Hilarious Long Weekend Memes to Celebrate 3-Day Weekends

Enjoying the extended 3-day weekend (or even longer) with these hilarious long weekend memes!

Enjoy these long weekends talking about memes – whatever the reason for your 3-day weekend, in honor of taking a break from life, school, and work. It’s especially blissful when you don’t have to take PTO or vacation time off, and you don’t have the joy of working on Monday.

We have a great weekend with funny memes for those who are winners (and what a bonus to get on an off day!). The traditional Saturday and Sunday are really fantastic.

To commemorate these special holidays, we present to you these amusing extended weekend memes.

I am not doing anything. I’m sorry honey, I’m not helping you with chores or the project. I’m stating that the whole weekend will be spent doing nothing, which is better than sending you a meme for the long weekend, partner.

Parenting memes the cue. Kids have you remember then but weekend long a its realize you when – relate all can parents.

According to Metro.Uk, hitting the snooze button is linked to an unhealthy increase in heart rate. It’s crazy how much I like it when you hit that snooze button too little. There is no accurate way to express the joy of not setting an alarm.

Check out our Labor Day memes.

Memes for a 3-Day Weekend

When Monday is not working, memes about having a 3-day weekend are a necessity.

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Don’t overlook our Labor Day memes and discover a means to relish each day of rest. Avoid the moment when Sunday evening arrives and you suddenly comprehend that it’s a three-day weekend, the expression you display.

The greatest is not the weekend day that I found out my kids have said. You may know what’s better for a long weekend day, but day 3 of weekends are great.

When you have Saturday, Sunday, and Monday free from work, beverages will be flowing freely. This extended weekend meme radiates joy.

The Count declares three, that’s correct 3 days off from work – hahaha.

I can sense three days of relaxation coming up! Greet this extended weekend meme with enthusiasm.

Enjoy your delightful three-day weekend!

Are you taking time off for the Easter holiday? Have fun with our Good Friday memes and images.

Extended Week Meme

Embracing our inner Moira Rose. What would Moira express about a lengthy week…

Now we can bask in the glory of the arrival weekend, as the theatrical spectacle falls curtain. It felt like days of a marathon, stretching endlessly like an endless telenovela. This week has truly been a harrowing journey through the wilderness of time.

“Enjoyable family Rose and David, Moira for memes Creek Schitts our witness! We have emerged as triumphant champions and we have conquered the trials of the week, let’s raise our glasses and our spirits!”

Memes About Having No Work on Monday

Don’t miss out on our hilarious work memes on Monday when you don’t have to work. (Don’t miss out on the laughter our funny work memes bring on Mondays!).

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Funny Monday memes are perfect for a good laugh.

Rest Day Meme

In order to inform them of your unavailability, share this amusing internet meme with your colleagues during your scheduled day off. I intend to relish in it and refrain from being connected to my professional correspondence during this extended weekend.

Here are additional amusing coworker memes to delight in!

Going Back to Work Following a Lengthy Weekend

After a lengthy weekend, the reset password function was heavily utilized on Tuesday. Let’s just say that I experienced this quite often, and it’s not amusing at all to come back to work after a long weekend and struggle to recall your password.

After enjoying a long weekend with Saturday, Sunday, and Monday off from work, Tuesday arrives abruptly and painfully.

This is myself, walking into the office on Tuesday after a fun-filled weekend of celebrating.

Monday Memes for a Day Off

When you realize that you don’t have to work on Monday, you’ll find relatable but humorous quotes that our miss won’t.

Departing from Work Ahead of Holiday Weekend

On the Friday prior to a long weekend, a manager who acknowledges the lack of productivity, there are numerous positive aspects to mention.

Who else rushes out of work saying “See you next Tuesday” to your colleagues on the Friday before a lengthy weekend?

On Facebook or any other social networking site where you are linked with your supervisor, it would be an excellent indirect and confrontational approach if this was shared on a slack channel. However, I cannot assure you that this tactic would be effective.

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Good bosses let their employees leave early when there is a long weekend. Feel free to send this article to your boss.

Find inspiration in these Saturday quotes when you require motivation to start your extended weekend.

Spread the Memes about Extended Weekends

Nowadays, it is mentioned that any baby having a sister – memes pregnant, I’m watching the baby! I hope you enjoyed our long weekend and found it actually enjoyable.

Whatever plans you have for your extended weekend, make it unforgettable. Share these funny images with your close friends.

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