Hawaii in June

June is one of the best times of the year to visit Hawaii, despite the start of hurricane season. Even though it’s a month that typically experiences sunny and dry weather, it’s the impressive lineup of international-caliber events and festivals, as well as lower travel costs, that make this possible.

June in Hawaii is the time when several remarkable occurrences happen, such as the remarkable Mango Jam Honolulu. Keep reading to discover more about these events and ways to avoid large crowds!

Summary of Weather Conditions

On average, Hilo experiences 2.4 inches (6.10 cm) of precipitation, which is more humid than Honolulu and Kahului, where they receive 0.3 inches (0.76 cm). June is the least rainy and most sunny month of the year in Hawaii, with an average high temperature of 82-86°F (28-30°C). Nonetheless, it is not yet the warmest month.

Which is the preferable month to visit Hawaii, June or July?

It is preferable to travel to Hawaii in June instead of July due to the more affordable airfare and hotel prices, gentler weather patterns, and the multitude of captivating events. Numerous American families opt to wait until the first or second week of July to travel, resulting in fewer vacationers during that month.

Details about the Weather

Large Island

June signals the start of the hurricane season in Hawaii, with rain persisting until the conclusion of November annually. Hilo, the rainiest city on the Big Island, typically receives around 1 inch (2.54 cm) of rainfall during the month of June.

As per predictions for 2022, the sun can set as late as 7:01 pm and rise as early as 5:43 am. June provides the lengthiest period of daylight in the whole year, with around 13.3 hours. Daylight Duration.


In the Kahala district, the relatively lengthy evening showers typically commence around 10 pm. Similar to the rest of the islands, precipitation usually initiates when the temperature drops in Oahu, Rain.

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However, with the exception of Kahala and Manoa, you can anticipate any precipitation to resemble brief passing showers.

Based on predictions for 2022, the setting of the sun can happen as late as 7:13 pm and the rising of the sun as early as 5:48 am. The month of June provides the greatest amount of daylight throughout the entire year, with roughly 13.4 hours.


September and August are closer together until they reach the worst season of hurricanes, while Kauai is prone to tropical storms during some unlucky years. Kauai is on par with the Big Island in terms of rainfall, with an average of 1 inch (2.54 cm) in June. Kauai stands out as the greenest and rainiest island in Hawaii.

Based on predictions for the year 2022, sunrise has the potential to happen as soon as 5:53 am and sunset as late as 7:25 pm. The month of June presents the most extended period of daylight in the entire year, with around 13.5 hours.


June is the best time to visit Maui, one of the major four islands in Hawaii, as it experiences a pleasantly mild and warm climate with trade winds. It is also among the driest islands in Hawaii, making it possible to avoid excessive rainfall.

In 2022, predictions suggest that the break of dawn can happen as early as 5:43 am and the setting of the sun as late as 7:08 pm. June provides the most extended period of daylight throughout the year, with roughly 13.4 hours.

Water Quality

In a similar manner, the water temperatures in Oahu rise from 25.3°C to 25.7°C (78.3°F up to 77.6°F). On the other hand, the water temperatures in Big Island start climbing from 25.5°C to 25.9°C (78.7°F up to 78°F).

Kauai feels an identical temperature gradient as the Big Island and Oahu of +0.7°F, from 77.5°F up to 78.2°F (25.3° to 25.7°C).

Maui, like the other islands, also experiences the same temperature gradient as the water temperature increases from 77.8°F to 77.1°F (25.1 to 25.4°C).

What to Wear/List of Things to Pack

In this season, precipitation is infrequent, but it is advisable to possess a lightweight coat. In the evening, it is typical to don the same attire as daytime. In Hawaii during June, it is most suitable to sport short-sleeve shirts or tank tops in conjunction with relaxed shorts in the daytime.

