Gum is one of the main three mascots of the franchise Radio Set Jet, and she has appeared most on game covers and merchandise. She is followed by Tab and joined first by Beat to become a member of The GGs. Gum is the deuteragonist of the first video games released in 2000.

Unlike most other characters in the franchise, Gum has made the most appearances outside of the Radio Set Jet. She is mostly a fan-favorite character among fans, mainly due to her appearances outside of the Radio Set Jet franchise. She has also made cameo appearances in the franchises Splatoon and Skullgirls. Additionally, she is featured as a playable character in the video games All-Stars Sega.

It is recognized that sometimes she is mistaken as the character who leads, although the beat goes on. Gum, one of the more recognizable characters of the franchise, has also been featured on several official covers for Radio Set Jet and the arts.

Powers and abilities

Chewing gum is recognized for the subsequent powers and capabilities:.


Gum activates her All-Star Move.
  • If a racer hits one, Gum will be able to slow down, causing the vehicle behind her to drop out of the trail and breaking their hearts. In Transformed Racing All-Stars & Sonic, Gum is able to transform into other playable characters just like All-Star – Move All-Star.
  • The opponent will incur a penalty when Gum, her ultimate move in SEGA Heroes, can mark a solitary adversary with her “Minty Cool Flavor” spray paint, known as Minty Cool Flavor.
  • In SEGA Heroes, Gum has the ability to spray her signature graffiti tag on all of her adversaries, resulting in them acquiring debuffs. Furthermore, this tag is capable of being removed from her allies, thus negating any negative effects.
  • Gum, the Graffiti Trainer in Heroes SEGA, is able to teach her “allies” how to be gangsters attacking enemies and opponents at the start, which allows her team to gain critical bonus damage.
  • In Tennis Superstars Sega, Gum’s State allows her to call some of the officers from Team S.W.A.T Tokyo-To to help her out on the court when her opponents hit the ball out on the opposite side of her. Being a Superstar – Police, she will fall to the ground for a short period of time if the ball misses them.
  • Abilities

    Gum speeding through the Shibuya bus terminal.
  • In most games where she appears, Gum is classified as a “Speed Type” character in the franchise Jet Set Radio, which positions her as one of the swiftest characters. Furthermore, Gum retains her Speed Type status in Sega Superstars Tennis, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, and SEGA Heroes, despite her already impressive speed in Jet Set Radio.
  • Every day, she is probably accustomed to wearing them, indicating that Gum also tends to stroll around casually wearing skates instead of regular shoes. Every character that can be played in the Jet Set Radio series has the ability to grind on walls, grind on rails, skate at high speeds, and effortlessly move around on roller skates. It is obvious that inline skating is a given.
  • In the games, Gum possesses one of the most exceptional graffiti skills, particularly because she can complete her graffiti tags more rapidly than the majority of other characters. Similar to the rest of the characters in the series, Gum excels at creating graffiti.
  • Skill – Gum has a higher-than-average skill count in Jet Set Radio.
  • Power – Gum has a moderate power statistic count in Jet Set Radio.
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    Gum is often perceived as superior, with a tendency to make sadistic and sarcastic remarks. She is not only an excellent teacher, but also takes great pride in demonstrating her knowledge and skills to others.

    In the Sega All-Stars series, Gum is depicted as finding pleasure in teasing individuals and causing them to experience a sense of inferiority. Additionally, she is recognized for expressing her emotions towards others without restraint, encompassing both positive and negative sentiments.

    Game history


    She is a 17-year-old who dropped out of high school. It is assumed that she runs away from home to be with Future Radio Set Jet and Radio Set Jet, but her past as Gum is mostly unknown. She is shown to be a law-breaker and rebellious, with a sarcastic attitude. At some point, she developed a love for graffiti and art.

    Jet Set Radio

    Gum introduces herself to Beat.

    The GGs unite, becoming the initial thugs enlisted by Beat and the primary woman. Over time, she regards him as perfect and compels him to adopt her methods to assess his potential as a dependable comrade. Gum becomes aware of this when he tries to seek fresh members for his gang and Gum’s first encounter is with Beat.

    Jet Set Radio, the rogue transmitting station, helmed and possessed by DJ Professor K, an eccentric and exuberant storyteller and analyst, is the place where Gum, Tab, and Beat all ultimately choose to reside.

    Captain Onishima, the police chief, along with the S.W.A.T team, pester Gum and the rest of the group as they search for and enlist new individuals in their quest to establish themselves as the top Graffiti Gang.

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    The Golden Rhinos inform them that Toyo-To has captured the rest of the gang. Beat tells Combo that they can join the gang if they help their friend. Gum informs Cube that if Cube is willing, they can join The GGs. Combo and Cube arrive when Combo and Cube are asked to look.

