Grandfather Clock Song and Lyrics and History of the Grandfather Clock

More than a century ago, in Piercebridge, North Yorkshire, England, stood a charming rural inn called the George Hotel.

The George hotel was managed by two bachelor brothers named Jenkins also from England.The George Hotel where the Grandfather Clock Song was composed

This was a time when clocks were not common, and their accuracy was noted. One unusual characteristic of the old clock on which time was kept very well was that it stood in the lobby as a floor clock, often referred to as “those days back.”

Every day, the timepiece was losing over an hour as multiple clock repairers abandoned their attempts to fix it. However, initially, the old clock began to lose 15 minutes each day. Then, unexpectedly, one of the brothers passed away.

When the surviving brother passed away, at the age of ninety, the old clock ceased functioning. Despite being fully wound, it was not unexpected that the clock’s incurable issue became a topic of discussion, just as its accuracy had been.

The new manager of the hotel never attempted to repair it, as they assumed the position in which the hands of its resting in the corner of the sunlit lobby left just after Brother Jenkins died.

These are the opening words of the first stanza. Henry came back to America and published the lyrics that sold over a million copies of the music sheet about the grandfather clock. After seeing the clock that stopped at the exact moment its elder owner passed away, he decided to compose a fascinating song about the coincidence and told the story. During a trip to England in 1875, the American songwriter named Henry happened to be staying at Hotel George and working.

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The old man himself weighed it, though not more than half a pennyweight. Oh, my grandfather’s grandfather clock stood on the floor for ninety years, so the shelf was too tall.

Over a century ago, grandfather clocks were commonly known as they are today. However, before Henry Work composed his song, these timepieces were called by various names, including the one found in the old George Hotel.

The Grandfather Clock Song

Composed by Henry Clay Work.

“The clock of my grandfather was too tall for the shelf.

So it remained standing for ninety years on the ground.

It was half as tall as the old man himself.

However, it did not weigh even a fraction more.

It was purchased in the morning on the day that he was brought into this world.

It was always his cherished possession and source of pride.

However, it came to a halt, abruptly, never to resume again.

Upon the passing of the elderly gentleman.

Nine decades without sleeping.

Tick tock tick tock.

His life’s seconds numbering.Output: The seconds of his life are counting.

Tick tock tick tock.

It ceased, abruptly, never to continue again.

Upon the passing of the elderly gentleman..

While observing its pendulum swing back and forth.

He spent many hours when he was a child.

And throughout childhood and adulthood, the clock appeared to be aware.

And to express both his sorrow and his happiness.

Because it was 24 o’clock when he entered through the entrance.

With a flourishing and stunning bride,.

However, it came to a halt, abruptly, never to resume again.

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Upon the passing of the elderly gentleman.


My grandfather stated that out of those individuals he could employ.

Never had a servant so loyal he had discovered.

Because it maintained impeccable timing and possessed a singular longing.

At the close of each day to be wound.Output: At the end of every day to be wrapped up.

As it remained in its position, there was not a single frown on its countenance.

Its hands were never hanging by its side.

However, it came to a halt, abruptly, never to resume again.

Upon the passing of the elderly gentleman.


It sounded an alarm in the quiet of the night.

A silent alarm that had been inactive for many years.

And we understood that his soul was preparing for departure.

That the time had arrived for him to leave.

However, the clock continued to maintain the time.

With a gentle and muted chime.

As we silently stood by his side.Output: While we quietly stood next to him.

However, it came to a halt, abruptly, never to resume again.

Upon the passing of the elderly gentleman.”

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