Green Top Shooting Range Awarded NSSF Five-Star Rating

The Trade Industry Firearm Association, also known as NSSF®, is delighted to announce that its Top Green Shooting Range has been awarded the Excellence rating, making it a Five-Star range. This achievement is particularly significant for the town of Newtown, Connecticut.

Located in Ashland, Virginia, just north of Richmond, Top Green Shooting Range offers shooters of all levels the ability to pursue their goals in a modern and environmentally friendly environment. It is easily accessible and provides a welcoming space for target shooting.

Green Top Shooting Range - Top

Zach Snow, the Director of Member Development at NSSF, expressed, “Green Top Shooting Range is a remarkable establishment and unquestionably worthy of the NSSF Five-Star Range Rating.” “The establishment distinguishes itself with its exceptional shooting range, a spotless and spacious retail showroom, well-informed and passionate staff, and robust community backing. All of these factors combine to create an exceptional target shooting range.”

Online reviewers highlight the staff’s professionalism, assistance for beginners, educational courses, and excellent facilities, which are praised not only by NSSF’s Five-Star range evaluators but also by the highly rated range, making their visits highly satisfying.

Green Top Shooting Range, established in 2019, boasts numerous remarkable attributes.

Green Top Shooting Range

Top Green is equipped with a fully automated system for retrieving targets and ballistic glass shooting stalls. The indoor shooting range has three bays, each accommodating shotguns, rifles, and handguns, with eight lanes in total.

The air filtration system of the range constantly purifies the air from inside the shooting bays and eliminates dust, dirt, smoke, and other pollutants every 90 seconds using HEPA filters. Lane lighting can be adjusted to blue light, low light, or no light, and each shooting lane is equipped for both casual shooting and tactical shooting training. The range prioritizes catering to various training needs and shooting preferences.

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The interaction between instructor and student creates an enjoyable and safe environment, facilitated by the combined shooting stations that divide the bullet-resistant glass with sound-absorbing surfaces.

The Officer Safety Range in Top Green places a particularly impressive emphasis on training, ranging from basic shotgun courses to defense home courses, and even pistol to rifles AR-15 shooting in low light or no light conditions. Both the NRA-certified instructor and the gun owners themselves, who are often first-time trainees, contribute to the selection of classes available.

Special pricing is available for law enforcement, military, and first responders. Top Green offers unlimited shooting access, rentals of firearms, and guest passes, with membership plans tailored for both corporate and individual family shooters to take advantage of.

Green Top Shooting Range - Retail Counter

Blaine Altaffer, the current CEO and President, is at the helm of the company, which has experienced numerous expansions and enhancements throughout the years. These developments include the establishment of the Green Top Shooting Range, which is now three years old. In 1947, Cecil Hopkins commenced the sale of sporting equipment from a small gas station, pouring his entire life savings into the venture. Eventually, this business evolved into Green Top Sporting Goods. The store is conveniently situated a short distance from the Green Top Shooting Range. The decision to retain the name Green Top Service was influenced by the color of the building’s roof.

Altaffer stated, “We are receiving this award as a celebration of our 75th anniversary. We are proud to be recognized as the top choice for Green retailers and customers, due to our expertise and passion in providing a unique retail experience. We will continue to use experienced-based retailing to set ourselves apart.” Altaffer adds, “We are honored to be recognized as one of the only 51 indoor ranges in the U.S. To receive a Five-Star rating from NSSF.”

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