Hearing scheduled for woman charged in deadly Folly Beach crash

Jamie Komoroski, aged 25, has been charged with three felony counts of reckless homicide and bodily injury causing death or injury following a crash on April 28th related to driving under the influence.

In the early part of the evening, Samantha Miller, who had recently tied the knot, was recognized as the casualty of the collision. The accident took place at approximately 10 p.M. In the 1200 section of E. Ashley Ave when Komoroski collided with the back of a golf cart carrying four individuals. One occupant of the golf cart lost their life.

According to the report, the newly married couple was being driven back to their rented house by two individuals, who were also victims of the incident. The groom, Aric Hutchinson, was among those who were hit, while three other individuals in the golf cart sustained severe injuries.

According to the police, Komoroski was driving at a speed of 65 mph at the time of the accident.

The blood toxicology report reveals that Komoroski’s blood alcohol level was 0.261 on the night of the crash, which exceeds the legal limit by more than threefold in South Carolina.

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She responded to officers’ inquiry about what occurred right after the accident by recounting, “I was behind the wheel when suddenly I felt an impact.”

According to the report, while at the location, she continuously inquired about her partner and informed the bystanders that she was heading back home. Additionally, several witnesses remember observing Komoroski appearing “bewildered and disoriented.”

Witnesses say that when Komoroski saw the victims on the floor, she began to scream and inquire about the situation.

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The sworn statement asserts that the police officers allege they detected the scent of alcohol on her exhalation in Komoroski’s apprehension statement. The affidavit indicates that she informed the officers that she consumed a beer and a beverage containing tequila approximately one hour prior to the collision.

According to the affidavit, she stated that she felt like an eight when questioned about her level of intoxication on a scale from one to ten, where one represents complete sobriety and ten represents extreme impairment.

According to the affidavit, Komoroski was subsequently requested to perform a field sobriety examination, but she declined; nevertheless, her blood was collected for the toxicology analysis.

LLC Holdings Cap Bottle and Grill Bar Gallo El Boy Taco, Shack Crab The, Deli and Bar Drop-In The, Jacks Snapper names lawsuit the, Komoroski, in addition to serving alcoholic beverages, had an obligation to exercise care due to the fact that she visited the establishments that day and had a day filled with booze at various bars. Komoroski alleges in the lawsuit filed on May 17 against Hutchinson that her death was wrongful.

Court documents claim that Komoroski visited multiple bars on Center Street after spending time at Folly Beach and having drinks at El Gallo Bar and Grill.

On May 19, attorneys representing Komoroski submitted a request for bail asserting that she poses no danger to the community or risk of fleeing. They stated that the circumstances surrounding the incident are not only heartbreaking but also tragic.

Filing goes on to describe Komoroski as someone who has never been violent and graduated from University of Carolina Coastal from the dean’s list, with babysitting as a passion.

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The document also asserts that she battles with alcohol addiction and will seek rehabilitation promptly if she is granted release on bail.

Since her college years, Jamie has turned to alcohol to cope with untreated anxiety levels, which often cripple her and cause stress and loneliness.

According to the filing, should a release be approved, Komoroski’s family is prepared to transport her directly to rehabilitation and has discovered inpatient facilities in South Carolina and New Jersey.

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