Harold Varner III’s Wife: Amanda Varner Facts & Photos

Harold Varner III’s spouse is Amanda Varner, previously known as Amanda Singleton, and they tied the knot in September 2020. They had been in a relationship since at least 2015 when Mr. Varner shared her picture on social media. Although not very visible in the public eye, she shows unwavering support for her husband’s professional golfing journey.

Amanda Varner, the wife of Harold Varner III, utilizes social media to stay connected with her followers and share information. However, she remains out of the spotlight, focusing on her passion for helping people live healthy and fulfilling lives. In addition to her work as a Beachbody instructor, Amanda Varner is also a licensed aesthetician and professional fitness instructor, teaching people about the benefits of exercise. She has had a successful career in the field of fitness and health.

On social networking sites, a connection flourished in front of us as they were initially non-romantic pals. Harold Varner has had one consistent individual assisting him in his professional golfing journey.

  • Amanda Singleton was born on the 22nd of January, 1990.
  • Amanda is the elder of the two offspring from the parents John and Lisa White Singleton.
  • Amanda Varner’s original name is Amanda Singleton, the name she utilizes in her professional life.
  • Amanda was raised in the east-central region of North Carolina and completed her education at Washington High School.
  • Amanda Varner is a certified skincare specialist.
  • Amanda Varner is a skilled Barre teacher and currently holds a position at Beachbody.
  • Amanda initially encountered her future spouse when they were 17 and attending a business accounting course.
  • Amanda Singleton and Harold Varner remained friends for a number of years until he popped the question.
  • Amanda and Harold Varner III joyfully introduced Liam to the world on October 10, 2021.
  • Harold also refers to Amanda Beth in his social media posts.
  • Amanda, who is Harold Varner’s wife, is by his side and assisting him in competing in golf tournaments all around the world. This is not just the beginning of the story, but it provides additional information to read.

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    Amanda Varner: Background & Educational Journey

    Amanda Varner was born in North Carolina to Lisa and John, who were the sole parents of Singleton White. She grew up in a stable household with her little brother, Elliot, who was always by her side from a very young age.

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    Instructor Barre accepted the challenge of certifying another individual and Amanda took these days early on. She pursued becoming a licensed aesthetician and went on to graduate. Amanda settled in the North-central east area of North Carolina, where she attended Washington High School and settled with the Singletons.

    Amanda Varner could be developing her talents as an influencer and she has an active presence on Instagram. Amanda Varner still uses her maiden name in her career as a fitness instructor. Amanda Singleton developed her career as a barre instructor and took her abilities as a barre instructor.

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    Harold Varner III and Amanda Singleton’s Romantic Journey Prior to Tying the Knot

    Amanda Singleton reported that she met Harold Varner III when they were both seventeen years old and taking an advanced business accounting class, and she eventually told him that their friendship had progressed to a romantic level because he was polite and sweet.

    According to reports, Harold Varner III, caddy and friend of Amanda Varner, revealed that Amanda had always wanted to explore romance but never took the next step. In a recent interview with a magazine, Varner cleared up a few things and discussed his relationship with Amanda.

    Harold Varner III’s followers discovered his new partner through an Instagram post, for which he expressed gratitude for her patience over the past two years. At the time, they were enjoying a vacation in Australia as a couple. Varner, who affectionately calls her Beth, publicly declared his proposal to Beth on Instagram.

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    Wedding of Harold Varner III and Amanda Singleton

    The golfer recalled in an interview how, after the ceremony, the remaining hundred-plus guests left the celebration, with the older attendees being the ones who stayed. Unlike many pro golfer weddings, the Varners threw a kind of party that was named the most fun by a popular golfing magazine, all because of him. The couple were married in September 2020.

    The wedding of the couple is forever commemorated in a professionally created video of the ceremony.

    The Married Life of Harold and Amanda Varner

    The following month, the pair joyfully embraced the arrival of Liam, the baby of Harold Varner III. According to one report, the wedding was somewhat rushed due to Amanda’s decision to temporarily pause her real estate career in order to accompany her husband during his competitions. The couple initiated a loving partnership as they embarked on their married life, as depicted in the wedding video.

    The Varners are a model of balance, never forgetting the importance of a healthy life while setting golf as a priority for both the pro golfer and the family. Mr. Harold Varner III joined them in competing at the Masters, and he posted a fabulous picture of the three of them on his Instagram @hv3_golf. It was a wonderful family affair.

    Amanda Varner’s Professional Journey

    These days, Amanda Varner Singleton focuses her time on raising her son and supporting her husband, a pro-golfer. However, her successful career as a Barre instructor is not forgotten, as it laid the seeds for her influential role in the media and social sphere.

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    Despite having an active Instagram account, she is listed as a member of Beachbody. Although her account is private with 6,100 followers, there may be hints that Amanda is looking to expand her expertise in the business of her own exercise videos. She is thinking about showcasing her family and wedding videos, showing her value in production, on the Masters show.

    To what extent is Amanda Varner involved in Harold Varner III’s career?

    Amanda assumes the caddy position at numerous tournaments. As her husband participated in the Masters, she served as his caddy. In a recent post on social media, Harold Varner the Third’s wife can be seen holding their son while dressed in white coveralls.

    Amanda Varner, the supportive wife of Brooks Koepka, a professional golfer on the PGA Tour, attempted to talk to her husband’s friend, Michael Jordan, about joining the newly established professional golf association, LIV, which is seen as a rival to the PGA.

    Harold Varner III takes pride in knowing that he has set up financial security for future generations of his family, but he may not be the wealthiest golfer. He made a financial decision for his family at the end of the day.

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    Concluding Remarks

    Despite the expansion of his family, his primary priority remains his family, followed by golf. He could potentially be the golfer with the highest probability of hosting a celebration. Nevertheless, as a unit, Harold, Amanda, and Liam have a chance to establish a prosperous financial future for their family. It is uncertain whether his decision to move to LIV was wise. He is not hesitant to seize opportunities, but he will never prioritize winning over his family. On most occasions, Harold Varner III expresses gratitude for his fortunate life.

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