addition to providing exceptional shopping experiences and customer service, they offer a diverse range of high-grade diamonds. Furthermore, they also provide the most affordably priced lab-grown diamonds, which is of significant importance.

    The essentials – the diamond 4Cs

    It is crucial to purchase diamonds by considering the 4Cs. If you want to save time or are interested in knowing the cost of a 3-carat lab-grown diamond, you can skip ahead. The 4Cs of diamonds include:

    In summary, the four Cs of lab-grown diamonds are:

  • Diamond cut.
  • Diamond clarity.
  • Diamond color.
  • Diamond carat.
  • If you require a rapid diamond-purchasing reminder, bear these 3 factors in consideration.

  • The size is not the most critical aspect of the quality of a diamond; instead, the weight, carat, color, clarity, and cut should be considered in that order. It is still important to worry about the weight of fancy-colored lab diamonds, but the color is even more important.
  • The distinction is not perceptible, and has the potential to be cost-effective, like opting for a 2.94-carat laboratory-created diamond rather than a 3.0-carat diamond, falling slightly below common carat weights.
  • Our reference diamond is a round brilliant-cut lab-grown diamond with 4C grades. We have gathered the prices for 3-carat lab-grown diamonds from the top online diamond merchants for 2023.

  • Weight of the carat: 3.0 (approximately).
  • Cutting quality: Excellent (GIA) or Ideal (IGI).
  • Color rating: I-J.
  • Clarity rating: VS1-VS2.
  • Shape: Circular Brilliant.
  • Source: Lab-cultivated (of course).
  • To give priority to the diamond 4Cs, you can still utilize this as a foundation, while the ideal diamond for you may possess alternative ratings. Explore our guide to lab-created diamonds for additional details.

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