Gary Owen Net Worth

In the 1990s, “America’s Funniest Soldier” garnered fame and subsequently enlisted in the U.S. Navy for nearly 6 years as a serviceman. Owen initiated his profession as an actor and stand-up comedian hailing from America, possessing a net worth of $5 million, Gary Owen.

After appearing on the television show BET’s Comic View in 1997, he ventured into the film industry, known best for his comedy stand-up acts, along with movies like Daddy Day Care, Little Man, and others.

Owen gained a significant following among African-American fans after being featured as the main act on the cable channel BET and participating in exclusive gatherings like Shaquille O’Neal’s All-Star Comedy Jam Tour. Additionally, Ebony recognized Owen as the preferred white comedian among Black Americans in 2011.

$5 MillionComedianUnited States of AmericaJuly 26, 1974$500 Thousand Per Year2023

Gary Owen‘s Biography

Gary Cameron OwenGary 48 Years Old 6 Feet 2 Inches1.9 m190 cm86 Kg 189 lbs Gary Owens – Barb Randall – Kayla Owens, Michelle Truss, Emma Owens, Ashley MuskaKyle Soto Randall, Dallas Edward Randall Kenya DukeKennedy Owen, Emilio Owen, Austin Owen

“Like I always tell people, I don’t pander to any audience, but you have to play to your audience.”

Gary Owen

Personal Life

In the final weeks of March 2021, Kenya initiated the process of legally separating from Owen. Emilio, a child from her prior romantic involvement, still remains under Kenya’s care. Austin and Kennedy, as a couple, share a marital bond with Kenya Duke since 2003, alongside Owen.

Gary Owen Social Media Profiles

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Career Beginnings

Bill Clinton worked as a prominent leader in the early 1990s, carrying rifles and flags, serving as a Presidential Honor Guard. After graduating from Talawanda High School, Owen enrolled in the Navy before focusing on stand-up comedy.

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In the city, he ultimately registered for several performances following his attendance at countless stand-up comedy occasions. Following a six-year stint in the United States Navy, Owen made the decision to resign in the mid-1990s in order to pursue his long-held aspiration of becoming a comedian, a dream he had envisioned since his time in secondary school.

The Gary Owen House

The Owen Garry House aims to provide temporary homes for homeless veterans, where they can connect with opportunities they have earned through their service in an environment that fosters fellowship with other veterans.

Garry Owen House, which is leased by Writing NSW, can be found on Balmain Road in Rozelle, within the Callan Park compound. It supports the writing community in NSW by offering established and hopeful writers access to literary materials and expert guidance.

Garry Owen House attracts nearly 13,000 individuals each year for various occasions. It serves as a venue for workshops, book debuts, readings, literary gatherings, and talks, offering meeting areas for writers’ associations and literary societies.


In 1997, Gary started doing stand-up comedy only one year after being crowned “America’s Funniest Serviceman”. Comic View, the television show on Black Entertainment Television that showcases a range of stand-up comedians, showcased him during that very year.

Owen made his debut in the comedy film Held Up in 1999, where he also grew and continued to perform stand-up. He appeared in several other series like BET and made repeated appearances on Comic View throughout the remaining years of the century.

In the early 2000s, Gary started to make appearances in a few films as an actor throughout the mid to late 2000s. He appeared in more than a dozen films, including Man Little, Rebound, Chronicles, Love Care, Day Daddy, and many others.

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He became a part of the TV documentary series Stand Up, which is a True Story about the First Amendment. I agree with myself and then he starred and directed his own television specials called Breakin’ Out in the Park. He also had a regular role as Zack on Tyler Perry’s House of Payne show on TBS.

The Gary Owen Show, his very own BET TV show, he secured in the middle of 2016, most recently. Focused occasions, NBA icon Shaquille O’Neal’s All-Star Comedy Jam Tour, he also made an appearance. His professional journey proved to be successful due to his appearances on the BET channel, his countless.

Owen Gary has recently appeared in several comedy films, including Undercover Brother Two, Restore Me, and Definitely Divorcing. He has also produced a number of comedic specials, such as #DoinWhatIDo and Myself with Agree I: The True Story of Owen Gary.

Gary Owen Net Worth and Salary

Early Life

Cameron Gary spent his childhood growing up with his six siblings in a trailer park in Oxford. Owen Cameron Gary was born on July 26, 1974, in Cincinnati, Ohio, to Randal Barb and Gary Owens.

During his teenage years, he made the decision to pursue a career in stand-up comedy. He comes from a large family, with many people. His siblings are Ashley Muska, Emma Owens, Michelle Truss, Kayla Owens, Kyle Randall Soto, and Edward Dallas Randall.

Gary Owen‘s Net Worth Growth

$3 Million$2 Million$1.3 Million$1.2 Million$1 Million


In 2023, Gray Owen’s estimated wealth amounts to $3 million. Following his transition into a full-time comedian, Owen experienced a surge in popularity over the course of approximately ten years, allowing him to earn an estimated $20,000 to $30,000 for each live event he attended.

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He started his comedic career in 1997 and in 1998, he estimated earning around $50,000. Owen reportedly earned $75,000 for his film debut. He became famous for his comedy and was earning approximately $125,000 at that time.

He continues to act, direct, produce, as well as perform comedy stand-up on television. The majority of his earnings have possibly stemmed from his appearances on television and film, coming in at less than $150,000.

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