Former Eagles captain Chris Maragos awarded $43.5 million in lawsuit over career-ending injury

What you need to know here is that a statement was released by his attorneys on Monday, awarding Chris Maragos, former special teams player and safety for the Eagles, $43.5 million in connection with a medical malpractice lawsuit, due to his career-ending knee injury.

  • As per the statement, his meniscus had experienced a partial tear and the injury had been deteriorating. In May 2018, an MRI scan uncovered the worsening injury, leading to a knee surgery. Following an injury during a game against the Panthers in October 2017, Maragos was diagnosed with a torn PCL in his right knee.
  • Ultimately, Maragos’ NFL career came to a premature end due to further complications, including running on dry land. After undergoing an MRI, Maragos was allowed to advance in his rehab process, which was overseen by Dr. James Bradley and performed the knee surgery at Rothman Orthopaedics. The release was given according to the post-operative treatment of Maragos.
  • As stated in the statement, the decision was reached following a trial lasting two weeks, during which Maragos’ ex-teammates, including quarterback Nick Foles, tight end Trey Burton, and linebacker Jordan Hicks, provided testimony. Additionally, “notable specialists in orthopedic medicine” also gave their testimonies. Lawyers representing Bradley and Rothman contended that they were aware of the meniscus problem; however, they claimed that the tissue was in a “stable” condition and that another surgical procedure would have resulted in “adverse effects rather than benefits,” as reported by The Philadelphia Inquirer.
  • According to The Inquirer, Bradley and Rothman were deemed careless by a jury consisting of 12 individuals. The surgeon was instructed to compensate approximately $29.2 million, while Rothman was obligated to pay around $14.3 million.
  • Backstory

    Maragos began his career with the San Francisco 49ers, and then joined the Seattle Seahawks for three seasons, including their Super Bowl 2014 run, during which he suffered an injury. He later won the Super Bowl with the Philadelphia Eagles. Maragos is now 36 years old.

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    He retired in 2019 after spending the entire 2018 season on the list of players who were physically unable to perform.

    The chairman of the NFL’s Peer Review Committee and a Pittsburgh-based surgeon who specializes in medical research, Dr. Bradley has held various positions including the president of the Physician’s Society of the NFL. He has also served as the team surgeon for the Pittsburgh Steelers and performed ACL surgery on former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz in 2017, showcasing his longstanding connections to the NFL dating back several decades.

    The opinions being expressed

    “Players are individuals, not merely contractual agreements,” Maragos expressed in the statement. “I aspire for this ruling to convey a profound message to the medical personnel of teams, acknowledging that I could have been actively participating alongside them if I had received appropriate medical attention. Instead, I could only observe and ponder whether my team competed in the Super Bowl on Sunday.” “As I endure perpetual agony and will never return to the playing field,

    The verdict of the jury serves as a reminder that any team doctor in any sport who jeopardizes the well-being of players due to financial incentives or contractual obligations will be held accountable. This is only the beginning of our efforts to demand further accountability for ethical treatment of athletes and professional sports franchises. We are grateful that the Maragos family finally got a measure of justice, but this verdict will not bring back Chris’ NFL career, added J. Peter Flowers, one of the Maragos’ lawyers.

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