Highland Park shooting victims remembered for kindness, warmth; 7th victim ID’d

On Wednesday, the medical examiner of Cook County identified the seventh individual who lost their life, while officials confirmed the identities of six individuals who were killed during the Highland Park parade shooting on the Fourth of July, and this announcement was made on Tuesday.

Eduardo Uvaldo, 69, of Waukegan passed away shortly after 7:45 a.M. On Wednesday morning, according to the medical examiner’s office.

Following the assault, he succumbed to his wounds twenty-four hours later. He received a gunshot to the posterior part of his cranium. The pensioner attended the Highland Park Independence Day procession alongside his spouse, two of his female offspring, and his grandchildren.

Uvaldo’s spouse and grandchild were also harmed, but they are currently recuperating. Coping with the absence of their respected family leader, his relatives are pondering over the motive behind such an act.

“He was a compassionate grandfather, a devoted father,” stated Jackie Tapia, a close friend of the family. “Everyone is devastated.”

A minimum of 39 individuals sustained injuries after authorities stated a gunman initiated gunfire on the procession from a rooftop.

The other six victims who were killed were identified by the Lake County Coroner as:

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  • Kevin McCarthy, aged 37, from Highland Park.
  • Jacquelyn Sundheim, a 63-year-old resident of Highland Park.
  • Stephen Straus, 88, from Highland Park.
  • Nicolas Toledo-Zargoza, a 78-year-old resident of Morelos, Mexico.
  • Toledo-Zargoza’s family said he had worked around the Highland Park area for many years after arriving in the U.S. In the 1980s.

    He attended the parade on Monday to spend time with his grandchildren and kids during the summer, but he lived and retired in Mexico.

    “Everything happened so fast,” said his granddaughter Xochil Toledo, who asked for her face to be hidden when she spoke with ABC7.

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    “We were encouraging my grandfather to applaud, but since he is unable to clap, he was wiggling his tiny fingers,” she expressed.

    That is her ultimate memory of him being alive. Nevertheless, before she even recognized the sounds she heard were gunshots, everything changed.

    “I realized things were becoming grave,” she expressed, “when I witnessed blood strewn across my body. On the ground, my grandfather lay. He had departed. And beside him, embracing him tightly, my father stood. He refused to leave his side. It was at that moment, upon my grandfather’s passing, that I comprehended.”

    Gerardo Toledo jumped in an attempt to rescue his father, but the bullets were quicker.

    “He’s passing away within moments, you know?” He uttered.

    They stated that he was the initial individual shot and passed away immediately on the procession path, encircled by his loved ones.

    A memorial ceremony for Toledo-Zaragoza will take place from 5 to 8 p.M. On Friday at Iglesia Emanuel in Waukegan.

    Katie Goldstein is being fondly remembered as “everyone’s closest companion.” No one has ever encountered anyone kinder, her spouse expressed.

    Goldstein said she was an extraordinary person, calling her an avid bird watcher who loved visiting the Botanic Garden in Chicago. She was also a great cook who was always experimenting with new recipes.

    “She was the greatest mother in the world,” her daughters Cassie and Alana expressed.

    Mary Bernier moved to the growing town’s memorial to provide a place of healing and solace for each victim, where handcrafted wooden shrines are placed for seven individuals, including her and six others who lost their lives.

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    Kevin and Irina, McCarthy’s 2-year-old son, was found wandering alone in the wake of the shooting on Monday, safely reunited with his grandparents.

    “Course of action you can take,” said Greg, a parade-goer. “Now we can’t be babysitters,” said the police officer. “We should do what?” “It’s not his blood; he’s okay,” I said and pulled him up. “I will never forget; it looked like the cops were getting ready for war when we pulled in.”

    Their son is staying with his grandparents, and both parents were only in their thirties. Within a span of two days, the community is endeavoring to come together and support the young boy by raising over $2 million on a GoFundMe page.

    Adrienne Rosenblatt, the neighbor of the victims, expressed, “He was unaware. How does one communicate to an 18-month-old child that their parents are now in heaven? I am uncertain about how they will inform him.”

    According to his relatives, Stephen Straus, a financial consultant, continues to commute by train on a daily basis to his workplace at a brokerage company in Chicago.

    “He was an honorable man who worked his whole life,” a niece said. “He should not have had to die this way.”.

    The North Shore Congregation Israel verified that Sundheim was a dedicated synagogue member and staff member throughout his life.

    Friends remarked that her benevolence is unforgettable.

    Miller, Sundheim’s companion and associate, “She constantly wore a smile on her face.” “Couldn’t find a more delightful individual.” She was likely the final person to leave this place every evening.

    In a statement, the community expressed that “…Our beloved Jacki Sundheim was one of the individuals killed at the Highland Park procession.”

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    They proceeded to refer to her as a beloved individual recognized for her benevolence and affection.

    On Friday at 11 a.M., A commemorative ceremony for Sundheim will take place at North Shore Congregation Israel, after which a shiva will be observed from noon to 3 p.M.

    President Joe Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden were ‘shocked’ by the shooting incident at the Highland Park parade.

    Among approximately 39 individuals injured in the attack were Zoe Kolpack, an educator at Chicago Public Schools, and her partner, Steven.

    While their children remained unscathed, the teacher’s father and brother-in-law were also shot and wounded. Kolpack serves as an educator at Dever Elementary.

    Our thoughts are with the students and staff of Dever Elementary School who have been impacted by this tragedy. Our crisis support team and the school’s administration have been in contact with the affected family, as well as with the teacher and officials from CPS. We are deeply saddened to learn that one of our own, a member of the CPS family and a colleague at Dever Elementary School, was among those injured in Monday’s mass shooting. CPS stated in a “statement” that they are devastated by this news.

    Highland Park hospital officials reported that on Tuesday, there were nine patients who were still undergoing medical treatment, spanning ages from 14 to their 70s.

    VIEW MORE: Alleged Highland Park gunman anticipated in bond court on Wednesday following the filing of murder charges.

    Eight out of the nine individuals were wounded by gunfire. Four are currently in a stable state, four are in a satisfactory condition, and one, a 69-year-old male, is in a critical state.

    A single patient, an 8-year-old boy, was transported to Comer Children’s Hospital at the University of Chicago.

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