    In the end, Gum can be the one to end and defeat Goji Rokkaku, depening on who the player chooses to select.

    Jet Set Radio Future

    Gum breakdances after a successful graffiti-tagging session.

    The individuals and their grip GGs, who are Gum and Tab, also disclosed. It is revealed that Gum has a tendency to abandon her lovers in the middle of their relationship, as Professor K describes her sayings. In the game, Gum is described as a real cool lady who leaves a trail of brown hearts wherever she goes, in comparison to Future Radio Set Jet where Gum’s role is much less significant.

    In the early stages, Gum educates YoYo about the fundamentals of their group and how to perform specific tasks.

    After their encounter, Beat and Gum are depicted as intimate comrades. Moreover, it is unveiled that prior to meeting Beat, she regarded him as “a peculiar individual who always wore headphones” and eagerly anticipated the opportunity to interact with him.

    Other game appearances

    Sega Superstars Tennis

    Gum activates her Superstar State.

    Gum, one of the playable characters in Sega Superstars Tennis, appears as a Type Speed character with the same appearance and original counterpart from Jet Set Radio. She is unlocked by completing the Singles Tournament in Jet Set Radio Planet.

    The opposing side’s court orders the police in Tokyo-To to call some of them to take her away, allowing State Superstar Gum to be called.

    Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing

    Although Gum did not make a tangible presence, she was still considered for the lineup of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing. Unfortunately, she was ultimately not chosen.

    GGs Custom La De vehicle helped Tab and she built it, and it is mentioned in-game that Beat’s profile features gum.

    Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

    Gum on her vehicle, in Sonic Transformed.

    Gum, a Speed Type character, rides a quad bike that is green and white. She is one of the primary playable characters in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, and players can unlock her by earning 105 stars in Moonlight Park during the World Tour.

    Move All-Stars Her enables her to enter airplane mode, surrounded by monitors that monitor her heart while leaving a trail of drops, referencing broken hearts like Jet Set Radio Future.

    The sole playable character in Jet Set Radio was Gum, obtainable when the player acquired Gum for 3,000 Rings. Gum also made an appearance in the mobile edition of the game.

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    Sega Heroes

    In SEGA Heroes, players could unlock Gum, a playable hero dressed in green, by collecting 25 Gum shards. Although she had a relatively minor role in the overall story, Gum could be utilized in beyondering mode as well as various special events. As one of the four playable characters from Jet Set Radio, Gum served as a green hero in the game.


  • The identity of Gum’s original voice actress for Jet Set Radio has remained a mystery for numerous years.
  • The English voice actress who voiced Jet Set Radio Gum would be used again for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed and Tennis Superstars Sega, and the footage would be used again for Tennis Superstars Sega.
  • Beat, Gum, and Professor K all appear alongside each other on identical posters throughout Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.
  • The historical recordings for Gum in Jet Set Radio would be utilized in SEGA Heroes.
  • Gum, Beat, and Tab’s creations made brief appearances in 7th Dragon III Code: VFD.
  • Completely replaced, Beat now showcases Gum on the cover and box art of the game, rather than De La Jet Set Radio, a remastered edition of Jet Set Radio.
  • Never appeared in the games, but it did make a physical appearance in Transformed Racing All-Stars.
  • Fortnite developers have hinted that Gum may be the inspiration for the unofficial cameo character in the game, known as “Shark Sand.” Many fans of the Radio Set Jet have complained and petitioned for the character to be changed or removed, as the appearance of Gum during the character’s release is strikingly similar to the character named “Shark Sand” in Fortnite.
  • In Sega Heroes, the primary melody for Jet Set Radio, known as “Let Mom Sleep,” serves as the main theme song for Gum in Sega Superstars Tennis and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Additionally, it can be briefly heard during Gum’s special ability, Monty Cool Flavor.
  • Chewing gum is depicted as a shadow in one of the selectable player icons in Sonic Colors: Ultimate.
  • The design of Gum’s helmet served as inspiration for the design of Noodle from Gorillaz.
  • Another hinting that she would have returned in the title “Radio Set Jet”, the canceled game Gum and Beat of Concept art was released to the public. The Wii game “Radio Set Jet” was scrapped, which Sega rejected in the Radio Set Jet franchise.
  • The helmet worn by a non-playable character in Sonic Forces is almost the same as Gum’s helmet.
  • The initial attire of Gum makes a guest appearance in both the Skullgirls and Splatoon video game franchises.
  • Gum, Beat, and a few other characters from Jet Set Radio Future make cameo appearances in the music video for “Hella Good”.
  • Sega once again rejected the fan-created prototype game, Jet Set Radio Evolution, which aimed to propose a third installment in the series. The game showcased Gum’s character models and artwork.
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