Groom speaks out after bride killed on wedding night: ‘She wanted the night to never end’

In a video interview with ABC’s Good Morning America on Friday, widower Aric Hutchinson, with footage displaying him wearing a black wedding band on his ring finger, expressed, “It’s quite difficult to grasp the transition from a moment of great joy to a moment of great sorrow.”

Samantha Miller, a 34-year-old from Charlotte, North Carolina, tragically lost her life in a golf cart accident on April 28th in Folly Beach. Additionally, Hutchinson, her brother-in-law, and his nephew sustained significant injuries in the collision involving two vehicles, although Hutchinson does not recall the incident.

During the interview, he tearfully shared that the last recollection he has of her is when she passionately articulated her wish for the evening to continue indefinitely.

In the past, a recently married individual riding in a golf cart was fatally injured by an intoxicated driver who was exceeding the legal speed limit by more than twice.

A legal case has been initiated: The individual charged with driving under the influence, who is alleged to have caused the death of the bride on her wedding day, has been sued along with the establishments associated with engaging in excessive drinking at multiple bars.

Moments after driving their rented Toyota Camry down the road, a 25-year-old woman slammed into a golf cart with her car, causing a scene and ultimately leading to police reception.

Jamie Lee Komoroski, the alleged driver of the Camry, remains jailed on Friday, facing charges including reckless driving and vehicular homicide, which resulted in serious bodily injury and death in a court of law.

According to the Folly Beach Public Safety Department, the new bride was killed when Komoroski, who was driving the car, was travelling at a speed of 65 mph and momentarily applied the brakes before colliding with the golf cart.

“Where is Sam?”

At the medical center, Hutchinson informed GMA, he recalled regaining consciousness and witnessing his mother’s visage.

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You could just tell something was wrong. I asked her, ‘Where’s Sam?’ She told me, ‘Where’s Sam?’ That’s when she told me there was an incident and Sam didn’t make it.

Miller’s digital obituary portrays her as a lady who “spread tranquility, assurance, and mirth wherever she traveled.”

Hutchinson recalled moments from his late wife’s life and called her “an amazing human being” whose life “should not have been taken.”.

She walks into a room that you notice. Then, tears broke into his eyes and he dropped his head. He then said with a glowing expression, “It’s just Sam’s.”

A groom whose bride died in a golf cart crash after the newlyweds left their wedding reception last month has filed a filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the alleged drunken driver charged in her death. The suit was filed May 17, 2023 in South Carolina

Legal action initiated

According to a lawsuit filed by Hutchinson last week, Komoroski had been “bar-hopping” on the day of the incident.

“A single beer and a beverage containing tequila were consumed. The scent of alcohol was detected strongly by Officer Komoroski, who wrote in the police affidavit that he responded to the scene of a car crash.”

Komoroski refused to take a breath test and sobriety test at the scene when her blood was drawn to show court papers, which revealed her blood alcohol content was more than three times the legal limit of 0.261.

Komoroski, who is currently incarcerated without bail, is scheduled to appear in court next month for a hearing, according to records.

On Friday, Hutchinson was arranging a memorial service for his wife.

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