Fin del misterio: se conoció el rostro de Índigo, hija de Camilo y Evaluna

Indigo, the daughter of Montaner and Evaluna Camilo, had been enveloped in a cloud of ambiguity for several months. The couple had maintained secrecy regarding their daughter’s physical presence, as a means of honoring her personal space, until she decided to disclose her public persona.

In an interview with Ventaneando de TVAzteca, the Colombian artist assured that we are respecting his space. Who knows, maybe he doesn’t feel like going out to be seen, so we are waiting for when he feels like it. Índigo hasn’t told us anything yet. So far, we are respecting his independence.

The Montaner family members were able to witness Lionel Messi’s official presentation for Inter Miami at the house in Miami on Sunday, July 16th. However, in an effort to protect the face of their firstborn, the parents are trying in any way to shield her from the camera or any public appearances. This situation can be seen in the various publications made by the couple on their social media accounts.

The singer tried to hide her daughter’s face from the cameras, but the artists discovered her little feet in the video of 11 seconds, where she can be seen in her father’s arms, wearing a cute white and black checkered dress, as usual for Pegao’s interpreter, Índigo.

On his part, the singer arrived at the stadium wearing a sky blue and white patterned pants, a sleeveless black shirt, and oversized white sneakers. Meanwhile, Evaluna was seen wearing a black top paired with a fringed skirt in the same tone and pink cowboy boots, following the Barbie trend.

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“Among others, after hiding it for so long, her little face was finally seen and she looks like Camilo Índigo, how beautiful she is, we finally know her, how beautiful she is, how beautiful she looks divine, she is a mini Evaluna, I see Índigo for the first time, some of Camilo’s followers on social media are the comments.”

Marlene Rodríguez and Ricardo Montaner meet at a time when Camilo and Evaluna are carrying their little baby, and they reach the Montaner family to see how they shared a video. Indigo’s first photography was shared on their social networks on March 30, 2023, by the América Despierta program.

Images of the girl’s other features and hair color were analyzed and went viral. Ricardo Montaner shares a moment of relaxation with his granddaughter and the members of his family, who are living in Miami, were captured in the video that the presenters of the program pointed out.

The video provoked irritation in the Venezuelan singer, indicating that what was done by the morning program was not “morally right”.

“Or yes?” Questioned Ricardo Montaner in the comments of his social media posts and explained to them that: “We, The Montaner family, protect our little ones from the public eye, solely for their protection. We live in a cruel world and they need to be as protected as possible… Thank you for contributing to our hard-earned privacy,” he concluded. “You are not a gossip program.”

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