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The holiday season in San Francisco will start a few weeks earlier this year with the musical adaptation of the highly anticipated movie, Frozen. The stage version of the film’s successful adaptation came a few years later, and it is just as brilliant as expected. Because the movie has many unforgettable tunes, such as “Love is an Open Door,” “Do You Want to Build a Snowman,” and “Let It Go,” it has captured the hearts of many since its release. It is ironic that this phenomenon, Frozen, has taken the world by storm and has become embedded in everyone’s mind since its warm embrace. People never realized that in 2013, the wholesome version of the Snow Queen would have such catchy songs and capture their hearts.

“The show has undeniable “dazzle and wit,” and the expensively refurbished Drury Lane is a “ravishing” home for it.” – London Evening Standard

“This is a show every bit as magical as the animation, packed with visual thrills and gorgeous choreography (by Rob Ashford) alongside signature ballads that gain greater power in their live incarnation. It is big on spectacle yet never loses control with special effects that yield some dazzling coups de theatre.” – The Guardian

“Warmth and humor pervade Frozen, breathing theatrical life into a POP CULTURE PHENOMENON about the enduring power of love.” – Variety

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The connection between Elsa and Anna is emphasized. Moreover, it is a source of delight for children and remains a family-friendly production. Nevertheless, the musical is more grown-up and introspective, sacrificing some of the playful essence of the original. The distinction lies in the fact that the musical recounts the tale of sisters Elsa and Anna, much like the movie.

Beginning in 2014, initial stages of the musical were undertaken. Disney Theatrical Productions took charge of producing the musical, intending to create a remarkable rendition that would emulate the success of the animated movie. The esteemed production team included the original songwriters, Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez. Jennifer Lee, the writer of the film’s script, also returned. Collaborating on the project were director Alex Timbers, choreographer Peter Darling, and music supervisor Stephen Oremus.

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A audition took place in Denver at the Buell Theatre prior to its release on Broadway. In order to cater to a more mature audience and explore a ‘more profound exploration into the princesses’ [Elsa] minds,’ 30% of the music is modified following the preliminary performance.

The production did not resume after Broadway recommenced live shows. It was only paused during the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak. The Broadway show remained for 26 previews and 825 performances. The production emphasized the advanced technology used in the staging, which featured special lighting effects for Elsa’s snow abilities, as well as costumes for the non-human characters like Olaf and Sven. The Broadway run commenced on March 22, 2018, at the St. James Theatre.

Production will continue to go up in 2023. It premiered in London at the Royal Theatre in September 2021. The production opened in the West End and closed on Broadway.

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“A Can’t-Miss Broadway Event!” – NBC

The newest addition among the various international versions of the German musical opened in Hamburg in November 2021. The musical is an adaptation performed by the Theatre Shiki company from Tokyo, Japan. It first premiered internationally in December 2020 and is the Australian production’s inaugural embrace of the musical. The US tour of the musical began in November 2019 and is still ongoing. With the aim of bringing the world-class production of Frozen: The Musical to countries all over, the Broadway production was also scheduled for a tour. Musical The Frozen has also had other productions and tours.

The musical “Best Costume Design” was nominated for Best Musical, Best Actress in a Musical, and Best Original Score at the reputable Drama Desk Awards in 2018. It also won the Outstanding Puppet Design award and boasts significant nominations and awards from other reputable bodies.

“The Hottest Snow on Broadway!” – Vanity Fair

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