Gaston Lyrics

The villagers and LeFou sing a song about how great Gaston is, praising his victories in battle and his confidence. However, Gaston is annoyed by LeFou’s attempts to join in and boasts about his greatness throughout the song. It quickly becomes apparent that Gaston is dismissive of others’ intelligence, prideful, obnoxious, and self-centered. But despite his negative traits, the villagers and LeFou still admire him a lot, joining the entire crowd in singing about how good Gaston is and lifting his spirits.

Maurice rushes into the tavern, desperately seeking help to save Belle from the Beast. After being expelled from the establishment, he starts doubting his own sanity for sharing such an unbelievable story. Despite this, Gaston, intrigued by Maurice’s seemingly implausible account, decides to manipulate Belle into marrying him. He sings a reprise of the song with LeFou, outlining his scheme to imprison Maurice in an asylum in order to coerce Belle into marriage.

Gaston Lyrics

[Gaston]Who does she believe she is? That girl has messed with the incorrect man!

[LeFou]Darn right.

[Gaston]Nobody refuses Gaston! Disregarded! Turned down! Publicly embarrassed! Why, it’s more than I can tolerate.

[LeFou]More beer?

[Gaston]Why? Nothing works. I’m humiliated.

[LeFou]Who, you? Absolutely not! Gaston, you must regain control of yourself.

[LeFou]Wow it bothers me to see you.

[Gaston]Appearing so disheartenedEvery man in this place would adore being in your shoes.

[Gaston], despite encountering obstacles, there isn’t a gentleman in this town who garners as much admiration as yourself. You are beloved by all.

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[Playful Ladies] Everyone is amazed and motivated by you, and it’s quite easy to understand why.

[LeFou]No one is as cunning as GastonNo one is as fast as GastonNo one has a neck as remarkably thick as Gaston’s.

[Silly Girls]Because there is no man in the town who is as manlyPerfect, a pure model of excellence!

[LeFou]You can ask any Tom, Dick, or Stanley.

[Silly Ladies and LeFou]And they’ll inform you which side they favor being on.

[LeFou and Chorus]No one has been comparable to GastonA leader like Gaston.

[LeFou]No one has a great crevice in his chin like Gaston.

[Gaston]As a example, yes, I’m frightening!

[LeFou and Chorus] Oh what a man, that Gaston! Give five “cheers!” Give twelve “huzzahs!”.

[LeFou and Silly Girls]Gaston is the finestAnd the remainder are all dullards.

[Chorus]No one battles like GastonExtinguishes lights like Gaston.

[LeFou]In a wrestling competition, nobody chomps like Gaston!

[Silly Girls]For there’s no one as burly and brawny.Output: [Foolish Ladies]Because there’s no one as strong and muscular.

[Gaston]As you can observe, I possess ample muscles to exhibit.

[LeFou]None of him is scruffy or thin.

[Gaston]That’s correct! And every single inch of my body is covered in hair.

[Chorus]Nobody strikes like.

[Gaston]Engages in intellectual challenges similar to Gaston.

[LeFou]In a contest of spitting, no one spits as impressively as Gaston.

[Gaston]I’m particularly skilled at spitting! Ptoooie!

[Chorus]Ten points for Gaston!

I’m approximately the dimensions of a barge, therefore I consume sixty eggs now that I’m fully developed. To assist me in becoming enormous, every morning I devoured forty-eight eggs when I was a young boy, Gaston.

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[Chorus]Oh, ahhh, amazing!My what a man, that Gaston!No one fires like GastonCreates those stunners like Gaston.

[LeFou]Then proceeds to stomp around donning boots similar to Gaston.

[Gaston]I utilize antlers in all of my adornment!

Who’s that guy in town who knows all of his stuff? Among the men, he is the one who’s got it down. Say it again, the super successful man!

I am illiterate and I had to actually spell it out loud before it occurred to me that I am illiterate. I believe his name is [LeFou] and there is another person who thinks the same – T-S-A-G.


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