Footage from attack on Paul Pelosi released by authorities

Police in San Francisco released video footage of former U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, being struck by an intruder with a hammer as they rushed into their home. (Reuters, Jan 27)

Beside him, it appears that DePape was speaking with the dispatcher, while Pelosi Paul made a distressed 911 call from their San Francisco home. Additionally, a video surveillance footage was released, showing the alleged attacker, David DePape, smashing the glass window to gain entry into the couple’s residence on October 28th, along with the police body-worn camera footage capturing the act of violence.

Holding a sizable hammer, Pelosi and DePape become visible as the door of the Pelosis’ residence unlatches, with two law enforcement officers tapping in the body-cam recording.

DePape informs the police officers, “Everything is fine,” at which moment the officers command him to release the hammer.

Medics and reinforcements were called for, as DePape tackled one of them – with one of the officers shouting a curse word – before charging inside. Before Pelosi could react, DePape delivered a powerful overhand blow, causing him to fall back and tearing his sleepwear.

Pelosi, remaining motionless, can be observed partially beneath the physique of DePape, who is being controlled by the officers.

We are extremely concerned about Mr. DePape’s ability to get a fair trial, and the release of the evidence represents a terrible mistake, according to Adam Lipson, Deputy Public Defender of San Francisco.

He has not pleaded guilty to charges of false elder abuse, burglary, and assault with a deadly weapon, as well as attempted murder. DePape, on the other hand, has been indicted for federal charges of attempted assault and kidnapping.

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As per Paul Pelosi, the assaulter had been looking for Nancy Pelosi and planned to patiently await her return to the residence.

The assault startled Washington and revived worries about a deterioration in politeness and an increase in political aggression.

Tasked with safeguarding Congress and the legislators who work within its walls, the U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) also emphasized the constraints.

Many USCP officers were injured when rioters burst through barriers and attacked the Capitol on January 6, 2021, and Nancy Pelosi deserves credit for ensuring the security was clear enough to prevent such incidents.


In a Nov. 17 interview with journalists following her announcement of not running for re-election to a Democratic leadership role, Pelosi detailed the extent of her spouse’s wounds and the “disturbing impact” of the intrusion.

Pelosi stated, “A crime scene occurred in our home, this happened in our house. It has a traumatic effect on him, but it is called survivor’s guilt – they were looking for me because it could have been an assault on him. If he had slipped or fallen on the ice and hit his head in an accident, it would have been horrible.”

Pelosi is currently undergoing a lengthy recuperation period. Despite being discharged from the hospital a few days later, he had to undergo immediate surgery to treat his injuries, including a fractured skull, resulting from the assault.

The attack in San Francisco, which condemned many politicians, also generated a number of unfounded conspiracy theories online.

During the roughly three-minute conversation, Pelosi seems to increasingly grow more direct but DePape chooses not to provoke distress by communicating obliquely, as he calls 911.

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Close by, someone from the U.S. Capitol Police was questioned about his whereabouts at any given moment. During that time, Speaker Pelosi was not present in San Francisco.

The operator suggests that he should contact again in case the situation requires it, following his statement, “I’m facing an issue, but he (DePape) believes everything is fine.”

Pelosi replies, “No, no, no, this man just entered the residence, and he wishes to wait for my spouse to return.” At that moment.

He informs the dispatcher that he is unfamiliar with DePape, despite DePape introducing himself as a “companion.”

Towards the conclusion of the conversation, Pelosi states: “He desires for me to end the call immediately. Alright?”.

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