Fox News Warns Tucker Carlson to Stop Making His Sad Little Vlogs

The letter from Fox explicitly reserves all remedies and rights available under equity or law, stating that if Twitter can demonstrate breaches of the non-compete clauses in his contract, Fox can call it a breach and send a legal notice to warn Carlson. Axios reported that the following day, Fox sent Carlson a legal notice accompanied by a charming email guide on how to play a video on the internet. The video, which is slightly blurry and wildly anti-Semitic, is a rant by Volodymyr Zelenskyy about conspiracy theories and other topics. After being unceremoniously fired from Fox, Carlson debuted his next step on Tuesday.

According to the network, he is not allowed to provide any kind of services, regardless of whether it is through internet streaming or any other form of digital distribution, whether currently known or developed in the future, as stated in Carlson’s contract which was initially signed in 2019 and later modified in 2021.

Fox’s legal team has accused him of attempting to violate the freedom of speech rights by trying to silence Carlson. They now want to take away Carlson’s right to freely speak his mind because he chose to share his thoughts on current events through social media. Carlson is also arguing that posting his video diaries and selfies won’t directly compete with Fox News, so it won’t steal viewership from the network.

Don’t sympathize with a man who earned a $20 million salary from Fox, as he represents the epitome of a story between Carlson and Fox, with no good guy in sight. It’s hard to make sense of this fight, as it essentially glorifies low-budget TikToks from his home. It’s difficult to find it relatable or sympathize with a man who made his estimated net worth of up to $370 million through peddling misogyny, bigotry, and inherited wealth. Many labor advocates have rightly pointed out that non-compete clauses are inherently anti-worker.

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Fox’s attorneys have been engaged in a legal dispute with Carlson’s legal representatives since at least May, contending that the non-compete clause in his contract is invalidated due to his termination. Nevertheless, Fox refutes the assertion made by Carlson’s team that he was compelled to leave Fox as part of the network’s settlement. Dominion Voting Systems filed a $1.6 billion lawsuit against Fox (and was awarded $787 million) for allegedly knowingly disseminating false information about Dominion’s voting equipment, following the network’s resolution of its highly expensive legal conflict with Dominion Voting Systems in April. Carlson was dismissed from Fox shortly thereafter.

I wonder if Bud, the little vlogging guy, is trying to win favor with Fox. At the end of his monologues, he might remind viewers to subscribe and like. He is exposing himself as just another racist, boring, and insipid YouTuber. The high production value and “snappy” graphics that Fox News puts into his videos are just a way to humiliate and gratify himself publicly, rather than offering any real substance. His first 10-minute rant video doesn’t even have any special effects or unique elements. It seems like Carlson probably needs something else to be, or perhaps he needs a hobby. Look, there must be something else he needs.

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