Hot Air Balloons for Sale


G-CIHN Cameron Z-120

The black leather on the side and rim top measures 1.07m x 1.75m in dimensions outside. It was built on June 14, 2021 and features a high-spec CB303 Cameron basket with a flat top and hyperlast material. The basket has multiple banner areas, turning vents, smart vents, and a top vent. The balloon has a total of 53 hours and 50 flights and was built in 2014. It is a Z-120 Cameron balloon with the registration CIHN-G.


G-DMEE Cameron Z-105

The Aristocrat 90/105 Cameron, built in 2000 (CB300-4A), has only flown for 30 minutes. The original artwork has been removed and replaced with panels supplied by the factory. It features a new 135, turning vents, RDS, top Hyperlast, and has accumulated hours of flight. The Z-105 Cameron, built in 2013 and registered as G-DMEE, completes the description.


D-OZAT Ultramagic N-250B

The black leather top of the cushion is padded with sidewalls and rims. It was built in 2011 and has a door with a double basket T, C9 Ultramagic. The temperature is 99 degrees Celsius according to the Tempilabel. The vents are turning and it has RDS. The balloon is made of Hyperlast and has a full capacity. It was built in 2010 and is an Ultramagic model N-250B, with the registration D-OZAT. It has accumulated 786 hours of flight and 667 flights.

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OO-BXQ Cameron N-160

Put out the fire, floor pillow, cushioned side wall, top rim made of brown suede. The dimensions inside are 1.40m x 2.20m. It has been used for 406 hours and has been on 383 flights. It was built in 2000 and belongs to the C5 Ultramagic basket. The vents are rotating and it has an RDS system with top-quality Hyperlast material. It has been used for 245 hours and has been on 221 flights. It was built in 2007 and belongs to the N-160 Cameron model with the registration OO-BXQ.


SP-BMG Thunder & Colt AX9-120 S2

D…, Fire extinguisher, fire floor cushion, brown suede rim top, with dimensions of 1.12m x 1.60m, outside basket CB8008 Colt & Thunder. (Rows 2 + Parachute) made of Hyperlast material. Tethered for 24 hours, a total of 279 hours, with 286 flights. Built in 1999, the S2 AX9-120 Colt & Thunder with registration SP-BMG.


Kubicek BB26Z

Basket tidy, line drogue, control handle, floor padding layer, Ultramagic 90 C basket. A new certificate. Spare fabric and scoop made of Nomex. Can be customized with Packhouse white artwork and green ripstop fabric. 164 hours. Registered as G-PHSE. Manufactured in 2012. Capacity of 90,000 cubic feet (BB26Z Kubicek).


SP-BGM Thunder & Colt AX7-77 S1

Thunder & Co, lower rope, fire suppressant, padded surface, brown suede upper edge, constructed in 1979, Colt 56 container (1m x 1m). Parachute plus one row, Hyperlast upper part. 20 hours secured, 302 hours flown, 292 trips, constructed in 1999, Thunder & Colt AX7-77 S1, SP-BGM.


OE-REF Cameron Z-140

The top rim of the basket is made of black leather, and the floor is cushioned. The inside dimensions measure 1.80m x 1.20m. The Cameron CB303 basket was built in 2010 and has had 250 flights, totaling 210 hours of flight time. It is equipped with turning vents, a smart vent, and a Hyperlast top with a parachute and three rows. The second basket, with 243 hours and 181 flights, was built in 2012 and is a Cameron Z-140 with the registration code OE-REF.

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G-LLGE Lindstrand LBL 360A

The artwork on the Balloons Adventure side should be partially removed, including the (www. And .Co.Uk) artwork. On the other side, there is Happy Birthday Artwork. The vents are being turned. The RDS Q-vent is being used. There are 2 rows of Nomex. The Hyperlast is fully utilized. It has a total of 418 hours and 401 flights. It was built in 2013 and has a 360A LBL Lindstrand, L-LLGE G.


G-CDDL Cameron Z-350

The green suede top of the cushion is filled with padding on the sidewall and rim. The balloon, named Z-350 Cameron and registered as G-CDDL, was built in 2005 and has flown for a total of 510 hours and 500 flights. The bottom of the balloon is made of ripstop fabric with six rows, and 75% of the balloon is made of Hyperlast material. The vents are designed to turn and are equipped with smart technology. Two rows of Nomex material are used. The basket is a 4m T Double Cameron with vents and has flown for 510 hours and 500 flights. It was built in 2006.

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