Florida Man June 22

On June 22, 2018, Officials captured a 27-year-old person named John Hennessey for attempting to ignite a vehicle in a residential neighborhood of Florida.

He threw a rock through a window nearby. He was speaking jibberish and dancing naked, while the weirdest part about it was that the fire was also going.

Upon the arrival of law enforcement, the unclothed Florida Man made the decision to assault the police officers using a wooden rod.

The police rapidly altered the man’s demeanor with the assistance of a stun gun.

Authorities declared that they thought the individual was under the sway of mind-altering mushrooms. Consequently, they apprehended him for the numerous offenses he had perpetrated.

Florida Man June 22, 2020 : Grand Theft Airplane

Purchasing an aircraft ticket, as the majority of us would do, he had no intention of reaching his destination. Florida Man, who resided in California, was truly eager to rendezvous with his girlfriend on June 22nd.

Florida Man was spotted concealing himself on the aircraft’s wing after illegally entering the airport. He utilized a pilfered truck as his means of transportation to reach the airport.

The police arrived in Florida to find a man sitting in the front seat of a plane. Even if he asked the police how they knew if the plane could fly.

He then attempted to flee by leaping out of the emergency exit. Nonetheless, law enforcement swiftly apprehended and detained the individual.

As the person from Florida sat in the police car, authorities performed a comprehensive examination of the airplane and found a sack and a receptacle.

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Around 500 grams of cannabis were uncovered within the receptacle, alongside a pipe containing methamphetamine. These belongings were found inside a sack, resulting in diverse impacts on the Florida man.

It should come as no surprise that Florida Man was arrested on numerous charges.

Florida Man June 22 : Tries Alternative to Condom, Dies

Florida males enjoy engaging in eccentric activities, so it is not entirely unexpected that they have a disdain for contraceptives.

This Man from Florida thought that wearing a condom instead of gluing himself shut with epoxy was a good alternative to prevent pregnancy.

Occasionally, they would utilize the epoxy to experience a state of euphoria. They possessed the epoxy, but intentionally lacked condoms for a specific purpose. The fragrance is potent, quite extremely potent. Epoxy, for individuals unfamiliar with it, boasts formidable strength.

His death at the hospital was a result of multiple organ failures. Paramedics promptly transported him to the medical facility, where a few nearby residents discovered Florida Man outdoors amongst the shrubbery.


On different occasions, you can witness a variety of peculiar and untamed activities that he engages in. Ensure to peruse some of our additional articles if you have an insatiable appetite for Florida Man narratives. A plethora of events have transpired in June alone.

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