Guitar Hero Arcade


Release date(s).

Input methods.

ArcadeStart buttons, 2 guitar controllersUnofficial PC portKeyboard, Xbox 360 gamepad or guitar controller (alternative controllers necessitate x360ce).

Arcade Hero Guitar is primarily based on the theming and gameplay of Rock of Legends III: Hero Guitar, allowing you to download new software updates and songs from the internet cabinet while still retaining the ability to customize and showcase the Industrial Enduro-AX’s strength, albeit without the inclusion of a whammy bar and some of the character customization features.

Product specifications[]

Arcade cabinet specifications[]

Gha cabinet large

Arcade cabinet

Cabinet size and weight as per the website and brochure.

  • Height: 85.5″.
  • Width: 39.5″.
  • Depth: 33″.
  • Weight: 446
  • Cabinet size and mass as per the manual for the operator.

  • Height: 86″ (
  • Width: 39.5″. (100.3 cm)
  • Depth: 32.5
  • Weight (shipping): 472 pounds (214 kilograms
  • Controllers and input[]

  • The Industrial AX Enduro-AX × 2 serves as a Power Star for axis tilt, down strum, up strum, fret orange, fret blue, fret yellow, fret red, fret green, with 2 Player and 1 Player acting as guitar controllers.
  • Player 1 initiate button.
  • Player 2 initiate button.
  • Player 1 currency insertion opening and reimbursement button.
  • Player 2 coin slot and reimbursement button.
  • Gameplay[]

    Among the two, there exist several noteworthy distinctions, as Guitar Hero Arcade takes its graphical inspiration from Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock and utilizes comparable gaming engines.

    To begin playing songs on the arcade cabinet’s console, the first step is to press the Start button. One should also insert at least 1 credit [token] into the coin slot of the guitar controller they will be using. For two players, an additional credit must be added to the other coin slot. Guitar Hero Arcade, being an arcade rhythm game, mainly emphasizes Quickplay with one or two players engaging in cooperative or versus gameplay. However, it does not offer a Career mode.

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    The operator can activate or deactivate which songs are available on the machine/location per setlist. This includes their note charts and the downloadable content (DLC) from Guitar Hero III, which consists of many songs from Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock and features Arcade Hero Guitar. In order to play additional songs, players need to use “premium” songs that require 1 credit, but most songs can be played with just one credit. The player(s) can also choose the difficulty level and their character in Guitar Hero III. Additionally, since the v1.13 update, players have the option to play songs with or without using any frets, and there is even a Beginner difficulty level available.

    Depending on how the operator of the arcade game configures it, players may notice input or delay, video delay, or audio delay, which can make the screen on the arcade machine appear to lag. In order to address this issue, players can ask the owner/operator to recalibrate the machine. Even if players can’t see or hear any notes being misplayed or lagging, there may still be a hidden inaccessible menu in the game’s operator/debug settings where the guitar calibration and audio/video calibration can be adjusted.

    Unofficial PC port[]


    To obtain additional details regarding what is considered acceptable and what is not, please refer to this template page.

    The arcade supports up to two players and also requires players to save their data backup on their PC. In addition to tilt support, the game Rock’s Legend: Guitar Hero III is located in the directory of Rock’s Legend: Guitar Hero III game save. It also supports the (Select/Back) button, Power Star, and whammy. The v3 x360ce version bit/32-x86 of the controller is required for other controllers and non-Xbox guitars, including Xbox 360 controllers. The xinput1_3.Dll provided needs to be replaced with the v3 x360ce version bit/32-x86 to set the GuitarAlternate controller type and support Xbox 360 guitars. The unofficial PC port of Rock of Legends: Guitar Hero III is based on Microsoft Aspyr Media’s Windows game.

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    During gameplay, the songs cannot be paused, and the Start button on the controller remains unused. However, when prompted to “Press Start” on the title screen to begin playing, it refers to the Start button on the arcade machine. On the PC version, this can be activated by pressing the GBO frets. Additionally, pressing the Blue fret on the title screen grants players access to various debug and operator features that are typically restricted on the arcade version. These features include the ability to enable or disable specific songs (except for “Slow Ride”), calibrate audio and video settings, adjust guitar controller settings, view overall gameplay statistics, save, load, or reset the game’s save file, and more.

    Despite the level of difficulty, beginner players should still be able to play Easy mode without using any frets, as this may be an incomplete feature in the unofficial PC port of the game from May 19, 2009 (arcade v1.13), but a Beginner difficulty is also available in the on-screen message tutorial.


    Guitar Hero Arcade features a total of 50 songs, with 50 of them being songs that were also included in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. These songs encompass the main setlist, bonus songs, and downloadable songs from Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. Additionally, the arcade version includes premium songs, which require the player to use an extra credit in order to play. To summarize, among the 50 songs in Guitar Hero Arcade, there is an overlap with the song collection in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, while also featuring exclusive premium songs.

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    The brochure for Guitar Hero Arcade

    The pamphlet for Guitar Hero Arcade.

    External links[]

  • Official webpage on Raw Thrill’s website Pamphlet.
  • Operator’s manual.
  • Acquire software (most recent edition: v1.56) (NOTE: It cannot be utilized on a personal computer without
  • CE Certificate of Conformity
  • UL22 ATM.
  • Revision history (from version 1.00 on March 16, 2009 to version
  • References[]

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