Georgia mother of 4 murdered by husband 1 day after wedding anniversary: police

Her family and the authorities reported that a mother of four from Georgia was fatally stabbed by her spouse just one day after they marked their wedding anniversary in Gainesville, Ga.

According to a press release from the Gainesville Police Department, Officers found 32-year-old Allen Casey dead in her apartment on April 15th, in response to a welfare check request.

She and her spouse, Christopher Dean Snow, 31, had embraced their initial offspring collectively, a newborn boy, in December.

Tiffany Agee, who is both my sister and my best friend, expressed to Fox News Digital her frustration and confusion, saying, “I simply desire to understand why Allen’s actions unfolded in this manner. How could he possibly engage in such behavior? It’s incredibly perplexing, and we will never receive comprehensive explanations from him, which only exacerbates the situation. It is even more painful because he had so much love for my sister.”

Snow Dean Christopher has been charged with fatally stabbing Georgia. He allegedly committed the slaying after being involved in a serious accident. (Source: Sheriff’s Hall Facebook page)

Allen, a graduate of North Georgia University and College, worked on the team management of Oshkosh Carter’s for University State and College Georgia North. She has three older children, and she worked with her husband first.

“She adored being a mother. That meant the world to her,” Agee informed Fox News Digital.

On April 14, Allen and Snow commemorated their first-year wedding anniversary by leaving their baby with Snow’s aunt, while her former spouse took care of their three kids for the weekend.

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The sister exclaimed, “They visited Build-A-Bear and crafted a plush owl with their combined voices in it.” Afterward, before returning home, they attended a comedy show and enjoyed a meal.

He was unable to locate her, as he had a major argument and his spouse, Snow, devastated, arrived at his aunt’s residence the following day and expressed.

The police discovered that Allen had multiple stab wounds and had been severely beaten, resulting in injuries to his torso and face. His aunt had become concerned for his well-being and had requested a welfare check, which revealed the gruesome scene.

Authorities declared that Snow was found by law enforcement in Gwinnett County after his participation in a serious car crash on Interstate 85.

In the picture on the right, she is seen with her first child in December. On the left side, Christopher Dean Snow is accused of fatally stabbing Allen Casey.

On April 19, he was apprehended and taken into custody at the Hall County Jail for charges including felony murder, aggravated battery against a spouse, aggravated assault against a spouse, and a violation of probation.

Agee claimed that the police informed her that Snow had tried to end his own life by deliberately crashing into the center divider of the highway.

Before the wedding, there were warning signs. Agee mentioned that her sister told her that Snow had been involved in physical conflicts with her.

Agee remembered, “You have nothing to worry about and he apologized, she said, it was just one time.” Every time I saw them, they were really happy.”

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Allen, who comes from Syracuse, New York, is the sole survivor of her four children, who have ages ranging from 3.5 months to 7 years old.

The family wanted to have an open casket, but her face was too disfigured, and she was cremated on Tuesday, Agee said.

Her commemoration of life will take place on April 29 at the Poole Funeral Home in Woodstock, Georgia.

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