Fix: Vex input error resetting vex lock

In this article, we will discuss about how they ask about completing the headlong mission part and usually talk about the vexing error of resetting the lock when one talks about it. It is a quick reminder that this is not a common error seen in most games, before moving forward.

So, let’s comprehend how you can accomplish the task and reset vex lock.

While attempting to complete the headlong mission in Destiny 2, you will see this message earlier explained. Many players have scratched their heads while trying to solve Vex puzzles, as the headlong mission is one of the toughest missions in the game.

Blocking your way are obstacles linked directly to fascinating lock puzzles that you will come across on your journey. Harnessing the strength of the Strand, you will participate in fierce battles with countless Vex adversaries in the daring quest.

If the Harpies are not defeated in the exact sequence specified by the lock code, all of them will reappear and the puzzle lock will be reset. It is crucial to eliminate these Harpies in the proper sequence to avoid any complications. After decoding the lock code, your next objective is to eliminate a mix of Cation Harpies and standard Anion Harpies that correspond to the pattern in the lock code.

Seeing a message that something goes wrong, like an error in the input, players might find themselves puzzled by the resetting of the lock, which means that you have killed the harpies in the wrong order.

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How to complete the headlong mission in Destiny 2?

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In Destiny 2, the vex lock message can be fixed by solving these puzzles, which serve as the solution to this mission’s three challenges.

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Vex lock puzzle 1

When you encounter the first puzzle, you must first kill the cation harpy, then the anion harpy and again the cation harpy.

Eliminate the luminous harpy once more, then eliminate the obscure harpy and commence by eliminating the radiant harpy if you are unfamiliar with the aforementioned alias.

Vex lock puzzle 2

To solve this puzzle, eliminate the cation harpies.

Vex lock puzzle 3

This is the final puzzle of the headlong mission in Destiny 2, in which you will be ordered to kill the harpies in order to complete the mission.

  • Cation harpy (light siren).
  • Dark harpy (anion harpy).
  • Cation harpy (light siren).
  • Dark harpy (anion harpy).
  • Cation harpy (light siren).
  • Once you have eliminated the harpies in the correct sequence, you will receive a message – Vex input accepted.

    Successfully fixed the Destiny 2 vex input error by resetting the vex lock. Rest assured that you will receive the aforementioned message if you encounter this issue.

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