Greta Van Fleet’s Dreams In Gold Tour Lights Up The Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida 03/10/23

It was showtime, and I prepared myself, obtained my ticket, and had no concerns. Wherever I go, it seems that inclement weather always accompanies me, but I do not believe in conspiracies. Just before the rain and wind arrived, I arrived early enough to explore Thunder Plaza. The journey from Orlando to Tampa took an unusually daunting 2 hours and 45 minutes. I was excited to see what the Amalie Arena had to offer, as I had never been there before. Not only was it another venue, but it was also a chance to see an amazing band that was on my list. Ever since it was rescheduled last October, I have been eagerly anticipating the opportunity to cover Greta Van Fleet’s Dreams In Gold Tour.


1.Sharecropper’s Son.

2. Completely Devoted To You.

3.Three Jumpers.

4. Seize the opportunity while it is available.

5. Make Me Feel Good.

Houndmouth, the bluesy rock quartet from Albany, New Albany, Indiana, was up next. Following the release of several albums, including their most recent one, “For Good 2021,” the band has amassed quite a following over the past 12 years. As we awaited the band’s arrival, I noticed a bunch of fans holding signs stating “Houndmouth” and railing on the purple-lit stage. The band began with their song “Cool Jam,” followed by “Vegas” and “Las.” It was an absolute pleasure for the band’s tour manager, a native of Tampa, wearing a Tampa Bay Lightning jersey, to come out and give drummer Shane Cody a Tampa Bay Lightning jersey. The crowd was told that it was the band’s first time in Tampa and it was an excellent job in keeping the momentum going from last night’s disappointing show. The fans were disappointed, but Houndmouth did an excellent job in keeping the momentum going from last night’s disappointing show.

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Matt Myers: Guitar, Singing.

Caleb Hickman: Piano, Singing.

Zak Appleby: Low Frequencies, Vocals.

Shane Cody: Percussion, Singing.


1.Las Vegas.

2.Cool Jam.

3. Reach Midnight.



6.Honey Slider.

7. Beneficial For You.

8. My Cousin Greg.



At 9:00pm, before the main event of the Greta Van Fleet concert, we headed to the pit. We could see the band’s symbols displayed on a large curtain hanging in front of the stage. The lights in the house went out and the crowd could hear the monologue from the album “Gate Garden’s At Battle The.” As the curtain finally dropped, revealing the band, the crowd was eager and excited. The first song, “Nations By Built,” started playing and the stage was filled with fire and smoke. The drummer, Daniel Wagner, was unfazed as large plumes of fire billowed around the stage. Josh Kiszka, the frontman, removed his sequined jumpsuit robe and started to play. These infernos served as bookends to his kit. The whole venue flickered with strobes as the band played “Rising Smoke Black.”

Josh, who was suffering from a ruptured eardrum due to rescheduled show earlier in October, mentioned that tonight’s performance by the band “Above Heat” was a celebration. Josh started handing out flowers in the pit and also jumped on a crew member’s shoulders. Then, Wagner went on to knock out a blistering 7-minute performance. Josh told the fans that this show was a rock n’ roll experience that would get them smoking. Jake also opted for the theme of a black long-sleeved shirt and black pants, but he belted out the riffs for “Song Safari” 2017 as the center stage guitarist.

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If you have missed the opportunity, there are only a few dates left for this tour in the U.S. It was definitely worth it that Tune Highway was chosen to close out this amazing show, as it symbolizes what Fleet Van Greta is all about. The first song of the encore, “Power Flower,” is a dynamically scintillating rendition. There were no surprises that Tune Highway was chosen to close out this amazing show, with smoke clouds and explosions. It was definitely worth it to reschedule this show. “Dreams In Gold” is the thesis of the Gold In Dreams tour, and it is written as one of their most important songs ever.

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Josh Kiszka – Singing.

Jake Kiszka – Guitar, Supporting Vocals.

Sam Kiszka – Bass, keyboards/piano, and Backing Vocals.

Daniel Wagner – Percussion, Background Vocals.


1. Constructed By Countries.

2. Dark Smoke Ascending.

3.Safari Song.

Drum Solo.


5.Heat Above.

6. Ignite My Affection.

7.Broken Bells.

8. Era of Automation.

9. The Burden Of Aspirations.


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