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June Travel Checklist
  • Sunblock, ideally without oxybenzone and octinoxate.
  • A high-quality camera, along with a portable computer, to transfer and store all of the photographs.
  • Extremely comfortable walking footwear with athletic socks for any extended hikes.
  • A mobile device with GPS navigation and internet connectivity.
  • Credit cards and cash, in the event that certain establishments do not acknowledge credit cards.
  • Sandals are perfect for experiencing the beach and the warm breeze.
  • To enjoy the pleasant breezes, you can wear either short-sleeved shirts or tank tops.
  • Casual shorts or swim trunks for the same purposes as mentioned earlier.
  • A lightweight coat for the night.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Long-lasting deodorant.
  • Hats or hairbands to keep the heat away.
  • A thermos to make chilled water available all day.
  • A spacious large bag to safeguard your precious items and mementos.
  • Crowds/Rates

    Travel and Tourism Data

    Hawaii is a very popular destination that seems to attract travelers over and over again. June is the second busiest month for tourists in Hawaii.

    Other travelers were taking their sixth trip to Hawaii, on average, between the fifth and sixth time. Only 30% of visitors were domestic tourists visiting Hawaii for the first time.

    On average, the remaining individuals were making their third to fourth journey to Hawaii, while slightly more than 49% of international visitors were experiencing Hawaii for the first time.

    In 2019, there were approximately 236,000 international travelers and around 715,000 traveled within the United States. Out of these nearly 1 million visitors, there was a 6.1% increase compared to June 2018, with over 950,000 visitors arriving in Hawaii.

    How To Steer Clear of the Masses

    Every year, Mango Jam Honolulu typically occurs in late June. The event is held at the Honolulu City Hall, also known as the Frank Fasi Civic Center at the Honolulu Hale, situated in downtown Honolulu. If necessary, this is a cost-free occasion accessible to the general public, including complimentary parking.

    Over 25,000 people worldwide attend to try mango-themed foods from dozens of local vendors, socialize with drinks, and enjoy live Hawaiian music.

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    It is recommended to avoid crowded areas and instead explore and visit other places like Jam Mango. These include the Marina Koko Shopping Center, Sandy Beach, Hanauma Bay, and the fantastic amenities of Kai Hawaii.

    If you’re adventurous, the hiking path at Koko Head Crater is a must-visit.

    Furthermore, avoiding the “rush hours” on weekdays between 4 pm and 6 pm will certainly improve your likelihood of having enjoyable, hassle-free trips.

    June Prices for Flights and Accommodation

    In the peak summer month of July. Nevertheless, airfare during June remains comparatively more affordable than in other months. It is worth noting that domestic flights to Hawaii from major international airport cities like Los Angeles or New York City tend to have higher prices during June compared to

    For instance, if you fly from Paris to Honolulu in June, you will receive one of the cheapest air tickets available. However, it is possible to observe slightly lower air ticket prices in other months compared to June for flights from most major cities worldwide to Hawaii International Airport.

    Hotel prices steadily increase throughout the month, approaching the median price and reaching their lowest point at the beginning of June.

    Many hotels feature stable rates throughout the year, which are likely higher than some of the busiest and highest-demand hotels. The rates for these hotels are significantly higher during the holidays, such as New Year’s and Christmas, compared to any other time of the year.

    Consult your Hawaii in December manual if you are contemplating revisiting Hawaii during the winter season.

    Activities to Engage In

    Showcasing equestrians and equines adorned with magnificent wreaths of aromatic flowers from Hawaii, the procession strives to replicate an authentic depiction of the past in Hawaii. The King Kamehameha Floral Parade occurs annually on June 11th, which is a public holiday commemorating King Kamehameha I, the individual recognized for founding the unified Kingdom of Hawai’i.

    The Festival & Wine Kapalua is perhaps the longest-running food and wine event in the entire country, where the finest culinary chefs from around the world convene on Maui at the renowned Kapalua Resort to celebrate the latest twists in gourmet dining with local flavors during this week-long festival.

    Major June Occasions in Hawaii
  • Kona Marathon & Half-Marathon (Big Island)
  • The Floral Parade of King Kamehameha (Big Island & Oahu).
  • Oahu hosts the Hawaii Adaptive Surfing Championships.
  • Hawaii Pacific Rim Pickleball Cup (Oahu).
  • Mango Jam Honolulu (Oahu).
  • Pan-Pacific Festival (Oahu).
  • Ha’ena to Hanalei Route (Kauai).
  • Maui’s Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Festival.
  • Kapalua Wine & Food Festival (Maui) is a captivating event.
  • Maui Film Festival (Maui).
  • Sun Cycle (Maui).
  • The Kahakuloa Half Marathon & Relays (Maui)
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