How Big Is A 50-Inch TV?

The preferred choice for entry-level big-screen TVs is often the 55-inch size, while the size of 50-inch displays and even the 40-inch and 32-inch sizes are often overlooked. What was once seen as a huge step up in size is now actually the start of being phased out as a screen size. However, a 50-inch TV is still considered to be an impressive screen size.

Don’t write them off completely – this is a great time to buy a 50-inch TV for your home. You can get a TV that offers great sound and picture quality, packed with the latest features, without having to pay high prices associated with larger screens.

50 Vs 55 inch Tv

How do you know if a 50-inch TV is the right screen size for you? Should you aim for a slightly higher or actually a smaller TV that would be more suitable?

Let’s examine 50-inch televisions in a bit more depth to assist you in making a decision.

The bezel is expected to increase the size by a few inches in each direction, whereas the display has a width of 43.6 inches and a height of 24.5 inches. The diagonal measurement of the screen, disregarding the bezel, is 50 inches on a 50-inch television.

In terms of design, the overall size of the TV and the thickness of the bezel may differ between models. High-end TVs aim to minimize the bezel, eliminating any distracting border around the screen. In contrast, lower-priced TVs feature a wider bezel as it simplifies the manufacturing process.

Some of them are starting to be phased out – 70-inch, 60-inch, 50-inch, and 40-inch, although they are pretty standard sizes for TVs. Even in countries where they tend to use centimeters as the main measurement, all TVs are measured from corner to corner in inches.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to the various television screen sizes available for purchase:

How does a 50-inch television appear in a room?

Whether mounted on the wall or placed on a TV stand, it possesses a favorable dimension for utilization. In a medium-sized space, it might appear comparatively diminutive, yet it will remain a significant centerpiece in a compact area. The arrangement and dimensions within a room are contingent upon its aesthetic appeal, hence a 50-inch television is regarded as a medium-sized TV.

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If necessary, it is a convenient size for an individual to lift from the edges. Depending on your height, it will probably reach your waist or chest when you stand beside a 50-inch television on a support.

This is how a 50-inch television appears when placed next to a man of average height…

Is a 50-inch television too large?

At the lower spectrum of those categorized as a large display, a 50-inch television is no longer regarded as an enormous screen. The appropriateness of a 50-inch TV is solely determined by the distance at which you are seated from the screen, as well as the dimensions and arrangement of your room.

Your bedroom or a children’s room is probably excessively spacious for it. It won’t fit on your stand if it’s excessively large. A television with a 50-inch screen size will not be excessively large for the majority of individuals, implying this.

Is a 50-inch television too large for a compact room?

To ensure that everything stays on track, it is important that you don’t have to move your head too much. In most cases, a 50-inch TV will actually look more impressive and work well in a smaller room. However, the size of the TV may be too big for a small room, depending on how far you are sitting from the screen.

If you are sitting in front of the screen in a slightly larger room, the TV will appear smaller than if you are sitting in the opposite corners, but if the room is small. It’s not just about the size of the room and the layout where you are sitting in relation to the screen.

Is a 50-inch television excessively large for gaming?

A 50-inch television is a suitable option as a gaming TV in a living room with a sofa. In order to experience comfort, one would have to sit at a considerable distance from the display. When incorporated into a dedicated gaming arrangement, a 50-inch television is probably too large to be utilized on a desk for gaming purposes.

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However, if you choose a 43-inch variant, there is a higher probability of obtaining advanced functionalities such as VRR and complete 4K120 via HDMI 2.1. Although the display size might be reduced, you could potentially have an enhanced gaming experience as many manufacturers are not incorporating their top-notch technology into the 50-inch category. This aspect is worth considering.

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What is the recommended viewing distance for a 50-inch television?

If you sit at a considerable distance, you won’t be able to perceive all the intricacies on the screen. Conversely, if you sit in close proximity without excessive head movements, it will be challenging to have a comprehensive view of the entire screen. While it is not necessary to be precise, the suggested optimal viewing distance for a 50-inch television is 7 feet.

If you realistically sit somewhere between 8 and 6 feet away from the TV, then consider a different screen size. It’s better to consider moving the TV either further away or closer, depending on the size of the room. However, a good size for the TV is 50 inches.

Here is a comprehensive list of the optimal viewing distances for each television set:

What is the weight of a 50-inch television?

Less weigh TVs premium Usually, they are designed to be slim and lightweight, making them more invested in how well the TV is made and how thick the TV is.

It should be okay if you examine the specifications before purchasing, as long as you make the purchase. Majority of the TVs are compatible, except for the ones designed specifically for smaller 32-inch screens. As long as you purchase a wall mount that fulfills the weight requirements, 50-inch TVs can be mounted on the wall without any issues.

If you don’t want to wall-mount your TV, be aware that the design of the TV stand can impact its weight distribution. Heavier TVs tend to have a central stand to prevent them from easily being knocked over, while lighter TVs may have separate feet to keep them anchored and prevent them from tipping.

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What is the ideal height for mounting a 50-inch TV on a wall?

There is a debate on how high to mount a 50-inch TV on the wall, but it is recommended to have the center of the screen around 58 inches from the floor. This means that the bottom edge of the screen should be around 46 inches off the ground.

Although the installation tends to be a little tricky, it is also useful for reducing the glare on your screen and is good if you tend to recline on your couch. If you prefer, you can mount the TV higher up on the wall instead and use a tilting mount that is angled downwards.

What is the power consumption of a 50-inch television in watts?

Most people watch TV for about three hours a day, which equates to around one kilowatt-hour per week. When in standby mode, the TV uses approximately 0.5 watts of power, and when powered on, it consumes around 45 watts of power.

In the US, the average cost of electricity is $0.14 per kilowatt-hour, which means that if you are spending 14 cents per kilowatt-hour, you are spending around $7.30 per week or $379.60 per year.

A larger 55-inch TV will cost around $10 more, so when you look at the cost, there is not a huge difference between screen sizes.

A 50-inch LED model typically consumes approximately 89 watts of energy, while a 48-inch OLED screen is used. To ensure a fair comparison, manufacturers produce them at 48 inches, which is a similar size. Nowadays, it is uncommon to come across 50-inch OLED screens, but it is worth noting that OLED displays consume more power.

Learn more: What is the amount of electricity consumed by a television?

Is there a significant distinction between a 50-inch and a 55-inch television?

A 55-inch television typically incurs an additional cost of approximately $2.70 annually to operate, while also being slightly lengthier and taller. The disparities between 50-inch and 55-inch televisions are not substantial.

You can compare the dimensions in this diagram…

How Big Is A 50-Inch TV?

TVs with 55-inch screens are increasingly becoming a popular choice for manufacturers, as they offer better features such as improved sound quality and a few extra inches of screen size, making it easier to cut down on costs from a marketing perspective.

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There are still some great 50-inch TV options but expect the screen size to be gently phased out over the coming years.

The Final Verdict

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