Giày Nike Dunk Low SE ‘Sail Dark Marina Blue’ DX3198-133

Returns and exchanges are available, and if you’re not satisfied with the fit of the item you purchased, you can easily exchange it for a different size as long as you’re willing to put in the effort. However, it’s important to note that this only applies to the same brand and style of footwear.

Hence, jordan1.Vn pledges to provide customers with the utmost gratifying encounter of purchasing branded merchandise: customers have the option to exchange/ return recently acquired items within a span of 7 days starting from the day of receiving.

1. Điều kiện đổi trả

In the following cases, at the time of delivery, customers can exchange or return goods immediately and need to check the condition of the goods.

The airline’s type and model in the order are incorrect, just like the one on the website when placing the order. The quantity is insufficient and there are not enough sets as per the order.

Affected like torn packaging, peeling, and broken condition on the outside. Completing the process of returning/exchanging goods to demonstrate the shortcomings, customers are responsible for submitting relevant documents.

Customers can exchange sizes within 3 days from the date of receiving the shoes.

The voucher can be used to transfer and refund money, making it more affordable than or equal to the price of other products if customers want to exchange or return the item.

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2. Quy định về thời gian thông báo và gửi sản phẩm đổi/ trả

Within 48 hours of receiving the product, the notification period for replacement in the case of missing accessories, gifts, or breakages.

The time for sending and returning products: within 7 days from receiving the product.

Please get in touch with our customer service helpline if you have any feedback or grievances regarding the quality of the product.

Each product can only be exchanged or returned once.

3. Yêu cầu về tình trạng hàng hóa

The product is in a new condition, never used, never washed/ironed, and has no unusual smell.

The product still has the original label, and the packaging of the product is included (if available).

Customers have the opportunity to buy a wide selection of products from jordan1.Vn.

There is no option to exchange or return goods if the user makes an error.

The airline is not affected by any errors caused by the user’s storage and transportation process.

Applies to discounted products not exceeding 30% and full-priced products.

4. Cách thức đổi/ trả

Quý khách có thể đổi/ trả sản phẩm bằng cách mang đến trực tiếp địa chỉ của hệ thống cửa hàng jordan1.Vn.

Online exchange/return, at home:Output: – Online exchange/return, at your place:

The first step is for customers to contact the hotline or Fanpage, Zalo of jordan1.Vn in order to request product exchanges.Output: Step 1: Customers can reach out to the hotline or Fanpage, Zalo of jordan1.Vn to request a product return or exchange.

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Step 2: Customers send back the product for exchange and jordan1.Vn will receive that product.

Jordan1.Vn will carry out product quality authentication and dispatch fresh items to clients. Step 3:

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