Fact check: Flipped photo falsely claims Biden has a body double and is left-handed

The assertion is backed by an effort to juxtapose images of Biden signing documents with distinct hands, which were circulated on Feb. 12 in a widely shared post.

The caption below the two photos asks whether he is left-handed or right-handed. One of the photos displays him allegedly using his right hand to write, while the other is a recent image of Biden signing executive orders in the Oval Office using his left hand.

The text included in the post reads “the casting director slipped up. Joe Biden’s body double is left-handed. Oops.”

Our President is a doppelganger. The tales are accurate. Joe Biden in 2021 is southpaw. Joe Biden in 2008 is right-handed. Here is the agreement, individuals, alright. The identical two pictures were posted by another Facebook user on Feb. 3 and composed.

USA TODAY contacted the Facebook users for feedback.

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Image is flipped horizontally

However, both photos included in the post are authentic if his hand is writing with it appear as if he is writing with his hand to make it appear as if he is writing with his left hand.

Using his right hand, he is currently engaged in writing, and the pocket square can be seen on the left side of Biden’s coat, rather than the right, as captured in the original photograph by AFP photographer Jim Watson on January 20th.

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In the genuine rendition, the executive decrees placed on Biden’s desk and the American flags positioned behind the president likewise show up on the contrary side of the photograph.

The second photo included in the genuine post was captured by photographer David Lienemann at the White House. It was taken in April 2010 when Joe Biden was the vice president in the Obama administration, and it was not captured in 2008 as claimed in the post.

Biden is using his right hand to write, and he can be observed signing a book of condolences at the Polish Embassy in Washington in the photograph.

Factcheck.Org reported that a photo of Michelle Obama and Barack Obama was flipped to falsely suggest that they saluted the flag with their left hands instead of their right in 2010. This technique of mirroring images has been previously employed by social media users to disseminate inaccurate information.

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Biden is right-handed

Biden does not use his left hand for writing. In his response, Biden affirmed that he does not write using his left hand. One of the inquiries posed was, “Is Joe Biden a lefty?” Biden addressed various commonly asked questions about himself during a 2020 Autocomplete interview with Wired.

President Joe Biden signs his first executive orders in the Oval Office of the White House on Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021, in Washington.

According to Potus.Com, James A. Garfield served as the inaugural left-handed president. Merely eight presidents have possessed left-handedness. The most recent individual to hold this distinction was Barack Obama.

Snopes has debunked other allegations that Biden has a surrogate stand in for him during public events.

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Our evaluation: Incorrect

The assertion that a post utilizes a modified picture of President Joe Biden to suggest the existence of a body double is incorrect, according to our investigation. Biden himself has affirmed during an interview that he is right-handed. The image accompanying the post has been digitally mirrored to create the illusion that Biden is using his left hand for writing.

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