How long is a soccer game? Regulation, extra time and penalties explained

In the United States, a sport relatively low in popularity has garnered a significant number of new American supporters, especially for the US Men’s National Team and the upcoming 2022 World Cup.

Ahead of the 2026 tournament, Gregg Berhalter’s squad is laying the foundations for hosting the World Cup, which will be hosted by neighboring countries Canada and Mexico.

Soccer, also known as football, is a sport that is divided into four quarters rather than two halves, which is more commonly observed by traditional American sports enthusiasts.

How long is a game of soccer?

Matches typically endure a complete of 90 minutes, divided into two 45-minute halves.

In contrast to other sports, the match doesn’t come to a sudden halt when the timer reaches 45 or 90 minutes, as could potentially happen. Nevertheless.

The 2022 World Cup has generated a significant amount of excitement, resulting in additional time or stoppage time. The ball leaves the field even though the clock will continue running during the entire game.

How long is stoppage time?

Stoppage time is included at the conclusion of each half in order to accommodate all the breaks in play, even though it doesn’t completely capture the actual duration of time when the ball is not in play. Despite accounting for all the pauses in play at the end of both halves by adding stoppage time, the duration of time spent when the ball is off the field is not fully reflected.

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In regular situations, football fans were used to having an additional three or four minutes added on at the end of the second half, and a minute or two added on at the end of the first half, as was customary before the World Cup.

However, the amount of time stoppage has been completely different at the World Cup 2022, as spoken by Pierluigi Collina, the chairman of FIFA’s committee of referees, who are hoping to add more time stoppage by introducing the “show more offer” on the eve of the tournament.

At the conclusion of the USMNT’s victory over Iran, an additional nine minutes were included (Photo: Claudio Villa/Getty Images).

The lost time at the end of the intervention VAR has to be compensated for and taken into consideration. “The former referee,” it’s easy to imagine if there are three or two goals scored in just five or four minutes, losing three or three in half a game, celebrations to goal.

During the matches of the World Cup 2014 in Russia, it has become quite normal to show more on the electronic scoreboard the official fourth minute, instead of the usual nine or eight or seven minutes, in order to offer more to those who are watching the World Cup.

During the group stage, it is usually the case that both halves of the ends at norm become more or less five minutes higher than the amount of time added in previous stages. This has significantly increased the number of comments from those who have witnessed these matches.

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Are the games still 90 minutes in the knockout stage of the World Cup?

Not necessarily.

As per usual, most of the matches in the elimination round will have a duration of 90 minutes. Nonetheless, there is the additional possibility of overtime.

After the conclusion of the tied knockout matches, an additional 30-minute period, divided into two 15-minute halves, will be included.

If the score is tied after the standard time, additional time will be played to determine a winner in each knockout game, which is different from the group stage where ties were permitted.

There is a high probability that there will be no winner even after the 30-minute extra period, which brings the final result through a method that produces penalties, resembling regular time.

How does a penalty shootout work?

Every team needs to be ready for a penalty shootout in case the match ends in a tie after 120 minutes.

This is the way it operates.

  • The outcome of a coin toss decides which team will take the first
  • Both teams take five penalty shots each.
  • Each penalty must be taken by a different player.
  • The winner will be determined once either team has scored more goals than the other team and 10 penalties have been taken, establishing an overwhelming lead.
  • If the teams have an equal number of goals, the shootout persists in a sudden death arrangement.
  • If enough penalties are taken by each player from each team, including the goalkeeper (the one who has taken the most), the takers can go again in the same order or a new order until a winner is determined.
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    (Main photo: Alex Grimm/Getty

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