Forest Lagoon Travel Guide

The Forest Lagoon in North Iceland overlooks beautiful scenery.The Forest Lagoon is a geothermal spa resort located in North Iceland. The attraction is a few minutes’ drive from the capital of the North, Akureyri.

The lake is additionally situated along the renowned Icelandic Route 1, rendering it a perfect spot to unwind during excursions like this seven-day independent journey around the circular road. The lake was inaugurated in 2022 and possesses a favorable position in North Iceland. Its close proximity to Akureyri deems it the ultimate destination to unwind following your northern escapades, such as this equestrian excursion through the countryside and Arctic shoreline of North Iceland, as well as the Trollaskagi Peninsula expedition.

Despite the accessibility of a big town, visitors can still enjoy the fantastic views and tranquil atmosphere of Fjord Eyjafjordur, surrounded by trees and with a lagoon. They can relax in its waters and appreciate the natural beauty of North Iceland.

The Forest Lagoon has vivid blue waters and gorgeous surroundings.The Forest Lagoon is a 13,993 square-foot (1,300 square meters) complex in the Vadlaskogur forest. The complex has a lot of facilities perfect for relaxation, including infinity pools, swim-up bars, a sauna, a cold tub, and a restaurant.

Meanwhile, the warm geothermal waters that come from a nearby mountain have good healing qualities for the skin in Iceland.

The lagoon is open to both adults and children, operating from morning until evening, seven days a week, with a capacity to accommodate up to 200 individuals.

In the presence of the sun at midnight, one can relax during the summer season, and in Iceland, it serves as an excellent location to appreciate the aurora borealis during the winter months.

Contemporary Lagoon Enveloped by the Natural Environment

The modern geothermal spa in the north perfectly blends with its surrounding nature, which is what makes it unique. Visitors can expect everything from a modern spa facility to the forest lagoon.

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Recognized as Iceland’s most renowned geothermal spa, the Blue Lagoon is crafted by the same individuals responsible for the creation of the Forest Lagoon, which comes as no surprise once you discover the harmonious blend of contemporary elements and the natural world.

The Forest Lagoon’s design, similar to the Blue Lagoon, accentuates the distinctiveness of its surrounding ecosystem. Specifically, in the case of the Forest Lagoon, this pertains to the wooded area that envelops it.

Rather than using concrete, the walls inside the building are adorned with cross-laminated timber. Moreover, as guests unwind in the spa’s warm waters, they can relish the scenic beauty of the lagoon.

How to Reach the Woodland Lagoon

The geothermal spa is only 2.2 miles (3.6 kilometers) away from the town, and you can reach it in less than 10 minutes by car.

If you plan to take a car, note that Reykjavik is around 243 miles (391 kilometers) away from the lagoon and it will take approximately five hours to reach there. Meanwhile, if you plan to visit the Forest Lagoon from Reykjavik, you can take a plane ride from Akureyri Airport, which is the capital city of Iceland.

Akureyri Airport also offers direct flights from certain European nations, including Greenland, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Denmark.

Points of Interest near Forest Lagoon

The lagoon’s location near Akureyri and the famous Ring Road of Iceland ensure there are many famous attractions you can easily visit.

Nature enthusiasts and individuals with an affinity for plants should definitely visit the diverse collection of plant species at the Akureyri Botanical Garden. Akureyri is also home to two prominent museums, namely the Motorcycle Museum of Iceland and the Akureyri Museum, both of which are highly recommended for exploration.

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If you plan to go further east, Godafoss waterfall is around 19 miles (31 kilometers) away from its smaller neighbor, Geitafoss. Meanwhile, this waterfall is often part of many tour packages and is one of the most beautiful in Iceland.

Dettifoss, the strongest waterfall in Europe, and Lake Myvatn are also part of the Diamond Circle sightseeing route, which showcases Godafoss waterfall and Akureyri.

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