Former Anheuser-Busch exec urges current CEO to step down after Dylan Mulvaney fiasco: ‘He’s failed’

Former president of Anheuser-Busch’s Company Distribution and Sales, Anson Frericks, urged Brendan Whitworth, the current CEO of Light Bud, to step down from his position due to Dylan Mulvaney’s ongoing involvement in the botched situation.

Whitworth claimed in a column for the Daily Mail that billions of dollars in market value have already been lost, and more damage needs to be done before the brand can leave.

All of this happened in the wake of Anheuser-Busch brand Bud Light making the trans influencer one of its spokespersons in April.

Instead of him remaining and providing more “bland” answers to Anheuser-Busch’s ongoing PR dilemma, Frericks argued that it would be more beneficial for the company’s stakeholders to urge him to depart and criticized Whitworth for mishandling several chances to rectify his company’s situation following the boycott.

Frericks declared, “Whitworth has clearly shown himself to be incapable of solving the Mulvaney crisis. He’s had multiple chances and he’s failed.”.

Frericks started the piece by noting the monetary loss suffered in the wake of the Mulvaney-Dylan partnership, stating that the decision of the company’s beer to make Mulvaney the activist-trans face of Light Bud has cost a staggering $20 billion and counting in the value cap market.

Whitworth should have known better than to sever connections with Mulvaney weeks ago, as it was a decision lacking in wisdom. Frericks claimed that Mulvaney did something that Light Bud influencer, Bud, did not support, resulting in backlash. Earlier this week, the beer brand criticized Mulvaney for his actions.

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Anson Frericks urged the current CEO, Brendan Whitworth to step down from his position.
Christopher Sadowski

The former executive claimed that his statement about the company “will concentrate on our expertise – crafting excellent beverages for all and establishing our significance in significant moments for our customers,” and Whitworth’s reaction to Mulvaney mentioned that it was “expectedly feeble and uncertain,” signifying “completely nothing.”

Frericks stated, “And it will only further widen the gap between the brand and its customers.”

“It’s time for the shareholders and board of Anheuser-Busch to request Whitworth’s resignation,” proclaimed the ex-Anheuser-Busch executive, subsequently stating, “In doing so – and I derive no satisfaction from making this assessment.”

The prosperity of the brand relies on the well-being of individuals whose business choices are currently affecting the CEO responsible for ensuring its viability, he asserted.

Mulvaney blasted the beer brand in an Instagram post earlier this week.

I am writing this with a heavy heart because it is important for Americans to understand why and how corporate leaders can bungle the management of once-iconic American brands, sacrificing countless jobs and badly investing in assets.

Frericks then went on to talk about the timeline of the ongoing Mulvaney, Bud Light disagreement, expressing disapproval of Whitworth’s attempts to resolve the issue at each step.

The company did not apologize for the specific controversy but instead made things even worse by defending the influencer and being sympathetic towards Mulvaney, who wanted an apology for the campaign that inflamed both customers. In an attempt to address the plunging sales, Whitworth made a flat corporate response on April 14th, but did not mention the specific controversy. “For example,” he stated.

In June, Whitworth, one of the former leaders of Anheuser-Busch, made responses that trashed both the company and its marketing campaign. He announced additional investments in Bud Light for the summer, but his statement was seen as weak and filled with platitudes, both for consumers and employees on the front line. He wrote, “But hear this, we’re telling you ‘here’s to the future’ and ‘cheers,’ with only a few weak and bland statements.” This was the first announcement made by Whitworth on June 16.

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Frericks observed that following that statement, “Bud Light subsequently encountered its most unfavorable weekly sales figures since the Mulvaney collaboration.”

“It was an easy question. He should have hit it out of the park.” He made his initial public appearance since the fiasco on CBS Morning News where he was twice inquired by hosts if he would dispatch the container to Mulvaney again or if it had been a ‘error’. He then elaborated on the comments the CEO provided in a June 28 interview on CBS Mornings, stating.

“Indeed, it was an error. No, we would not dispatch the container once more!” Frericks remarked that he should have expressed, “However, on both occasions, he avoided the topic by giving a clearly preplanned and evasive response.”

“He surmised that Whitworth gave such answers because he’s been paralyzed by America’s corporate adoption of capitalism, which preaches about why companies must serve the interests of all non-governmental organizations, politicians, activists, and anyone really apart from their shareholders and customers!”

“Whitworth has clearly demonstrated his inability to resolve the Mulvaney dilemma. He has been given numerous opportunities, all of which he has failed to capitalize on. It is high time for him to act responsibly and step down, allowing someone competent to take charge and rectify the declining state of the Bud Light company,” he concluded.

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